Deepen your Practice<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 759

Deepen your Practice
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 759

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Will do Kristi!! Looking forward to it! Can I work on the Gratz again? :)
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Oh my!!! Amazing cues for sure! I definitely need a spotter to do some of these exercises, but it's great to watch Amy and Kristi do such a beautiful job!
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Such a pleasure to watch her teach. Thank you so much for offering this class!
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Watched it yesterday - worked out today. That was a great class! I'm shaking, in a good way :) Thank you!
Wow! I'm shaking as well! Great class:))
Amy and Kristi I want to play tooooooooooo!
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I am so glad to be able to take a class with Amy! More of the Alper sisters please.
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Yes Metedith, let's all get together! Do you two still get together Thurs's to workout?!! I'd love to join you!!
Thank you for a new freedom on the 4th of July! Another light bulb moment in my elusive mermaid practice... both in the exercise itself and in the front split ending. Funny how we hear things when we need 'em. Hope to come visit soon! Oh, and you inspired me to resubscribe to PA, thank you for doing it!
Sharon O
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Loved this very challenging classical class--each movement and strong cueing reminded me why I love Pilates. Thank you!! Wonderful class for my personal session today and great clues to take to my clients this week
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