Short and Sweet Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 772

Short and Sweet Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 772

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Brilliant Niedra! I loved this workout!!
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Thank You so much Niedra :)
your teaching style is so perfect for me !
the added dimension of the magic circle really increased my awareness in my foot work as well as on the box !
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Thank you for this wonderful workout! Your teaching is inspiring.
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Wonderful class! I loved all the great new variations you taught. Brilliantly put together!
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Nice session - love the variations with the ring. I would suggest watching first then practicing as it moves quickly. This is the go-to session when you just have 20 mins! Thank you
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Thank for this quick vigorous workout. I am sweating! Uniques variations with the ring that is very challenging.
Thanks Niedra for a great class. I wish that I could join you at your workshops in England in Septmeber. But maybe next time! Looking forward to every new class you add.
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Great workout. Would have liked her to be more clear on springs but otherwise was excellent
I love how this is delivered in a clear yet refreshing manner. I've been hurting in my neck and low back and (of course) I instantly feel on top of the world. Thank you for your creativity and joy!
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you all enjoyed this fast and wild workout.
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