Short and Sweet Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 772

Short and Sweet Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 772

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I love how this is delivered in a clear yet refreshing manner. I've been hurting in my neck and low back and (of course) I instantly feel on top of the world. Thank you for your creativity and joy!
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Why don't instructors know to tell us what springs to have on? Getting frustrated with this classes.
Niedra Gabriel
Elizabeth, Thankyou for your reminder - I will make every effort to incliude mention of what spring tension I am using in future classes. I totally understand your frustration. Be aware thought that reformers are VERY different depending on the manufacturing company so even when spring tension is included it may need adjustment depending on what you are working on.
I liked this quickie a great warm up for nordic skiing thx
Niedra Gabriel
That great Brena, love that you want to ski after the workout.
Cue's well stated however; I was unaware of the springs until 5 min into the class.
Perfect! Just what I needed this morning. Thank you
Reformer express!! Hits on important moves with a punch! Thanks :)
Niedra Gabriel
Love your comment Laura - Reform express ! now that is really literary brilliance. Smiling here.
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