Shoulder and Chest Opener<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 855

Shoulder and Chest Opener
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 855

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This is wonderful, as I often see clients with tight upper backs and limited shoulder mobility (either from hunching all day or shoulder injuries). I usually "warm up" the shoulders at the beginning of each session with my clients, and this just gives me more ideas and the confidence to tell clients how important this is! Thank you!
Thank you Niedra! Wonderful information and stretches to help our clients. Appreciate you sharing them!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Kimra, I hope they help. you sound like a teacher.
what a beautiful name you have.
Always grateful for the opening, Niedra.
I saved this to my favorites! Wonderful information!!
Niedra Gabriel
It's always good to open up the chest and shoulders - I am so glad you appreciate this, I do this owrk myself regularly.
I have just done this class and my chest and shoulders feel wonderful. I will definitely be sharing this with my clients. Thanks Niedra
Niedra Gabriel
Enjoy, enjoy - so happy to know you " felt" the work.
Loved this video/exercises to open up the chest/shoulders. I have been working on my posture for 3 years now. Planning on starting my day with this video :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thanks Marsha, always happy to read about some little trick of mine helping others. i see you play tennis, so yes, opening up those shoulders is always great to keep doing.
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