Shoulder and Chest Opener<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 855

Shoulder and Chest Opener
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 855

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Thank you, great ideas I can work with. Love your classes.
Niedra Gabriel
Susan, I just saw that you have a studio in Hong Kong, how wonderful. I just got back from teaching at a conference in China. I am fascinated with the far east and all the great training now happening there - power to you.
I love this! Thank you, Niedra! This will help me tremendously as I begin working with clients.
Niedra Gabriel
great Stacy, I wish you much success with your clients.
Thx again Niedra. This was very helpful. I've just "discovered" my shoulders are very rounded after years of typing. Never too late, I guess. I appreciated this breakdown and will incorporate it with my workouts. Wendy, your groupie in Colorado
Niedra Gabriel
Ha ha - my now straight shoulders upright groupie in Colorado - I think we will have a good laugh when we really meet in person!
Elizabeth S
Thank you so much. Wonderful video!
Niedra Gabriel
enjoy the work Elizabeth
Niedra! This is an incredibly helpful video - I have a shoulder issue and scoliosis and I've been doing this tutorial first thing each morning. I have been so much more aligned in addition to my chest expanding and my shoulder feeling much looser and "dropped back and down." The trick with the ball from under the collar bone and around to the back literally releases me from pain. Can't thank you enough - its improved my pilates practice, my posture and my day to day comfort level!
Niedra Gabriel
Dear Michele, how lovely to read your comments and have you share how this work is benefiting you - always makes me happy. I love the restorative unravelling work, it really makes a difference. I teach around the LA area and offer classes with release work before we go into the pilates work, so just in case you ever wanted to jump in to a live class: let me know and I would add you to my mailing list for pilates around town (
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