20-Minute Advanced Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 964

20-Minute Advanced Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 964

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love it Niedra! I did this after Kathy Ross Nash class with the circle and loved them both! I love your enthusiasm :) thank you x
Niedra Gabriel
WOW - you are really working out here!
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We need 10 more classes just like this! A solid workout in 20 min!
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Wow cool! I'd love to see more workouts like this as it got me sweating! Maybe a wee bit more cueing within each exercise just for pacing as it's tough to see the screen while moving this fast and a few times I got left behind. lol
Niedra Gabriel
Ok Ladies, I will keep this in mind. I always like to hear what you want so when I get filmed I can present something that you like to do.
Yeong Cheol C
Thank you so much! I love this workout.
love love love it
i love you neidra… pilates as it should be :) fun and flowing
Perfect for just before bed. Thank you!
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