Your Ideal Teacher Self
Niedra Gabriel
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Thanks, Niedra! Loved this tutorial, as it was good to reflect on the journey, yes I have had experiences with Pilates teachers who I need to be more mindful and empathetic, but these teachers have been able to provide me with the clarity through contrast on what type of Pilates instructor I want to be. Again, thanks for sharing and this community, it is really great to connect and read about other teachers experiences.
Jacqui exactly , reflection on whatever you experienced means you get to benefit even from what may, on the surface be negative. Well Done!
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Thank you Niedra!
I appreciate everything you had to say in this video, but in particular your honesty about negative self-talk. I think it's easy to only talk about the good and just portray that "high self", especially online when you can really control what image you project. Admitting that we all have that self-doubt makes us human and it's ok and normal to have that, acknowledge it, and let it pass. Thanks again!
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