Workshop #1710

Release Tension Patterns

60 min - Workshop


Join Mary Bowen as she teaches new ways to release chronic tension patterns through subtle, nuanced proprioception of one’s own body. She shows how to eliminate holding patterns which inhibit breathing. We all have such patterns, so it is important to take care of our bodies.


- Learn how to look at animals, especially cats, to see how you should be able to move

- Learn yawning exercises to help release tension in the jaw and shoulders

- Learn new ways to find more space in the body and eliminate strain in the lower back

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 12, 2014
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How many of you have a dog? Oh, lots of dogs. And how many of you have a cat? Oh, they're the best. They're the best because they relaxed the best in tech Joe joke. Joe's PyLadi...


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Thanks for sharing, Mary. You are so inspiring. Your stretches are amazing.
Mary, you are such an inspiration and you never change. Still looking fit.
Fascinating! Thank you so much.
What a poet she is-- thank you
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Thank you for sending me comments on my workshop with you. I am glad for the positive
response. That's good to hear;
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I am loving her talk, thank you!
I am glad that I took the time to watch and listen, and get a glimpse of the wisdom that Mary Bowen offers! Even though I can not fully share some thoughts on "men and woman", I get the point and see it more as the feminine and male principles in all of us. But besides that I definitely took advantage of the thoughts on "holding", - tension in the muscles and tissue and in our mind. I will work with the Yawning! It already helped me freeing up my neck! Thank you so much and all the best to Mary!
Love the yawning and melting of tension.
Chewing with the tongue and yawning: simple exercises but they are wonderful ways to release the muscles of the neck and shoulders. I have tried them on myself!
Excellent loved listening to Ms. Bowen, so much knowledge and wisdom a true guru,
Thank you.
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