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Workshop #1091

Pilates For Men

3 hr - Workshop


In Pilates for Men: Bringing Back the Balance, Rael Isacowitz teaches concepts that are needed to teach men. Pilates was created by a man for men, but it has become dominated my women. Like Martial Arts, Pilates has the yin yang qualities of grace and power. Both are needed to have a balance so Rael shares tools to help us get more men interested in Pilates.


- Learn the specific areas men need to work to have proportionate muscular development

- Learn exercises on 6 pieces of apparatus that are beneficial for men

- Learn the restrictions and challenges men have compared to those of women

- Learn what kinds of exercises will appeal to men

Watch Rael's Mat Workout for Men to get ideas of how you can design a class that would be great for men.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment

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Jul 26, 2013
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3.0 credits from National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)

The National Pilates Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)


This workshop was AWESOME! I also used it as a study guide for my upcoming centralized testing. Would love more workshops from Rael on Pilates Anytime!
Thank u Rael, your teaching again is gold to me, I drawl so much from your work shops.
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Well excuse the spelling mistake, of corse I meant draw so much from your work shops, I must say it gave me a laugh, as often my brain is going faster then my fingers can type on my iPad.
I loved this workshop. The fable at the end was touching.
I loved this workshop. The fable at the end was touching.
WOW! Loved every bit of it
How important it is to make sure we can differentiate the differences on each body and make men understand they have a place in Pilates. Would love to be able to make them understand that they deserve (and need) that place!
Thank you for watching Emily. I head up to Pilates Anytime tomorrow to film some more classes. I could not agree more that men need Pilates, and Pilates needs men.
Omg Rael do I ever need this. For some reason men find themselves to me. Even the kids I teach are teenage boys. I'm not past the 3rd chapter yet because I keep re-watching certain things. So helpful thank you for having the foresight to do this!
Renee, I am so happy you found this helpful and pertinent. I am also delighted that you are managing to get men in to do Pilates, particularly teenage boys - that is fantastic!
Great workshop! Is there anyway I can get the handouts that included in the live workshop?
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