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Alan Herdman

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Alan Herdman joins Kristi Cooper for a wonderful discussion about his life in Pilates. He talks about how he became interested in dance which led him to study Pilates in New York with Bob Fitzgerald and Carola Trier and then open the first Pilates studio in London. Alan has taught so many great teachers, including PA instructors Julian Littleford, Michael King, Cathleen Murakami, and more, and he shares his experiences with them in his studio. It was such a treat to have Alan at our studio. We hope you enjoy this interesting discusison!
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Aug 02, 2013
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Welcome to another extended discussion here on [inaudible]. Anytime. If you don't know of Alan Herdman firsthand, you may have heard his name from some of the many people he's taught. ...


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Kristi: thank you once again for bringing these very important teachers in, so that we have a much fuller understanding of this world we call Pilates. I think that this information is so important to the community as a whole, so we can be more unified in the future.
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Well said Lynn. Beautiful interview Kristi, thank you for letting us get to know Alan, what a lovely man.
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WOW.....I really loved this Kristi, thanks! What a truly generous, interesting and gentle man. I soooo enjoyed meeting him at BASI celebrations. I want to learn more.....
OMG... I know I'm not supposed to say this as one of the owner's of this website (and the one doing the interview) but, I LOVE this man, and I am so grateful for this interview!!!
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That was really interesting. I learned a lot from listening to both of you talk. He has a great approach to teaching and Pilates. Thank you Alan and Kristi!
Kristi, what was the name of the book again, the two of you spoke?
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts is the book Alan and I both loved so much.

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Kristi, this was a wonderful interview! Filled with tons of valuable information. You continue to reinforce the importance of community with our "just exercise" industry. Thank you!
Thank you Jennifer.
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I love how Alan says it is not about the technique, but about the individual. Working for the person.
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