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Workshop #1234

Form and Function

1 hr 40 min - Workshop


Form and function are symbiotically linked; one cannot exist without the other. In this workshop, we explore the specific form of certain movements and the impact of that form on everyday life and athletic activities. Rael will discuss his personal journey, which has included, among other things, two rotator cuff surgeries, and how his experiences led him to address nuances in certain Pilates movements and introduce changes. Those changes have become standard in the BASI Pilates approach.


- Learn how to address common issues such as pelvic placement, spinal support, round shoulder syndrome, and more

- Learn exercises on the Mat, Refomer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Avalon Step Barrel, and Avalon Chair to address these issues

- Discover why good form aligns us with gravity and instills efficiency in movement

You can print out the handout for this workshop to follow along with Rael.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment

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Nov 08, 2013
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Continuing Education Credits

If you complete this workshop, you will earn:

3.0 credits from Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

The PMA is a professional association and certifying agency for the Pilates industry.


Rael You are the Best!!! This workshop will center you to be ONE with the work!!! Q. Will you post the Handout so I can have it to take notes on?
Hi Paula, I was in this workshop and don't recall a handout, but I'll ask Rael to make sure.
Dear Paula,

Thank you so much for your compliments. I value them greatly. Kristi and I have been in touch. The handout was essentially the slides of the PowerPoint presentation. This was important for those that attended to be able to go back and review. If this is important to you we will definitely post them. However you can of course review the presentation whenever you want. My best to you!
Paula ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. We have added the Powerpoint handout so it will be easier for you to take notes.
This was most informative, and very helpful to my practice and my clients. Would love to see more Avalon system repetitoire on Pilates Anytime!
Lori - thank you so much for your gracious words. I assure you I will try and do some more Avalon repertoire on PA. I love the Avalon; it is so versatile and comfortable to use for absolutely all level of client. Enjoy!
We love the Avalon System! I personally find the chair to be one of the most versatile pieces to "play" with all the repertoire on.
I love any opportunity to learn from Rael. This was a great course!

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