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Maximize Your Studio

110 min - Workshop


Pilates teachers only have so much time in a day to see clients. Michele Larsson offers a workshop to teach you how to accommodate more people into each hour at your studio in order to maximize your earning potential. This workshop will focus on utilizing the main pieces of equipment a small studio owner may have to accommodate more people coming through each day. Utilize all your equipment at once teaching the same class!


- Learn to teach multiple clients simultaneously when you only have one piece of each type of equipment

- Understand how to select the exercises that match well on different pieces of equipment without repeating the concept of the exercise on each piece of equipment

- Learn to choose exercises that are safe for the client and make kinetic sense in the mind and body

- Learn to teach a well-rounded individual workout in a group setting

What You'll Need: Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer w/Box, Mat, Mixed Equipment

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Dec 06, 2013
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Looks like fun - i am going to try this in my studio. Thanks PA x
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I appreciate the idea of mixed or group classes and I love how Michelle talks about it. It is always enriching to listen to her!
I still think, - and I am sorry to put in this little criticism-, that the price for the little workshop is high. The class in chapter 4 could have been a normal session accessible to every member.
Silke ~ Thank you for your feedback. We typically base the price of workshops on the duration of the workshop. The class at the end is designed to show teachers how they can incorporate these types of sessions. It is not appropriate for our members who are not teachers because it could be confusing or overwhelming to them. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the rest of the workshop though!
I haven't watched the workshop just yet but I will get it soon. I am at a new studio and they want me to take mixed equipment classes. The thought overwhelms me and I honestly feel like such classes are only for clients that have had several private and duo sessions who have good form and know the different equipment pieces and exercises. There is just too much room for error and as an instructor you feel like a headless chicken. How normal is it to take mixed equipment classes and do others find this challenging too?

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