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Studio Systems Evolved

6 hr - Workshop


Distinguished Instructors Kathy Corey and Michael King present their two day Master Class "Studio Systems Evolved". Kathy and Michael have presented this high energy Master Class to students all over the world and have received rave reviews. This workshop will inspire and provide great information that can be applied to your Pilates practice.

Kathy and Michael offer their expertise on a program of exercises and teach them in the original format used at the New York studio of Joseph Pilates. The workshop includes sections on Mat Work, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac exercises. It then combines the individual sections into a studio system. The workshops teaches how exercises start and evolve as student skill levels increase.

The two day workshop was filmed on June 12 and 13, 2010 at Beach Club Athletics and students paid $400 to attend. The workshop is presented by Pilates Anytime in 17 chapters and has a total duration of over five hours.

Chapter Title Duration
Opening Kathy and Michael welcome the students 11 mins
Chapter 1 Mat: Standing Alignment 21 mins
Chapter 2 Mat: Seated Pelvic Alignment 17 mins
Chapter 3 Mat: Shoulder Bridge, Single Leg Stretch & The Hundred 24 mins
Chapter 4 Mat: Kathy on Rolling 20 mins
Chapter 5 Mat: Michael on Rolling 22 mins
Chapter 6 Mat: Kathy on Lateral Work 25 mins
Chapter 7 Mat: Michael on Lateral Work 25 mins
Chapter 8 Mat: Kathy on Standing Pilates 24 mins
Chapter 9 Mat: Michael on Standing Pilates and a Summary 40 mins
Chapter 10 Reformer: Center Series 24 mins
Chapter 11 Reformer: Kathy continues on Center Series 7 mins
Chapter 12 Reformer: Upper Body Challenge 3 mins
Chapter 13 Reformer: Standing Series 4 mins
Chapter 14 Cadillac: Center Series, Leg Series & Upper Body Series 28 mins
Chapter 15 Wunda Chair: Leg Series, Standing Series & Center Series 24 mins
Closing Closing Statements 14 mins

This workshop is ideal for both a Pilates teacher and the Pilates enthusiast comfortable with using the equipment.

No Continuing Education Credits (CEC) are offered for this workshop.

The workshop can be viewed and replayed as many times as you like and you will continue to have access to the workshop while you are a subscriber to Pilates Anytime.

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What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 30, 2010
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Ann S
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What a unique opportunity!!! I thank whoever is responsible or idea it was to share this workshop with the subscribers. I will be watching it over and over. It was a privilege to learn from such high caliber instructors.

Thanks Ann! We hoped you would enjoy the opportunity to learn from the Masters... with the option of pausing and repeating! It is a unique opportunity. Thanks for helping us spread the word
Just finished watching this workshop!! What incredible information! I am in an instructor training program in Melbourne, FL and this was incredibly informative! Do you advertise upcoming workshops? Would love to participate in the future. Thank You!! Denise Miller
HI Denise- We schedule our guest instructors and their workshops based on their schedule availability. That means we often don't have much time to promote the actual day of fliming. That said, we fill the classes here locally quite quickly. If you are interested in being on that list, let me know and I will include you. We have Madeline Black, Lolita San Miguel, and Rael Isacowitz all schedule to teach workshops for Pilates Anytime before April. It may take a bit longer than that to get them on the site, but they'll be there soon. We'll let you know about them through the home page and our newlsetter. If you are a subscriber you will always have the option to view the premium content simply by clicking on workshops.
Una idea estupenda, poder "asistir" a estos workshops sin moverse de casa, aunque deberé practicar un poco más mi inglés, a veces me pierdo un poco en las explicaciones.
Maravillosos workshops de excelentes maestros ¡qué mas se puede pedir!. Enhorabuena.
Judith ~ Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have fixed this glitch and now the correct video should play for Chapter 3. I hope you have enjoyed this workshop.
It's an amazing instruction. Feel so lucky to be able to learn so much from home. Many many thanks. You're doing such a great work offering us so many great choices and opportunity to learn from the best instructors from every where.
How do you purchase the workshop and how many CEC is this workshop. Do you know if it is accepted by Stott Pilates?
Tina ~ There is a Buy Now button above the workshop that will allow you to purchase it. We don't offer CECs with this workshop, but you can contact STOTT Pilates directly to see if they will accept this workshop. If you have any trouble, please email us at

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