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Niedra Gabriel teaches a Ped-O-Pul tutorial on a few common exercises taught on this oftentimes underutilized piece of equipment. The Ped-O-Pul is great for achieving tonality and strength in the upper body, anchoring the rib cage, and creating an inner sense of lift.
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Feb 21, 2014
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Good evening everybody. We have the pedicle here. I'm going to work with some of the basics with Mandy. It's again another tool that's not used that often and is fabulous for tonality in the upper body. So Mandy, let's have you on a [inaudible] stance. Um, most challenging position is when the heels are right close to the pole. The sacred is on the pole and the center of the spine is on the pole. As Mandy is a pretty curvaceous spine.

I'm going to have you move your feet a little further forward. Yes. So we, I would like a little bit more of the ribs in with the feet a little bit further forward that, so I'm looking from the sacred [inaudible] through the center, the lower ribs, especially to get them towards the pole and then the neck and spine long. Right? So let's start with the arms out to the side. Bring them in just a minute and bend the elbows very slightly before you start anything else. I want you to pull the shoulder blade and the armpit down and then take the arms out. That's it. So you're engaging in, that's it. A little bit peripheral vision. There it is.

Now keep pulling the ribs back and then feel the lift up through the crown of the head. Yes, and I'll pull the arms down, hold and then lift them up, keeping the armpit pressing down to the lots or engage. Lovely. Press down again, pull and lift up. And every time you go down, see if you can get a sense of lifting through the crown of the head to the [inaudible]. Yes. So the spine gets longer. Yes, and back and again, and press down and lift through the crown of the head. If you're pushing the spine up and up. And one more time like this and press down, lifting way up through the crown of the head and up. Very, very good. Now bring the hands down.

Bring your thumbs to touch in front and bring the hands out and take them out to the side. So big ish circles. Keep tension on the springs the whole time. Press down, get long. Bring the hands in front of you and lift them with control. Take them out. Again, keeping the pressure into the spring. Push down, keep the shoulders low and the neck long. Bring the hands forward and open them out. And now you're reverse it.

Bring them together and lift through the crown. Press from the armpits down and open out. Nice and come forward lifting and press down. Get tall and open out. And again, put, come forward and pressing down and open out. Very, very nice.

Now press down slightly in small little circles here. Keep the elbows lifting if you can. Even more to the back. Yes. And then reverse your circles. One to keep lifting up through the spine for five Mandy, for me, I want the circles attached in front of now lift the back. Yes. And press down in there. Good.

There's your circle so you keep it slightly in front of the trunk and reverse your circles. Very good. Okay. Wring their hands in front of you and circle again. Elbows are soft and lifted sideways. Yes. Four and five and reverse it. One, two, three, four and five. And take the arms out and just relax for a minute.

You can take your hands out. So just nice working to the last nice tonality into the arms. Now we'll do the police [inaudible]. So let's have you lift up and bring the heels a little bit further back. So you're onto a lift of the heels.

Similar alignment. And hold on here. Have your arms out to the side, fill up the back ribs. So you're aspiring to get as much elongation through the spine. Yes. Now it's slightly pressed down into the spring and start bending the knees out and sliding up. No, bring the hands with you. Yes, yes, yes. And then come back up.

So actually what I wanted it just to feel the pressure and then as you go down the hands come with seal. They stay the same height they were at and then come back up. So let's still get this, this v, the first variation just pushed down slightly. So the hands are at that angle. Keep them at that angle as you go down. Keep them, keep them, keep them. That's right too.

A lot of control of angles and slide up. And one more time that way. Just slide down, lengthening the spine every time you get longer and then slide up. Very, very good. Release the arms for a minute. Let the elbows bend just to give yourself a little rest. Now the next one you'll do is you pull down, you slide all the way down, you slide all the way up, you lift the arms up, so shoulders are long. Neck is long. Engage into the lax. Yup, pull down, slide down, slide up.

Lovely work. Lift your arms to the side and again, every time you go down, I want that spine and body longer. Good. Work down and up and release for you. I would like a little bit more external rotation in the knees. Get the toes a little wider and fill up the sacred and the ribs in yes and long ways. This is your last one with this variation. Lower down. Good.

Lower up and lift the arms out to the side. Okay, let's have you step down and turn with your back to the camera and the sand on the frame again and have your arms long front to be no, just out straight. Now right here. Big lift up out of the lower back. Big Lift up and broad in the shoulders. Yes. Now press up through my hand up even more. Lift your Chin a little bit. There we go. I want y'all to bring the head back just a tad. Now push up again.

That's it. I just saw her lift her whole spine up. Now just pull down, it's like chest expansion. Just pull down and slightly back if you can and bring the arms forward and again, push down and broaden the collarbones and back and again, push down and I'm seeing all of this upper back muscles work beautifully and back. Now Mandy, I'm going to ask you to do, see if you can keep yourself very breathe into my hands a bit there. Now pull the shoulders down. Keep the height. Yes. So as you pull back, widen the ribs. Yes.

And back. Two more times like this. Push down and get broad through the collarbones and back. And you can last one. We'll just do two more and you add the neck head. Turn your head to one side and center. Turn your head to the other side and center and release and pull down again, broaden your back, pull from the shoulders to the hand, head to the other side and back and first side and back and release those arms.

Okay. And let go and relax. That was it. Just a few exercises on the pet. A pool, fabulous for anchoring the rib cage, developing strengths in the arms and tonality and getting that inner sense of lift in the spine. Mandy, you did great. Thank you so mad.


Thank you for this brief introduction to this underused piece Niedra. I don't have one but certainly see the cross over from so many exercises. Perhaps a way to feel the use if the lats but without the compression that so often comes on other pieces. A wonderful compliment to the seated chair, which I do have. Thank you so much.
Yeong Cheol C
Thank you Niedra Gabriel.
So glad to have another Ped-o-Pul routine. Thanks, Niedra!
Thank you Niedra I have Ped o Pul and I miss more classes!!
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you both enjoyed this video - there is not as much demand for the less used equipment, and yet, they are so wonderful, very happy you found this info useful.
2 people like this.
I have 7 Ped-o-Pul so I please I ask PA to let you enjoy more of this wonderful classes.
Niedra Gabriel
wow - that is amazing you can do group classes with them! I have never heard of a studio with so many of them, so you use them a lot! great.
Love this video. I've been using this lesson in the studio with my clients and my brand new Ped-O-Pul. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that will help a wide variety of people, and this lesson is a perfect starting point. One question-- how much of the spine is touching the pole in the beginning of the series when your student aligns herself to the pole after moving the feet out to adapt to her curvatures? Again, many thanks!!
Niedra Gabriel
What a good question Gyk, and there is no rote answer - it really depends on how much the spine has elongated and how open the hip flexors are, and this is different in each person. We are striving to have a long sacrum and the lower ribs touching, and but many people cannot achieve this state without either slumping the upper trunk or over tucking the pelvis. I eye ball the person and attempt to cue toward length and elongation with a balance between the front and back body. Hope this help...
Thank you so much, Niedra. This is very helpful indeed. My clients and I are loving this lesson and growing tall! Many thanks for this detailed explanation.
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