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Workshop #2399

The Guillotine Workshop

1 hr 5 min - Workshop


Join Kyria Sabin Waugaman in this workshop where she discusses the history of the Guillotine in Pilates and in the work of Ron Fletcher in particular. She shows many ways you can use this piece of equipment and how it feels different than movements on the Tower or Cadillac. She also shows how you can use the Guillotine to get feedback as to how your body is working.


- Learn the setup and action of different exercises to work the entire body

- Use the settings of the Guillotine to give you feedback about where you initiate the movement

What You'll Need: Guillotine

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Jan 15, 2016
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This is the Giga team tower. And um, we will be starting our workshop program with leg and foot work. Um, Mckenna Dosa. We'll be starting a cell. Thank you for being here. Uh, t...

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Hello Kyria , this workshop give me the desire of getting a guillotine !!
Wonderful workshop. Thank you for sharing
Thank you for the lovely presentation. I am wanting a guillotine!

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