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Knee Stretches

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Your thighs will want to thank you after you watch this tutorial on the Knee Stretch with Diane Severino! She breaks down the complexity of the exercise to show how you should set your body up, and how to initiate movement from the correct place. This is an exercise that tends to be avoided, but Diane shows why it is beneficial for your knees and how you can feel the burn in your legs.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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May 22, 2016
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino. And uh, the niche stretch on the machine on the reformer is a very interesting exercise and uh, it has a complexity to it, so we all tend to not really want to ...

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Thanks, Diane! As always, I love your cues, especially "tucking the skirt"!
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Total non-sequitur, but I feel like Diane would be the best hugger!! :) I don't think there's anyone on the planet with a more generous spirit! Thank you, Diane ... for sharing your wisdom and for being the best YOU!
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That's it! I am taking a toilet roll into my Studio today! Fabulous Q's and wonderful teaching
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Diane, - you are so lovable! You are so right, - I never liked this exercise so much and my clients always ask : " what is this for?"
I will go back to this with all your thoughts and cues and find it!
Well explained, with original cueing ideas!
How have I not seen any of your videos? Your personality suits me to a T! Thank you for the great tutorial and for brightening my day :)
I love this. Absolutely spot on with everything from cueing to the what- just- happened-this-is-no-longer-a-knee-stretc part.. that is sooo common! I wish you were here to cue me in person!
I love this so much! Thankyou for such a fantastic explanation of the knee stretch. I've always hated this exercise because it doesn't make sense to me because I never felt it in my quads because I was moving past my hips and pushing with my arms.
Hi, it's Diane. Thanks for your lovely comments. It's amazing how you find my videos so fast, I didn't know they were on! Glad I could demystify knee stretch a little bit.
Omg Diane !!! You r so Gourgous!! Hope to see more full classes from you soon !!! ??
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