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If you are new to Pilates, we want to welcome you and share a few tips for success that will help to guide you through your Pilates journey. Amy Havens offers recommendations for your practice as well as tips for navigating the site so you can find what you are looking for.
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Jul 24, 2016
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Okay. Hi everyone. My name is Amy havens. I'm here to welcome you to pull out his anytime as a beginner, we have some tips for success for you to help guide you on your [inaudible] journey. The first one is for you to fill out your preferences to find your recommended classes that you're here for. For Mat based classes we can filter those for you, uh, by the preferences that you select. So if you choose, um, a specific time, a prop and a style, we have a class suited for you. So take a few minutes to go back through your preferences and make sure to fill those out. And I think you'll be happy to see what classes we can filter in pop up for you.

Another great tip is once you do get some class suggestions, read the descriptions of what the classes are about. Uh, you might think that that isn't that important, but it might be exactly what you need to enter that class and have a successful outcome. Uh, if you're looking for a cardio based class, we have that for you, but it may not say that on the description. So if you're looking for one and it's not in the description, uh, we want to help you through that. So again, those preferences are extremely important. So again, read the description. I would also suggest that you watched the class before you actually take it to just make sure that it is exactly what you're looking for. Maybe you listened to it, uh, as well as watch it or do a little bit of both. And once you're certain that that's the class that you'd like to do, rewind and start taking class. We have a list of props.

If the class suggests a prop that you'll need, um, get down on the floor, get started with us and feel free to take the class several times. Repetition is key with your Polonius practice. And I want to kind of emphasize the word practice. It takes practice in Pilati. So repetition is fine. If you find one class that you absolutely love, do it for a few weeks and see how you feel. See how you progress. Uh, on the side, you'll also see some other suggested classes that'll pop up for you.

Start kind of weaving into those and see where you go. I think you're going to be happy with that outcome. Uh, another way that we can guide you here as to take a look in the dropdown menu there into the exercise break downs and maybe tutorials and the starter series where it shows the progressions of mat work. And so it's great. We've broken down all of the mat exercises, the classic 34 that you're going to see a couple of minutes of description for each one. You'll see one of us guiding one of the other teachers through the exercise. And then I'll give you a little bit more understanding of the concepts and the goal of the exercise.

You'll also see in a progression a few of our teachers have taken you through or have taken a class through 10 mat classes. So feel free to take a part of that. It's wonderful. You'll see how from the very beginning phase of Pilati is through kind of new beginner to beginner, beginner to advanced beginner in 10 sessions. How you can progress. It's a wonderful way and a very successful way to dive into your PyLadies practice. Watch the playlists, and if you're not sure what those are, again you can find those in one of our dropdown menus.

A lot of the members on deploys anytime website have created playlists for each other to take. We've done some for you, but members have also created playlists based on things that they think that members would like. It's a wonderful avenue to take and to participate in, so I encourage everyone of you to take a look at those. Your body's going to feel different every time you come to take class. I certainly know, mind us some days I feel like all I need is introductory work and I've been doing pilates for a long time. That's what's wonderful about this site is a beginner you, you get to choose that for yourself. So if it's a day that you just really want to focus on maybe breathing, we've got classes for that. If you want to focus on your lower half, say we have classes for that. Uh, again, if you want to overall 20 minute kind of more cardio based class, we have that as well.

I think another great way to learn about Polonius is through the history of holidays. What makes [inaudible] philosophies and who who created this, uh, plenty of anytime his country created a wonderful project called the legacy project. And we've outlined seven of the original teachers that studied from Joseph and Clara Pele's. So Pilati is any, anytime is a wonderful venue. We have the lineages, the history all outlined for you. I won't go into a lot of the detail right now cause I want you to research that on your own, but you'll see many of the teachers on PyLadies anytime have studied from the people who studied from Joe and Clara. So we also might kind of fall into a family tree.

You've got Joe and Claire at the top, these seven elders as we've referred to them. And then all these teachers that fall from that, and then many of us like myself that fall from the other teachers. So we are, we're one big family tree and we welcome you to join us on that journey.

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Love Amy
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Holly R
Thank you!
Rajashree Srirangarajan
THank you!

Karlien V
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I am going to shop!😊
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Thank you Amy🌸
Chrissie A
She goes to fast for a beginner to assess follow and write down. But very useful
Chrissie A , you can always press 'pause' to allow time for note taking and assessment etc.  

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