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Common Props

5 min - Tutorial


In this tutorial, Amy Havens does a brief overview of five of the most common props that are used in our videos. She discusses what each prop is as well as how it will help and challenge you. We have also included links to all of the props mentioned in this video below.

Props Mentioned

- Magic Circle

- Hand Weights

- Foam Roller

- Thera-Band®


- Overball

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 24, 2016
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Hi everyone. I'm Amy havens. I'm an original teacher here for [inaudible] anytime and I want to welcome you to the website and to this online community. That is a wonderful and a reall...

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The blue ball is an overball correct? What is the purple?
Brenda ~ The purple ball is a Triadball. I hope you enjoyed this video!
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Does it matter which size ball you purchase?
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Is Foam roller giving support for knees which are in pain? Or there is something like bricks to support the knees? Thank you!
Teresa -- typically a 9 inch ball is best and the size you'll often see in classes!
Marianthy -- I'm not sure what you're asking here? Can you help or restate your question for me? What type of knee support are you needing?
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Hi. Is it helpful to use something like yoga small yoga foam blocks to support painful knees?
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Thank you Amy Havens
Yes it can be Marianthy !
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How long should the foam roller be? I don't know--should get 18" or 36"?
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