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Common Cues

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If you are new to Pilates, then you may have questions about some of the cues that you hear when you are taking class. In this tutorial, Amy Havens discusses ten of the cues you will hear most frequently. She talks about the imagery you may hear and she demonstrates what is meant by some of the physical cues as well.
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Jul 24, 2016
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Hi everyone. Welcome to [inaudible] anytime we're extremely happy that you're here with us and that you're deciding to learn about plots on online venue like this. Uh, what I'm here to talk about toda...

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Amy, wonderful reviews of the basics. I enjoy your simple explanations of valuable cues. Great introduction for beginners. I also love your bright top x
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Great very use full . Geacias
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Thank you Amy- this was fantastic and you fitted so much into just 10 minutes!! Also that colour is really beautiful on you!
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Thanks gals......and thanks for the comment on the color of my top! I love the color orange!!
SO helpful the way you explained these common cues. Thank you Amy
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Loved your explanation of the many cues we hear and use daily... Very engaging
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Thank you Amy! Remind the basic cues…..
Thank you Allison, Bonnie and Ira! Always good to be reminded of the basics!
Thank you Allison, Bonnie and Ira! Always good to be reminded of the basics!
Great breakdowns (all 3 videos). Thx from a beginner in Colorado. Appreciate the guidance.
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