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Five-Pointed Star

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What is the core and how do you work it so that you are body-centered? In this tutorial, Ken Gilbert explains the Five-Pointed Star cue that he has been using in many different modalities. He plays with the idea of reaching out into flexibility and into strength so you can move systematically.
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Jun 03, 2017
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I'm Ken Gilbert here at [inaudible] any time and want to play with a cue that I've been using for many years now. It's been evolving over the last five years, particularly in our theater company, dram...

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Thank you ! I like this description from the Center! STAR!
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so beautiful!
Thank you! I feel so inspired to play with this concept in my classes and my own personal practice. Looking forward to learning more from you Ken!
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First time I have come across you as a teacher, I really like the way you express yourself and move. Now going onto your other tutorials. Plus I love your glasses! Thanks
Ken, really enjoyed this approach thankyou. As an experienced educator, (but fairly new as a Pilates instructor) I found this really interesting. Sending greetings from the UK:)
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Sarah . . . thank you . . . acknowledging the teaching!
Linda . . . (a belated reply to your comment) I am curious; did you explore my tutorials? If so, what did you think?

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