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Modifications for Wrist Issues

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If you have pain in your wrists during certain exercises, then this tutorial by Amy Havens will help you find solutions that will help. She starts by explaining why you may have discomfort then demonstrates three modifications you can use in exercises like Planks.
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Jul 15, 2017
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I'm here to outline a few modifications for you. If you're having risks, difficulty or risk problems taking class, why you might be having risks, discomfort in taking class is the angle and the weight distribution in the wrist joint here itself. So as we come up onto all fours, hands and knees, you can see when we're lined up properly, the shoulder being right above the wrist, we're taking quite a bit of weight right there. So you'll hear a teacher say things like a press weighed into your fingertips that could help redistribute some of the weight and some of the load that's down on the wrist joint itself. But what we're really interested in doing and helping you right now as you're learning is minimizing that angle a little bit. So here's a great way, is very simple way. I'm gonna roll the mat up just one time. You'll see me put my hand in the corners. You can see it pretty well, but you'll want to put your palm, the heel of your hand right at the edge of the mat. And what that does is it brings and lift underneath your wrist.

So now if I place my hand there and still weight evenly distributed on the fingertips, you can see that there's a little less flection or a little less bend in that wrist joint. Therefore I'm not having as much weight in the joint itself. I can really distribute it more over my whole hand and feel more support from the shoulders. So that's really great work around a really great modification. Another choice, you could always just go down onto your elbows. Very simple. And you'll hear teachers offer this in certain classes. If your wrists are bothering you, just lower it down to your elbows.

I would suggest that you start learning what it feels like to be on the hands and, and work into press and weight into the fingertips and you're preparing yourself for what that sensation is going to be like. But elbows is completely fine. And one more choice you might want to work with is just coming up onto your fists. And actually a lot of advanced Valadez practitioners choose this way, uh, just for variety. But again, you'll notice that now there's no bend in the wrist this way. So the line from your shoulder all the way down is straight, and you have your all your knuckles to bear your weight on. So I actually really prefer this too. Uh, but again, you can roll up the mat. You could lower down to your elbows, or you could just go onto your fists.

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Thanks Amy for the 3 options
Susan B
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Good advice. Thanks.
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Keeping the wrist fold line parallel to the front edge of the mat can help, too. For some people that means the index fingers points straight ahead; for others, it can mean the middle finger point straight forward. Correct alignment of the wrist can help rebalance strength in the wrist and forearm.
Yes Cheryl -- another great option! Thank you!
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These are stellar modifications!

What do you suggest for the long stretch series on the reformer?
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Hi Stacey -- it depends...and without really seeing you or the person, I can't speak to that entirely. However, I've padded the foot bar to give the person's wrist more support and/or just have them do the Long Stretch on the floor, with the support ideas, and have them build up to having the strength to do on the Reformer. I'd have more to offer if I could see the person and their position.
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Loved this. Helps for my painful hands due to arthritis. Thank you.
Yes Ida , these are good modifications for arthritis issues as well.
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Love this series! Yep my wrists take turns being fatigued. I go to a flat wrist - feel stronger this way also...like I could levitate! Thank you!
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Thank you Jennifer! All these tips from me and others like you -- are very helpful for all the newbies coming to the Pilates Method! Thank you for your suggestions too!
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