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Am I Doing it Right?

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How do you know if you are doing the exercises correctly when you are taking classes at home? In this quick video, Amy offers some advice and things to think about while you are working out at home. She encourages you to listen to your intuition and to keep persevering so you can continue to improve your Pilates practice.
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Jul 08, 2017
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Hi and welcome to [inaudible]. Anytime. We are very grateful that you as a beginning level student have joined us here, we have all kinds of things to teach you. I think you'll be very happy that you've, you've joined us on PyLadies any time you might be coming up with the question, am I doing this right? And we teachers hear that question from our students often. So it's very common question, am I doing this right?

And because this is an internet exchange, we don't have you in person with us. How do we really know? Or how would you really know if you're doing it right? Because we can't touch you and make corrections and help you with your alignment. Um, some advice or some encouragement, things to think about if you're asking yourself that question, am I doing it right? Yes, you're doing it right because you've begun your [inaudible] education and you've begun your [inaudible] practice. So yes, you're doing it right now on the back end of that thought. And that response is if anything you're feeling and doing in your classes here hurts in any way. If your intuition says, Gosh, I really don't know if I should be doing that. Listen to that. That's the best teacher. And don't do it. Wait for awhile.

Maybe listen to the cues. Watch the exercises, reenter the movement. When you feel like it's safe enough to do, you'll will be learning new things that, um, you'll feel stretched in different places in your body. You'll feel muscle contraction in different places and that's work. That's physical work. But if you experience pain, it's going to be sharp and kind of edgy. You will know. Please don't do it. Stop the exercise and rejoin when you feel better and safer about moving some advice or things to think about when you're asking that question.

If you have an opportunity to write your question down, feel free to type the message out to us through the forums here on Polonius anytime and we will respond to the best that we can about your question. But it is challenging if we can't really see you in person. So if you have an opportunity to take that question about a certain exercise and find a local teacher, show them the exercise. Tell them their question, they will be able to help you. So utilize your resources locally if you can to help you with that question. Another piece of advice, have fun with this. It should be fun.

If you're not having fun with anything, it's maybe not worthwhile doing. So if you're asking, am I doing this right? If you're not having fun, abort, get away and try it. Try something different. Maybe it's not for you, but we hope that it is. We incorporate lots of fun in many of our classes. And last little bit of advice that I have for you and most teachers would have for you is take time. Building your [inaudible] skills. Take time so you're not going to get high level experience right away. It takes time. Be Safe with your movement, have fun with your movement, and know that your technique improves over time. So are you doing it right?

Yes you are. Can you get better? Absolutely. We can all keep working on our technique and form. Don't stress that so much. Be in the moment and have a lot of fun with holidays. Thank you.

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Thanks, Amy! Great advice!
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Well said, Amy! I always love how you break things down so they truly hit home and make sense. Thank you!
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Thanks Amy!!! Loved it ;)
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Thanks Amy!! You are always so clear with your words...
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Oh Amy, I love you! I TOTALLY needed to hear this today, so thank you. I'm off to do one of Meri & Kristi's classes. Let's catch up soon! XOXO
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Oh thank you! This was the little boost I needed to my teaching confidence :)
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Thank you all....sounds like we ALL need this encouragement and reminders, right?! We .. are.. doing it right! :)
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Thank you Amy for your words of wisdom­čśŐ
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You are so nice! i love your teaching style! Thank you!
Thank you Sue and Pamela !!!
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