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Movement in the Rib Cage

20 min - Tutorial


Movement in the rib cage is important for many Pilates exercises. In this tutorial, Pat Guyton shares a few exercise sequences that will help to enrich this movement in your body. She then shows a few progressions that will allow you to do Cleopatra and Twist on the Reformer with better organization and range.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Mat

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Sep 08, 2017
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I lllooove this tutorial so much! It felt great on my body, can't wait to try it with my clients. Thank you sooo much :)
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This felt amazing. My body is definitely better informed and organized with your progressions. Thank you, Pat! And Amy, too! ;)
Fabulous to see the participant giving feedback too, love this duet
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I am glad that everyone is enjoying this! Amy and I try to model the question and answers that are a part of the teaching process. Teachers need to interview students to discover if they are following the directions or if they need more explanation. We also try to anticipate what may happen in your teaching. These tutorials are for you to enjoy the exercises for your body and to teach to others.
I love ribcages! This was so perfect! ️Thankyou!😊
I love this tutorial because it gives so much information!! Thank you for showing the possibilities that could happen! Because that is where I get stuck in a new movement, or cuing it to a client and then seeing strange things, - not knowing what is wrong.. You are a great team! Go on!!
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Thanks very much Pat and Amy! Love to see examples of the critical progression from beginner rotation all the way to the advanced twist. It seems like this would be a valuable addition to a scoliosis program, I have it and it felt like I got a deeper opening on both sides, do you have anything to add regarding scoliosis work? You both compliment each other well, more please!
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In my teacher training and mentoring I find that we show the exercise correctly and then we must show the faulty patterns for exactly the reasons that you have experienced. I love working with Amy this way and I am fortunate to have her assist me in presenting. I love teaching tutorials.
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Thank you. I would love to share a story about a workshop that was presented in 1992 in Santa Fe by The Institute for the Pilates Method. Kathy Grant was teaching the Wunda Chair exercises. Eve Gentry was there. At lunch break, they went over to the Reformers and starting fussing about springs and equipment. The old reformers did not have side wheels so they would slide to one side and stick on the runners. Kathy and Eve showed how they loaded the springs to the right or to the left to help balance spines that had scoliosis. There is so much information and history in watching these elders. Basically, they did everything they could think of the get the body straight and it worked.
Wonderful tutorial Pat and Amy! Definitely feel a difference in the criss cross, as well as breathing easier and deeper now that the ribs feel more open. I loved the sequencing and building upon the movements. It all made so much sense, and the work more profound. Thank you!
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