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Control Balance Step Off

5 min - Tutorial


Find your way on and off the Reformer in this quick tutorial by Benjamin Degenhardt. He shows how to use your body to dismount and return to the carriage safely during Control Balance on the Reformer. He takes you through the exercise and then finds connections to other movements.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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May 13, 2018
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Bravo Meri!!
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I loved!!!!
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Wow!! You make it looks so easy! Great tutorial, thanks
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Thanks Benjamin ! It is so good way to learn from the tutorial exercise.
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Thanks, Benjamin and Meredith. Another lovely tutorial!
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"knowing that the carriage will not necessarily receive your seat" best quote ever! HAHAHA
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Thank you Benjamin (and Meredith) I very rarely teach this and consequently don’t feel confident in its cueing . This tutorial was so clear and layered perfectly that I had a client do it last week and he loved it!
I didn't hear anything regarding which hands & arms open or change in the roll off so this really wasn't detailed enough.

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