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Sacroiliac Assessment

30 min - Tutorial


Sacroiliac dysfunction is common for many people. In this tutorial, Sherri Betz gives Shelby, a dancer, an assessment to determine whether her back pain is being caused by sacroiliac dysfunction or something else. She tests different movements to see what causes pain and what causes relief. From here, she will be able to teach Shelby exercises that will help improve her imbalances and motor control.

Note: This assessment is being done by a licensed physical therapist. Pilates teachers should not try these assessments.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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May 09, 2018
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Okay. Hi, I'm Sherry bets and I'm back again to talk about sacred Iliac joint dysfunction and also known as pelvic girdle dysfunction. A lot of times we think of it as instability or poor control of t...

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What a beautiful tutorial !!! Thank you so much Sherri .....
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What a beautiful and informative class!!! Thank you Sherri very much.
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Excellent info!! Can you please list here the numbers of your other tutorials that you referenced in this video😊
Hi Lisa Sacroiliac Dysfunction with Sherri Betz - Tutorial 2037, Strengthening Reformer with Sherri Betz - Class 3129
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Sherri Betz
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Was going to say these videos were so informative! Thanks Sherri Betz
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Loved the opportunity to check out my postural analysis skills! I paused the video before Sherri commented, did my own mental analysis, and am pleased to say I picked up on most of the issues. Glad to know my eye has improved over the years, but its a long slow process. By the way, the PSIS and lumbar markings were very useful visual tools. Thanks as always Sherri! PS Kristi, it would be great to see more analysis tutorials.
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Excellent information as usual from Sherri Betz . Pilatesanytime would love it if you could focus the camera closer to the client when Sheri is talking about differences she is able to observe on the body. As a viewer I cant see these.
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This was so informative! Thank you so much!
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