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Looking at Stenosis

20 min - Tutorial


Stenosis can occur for so many people and the symptoms don't always include back pain. In this tutorial, Sherri Betz explains what stenosis is and how it can be differentiated from disc pain. She then shares movements that will help those with stenosis find relief as well as strengthen the areas they need.

Note: Any assessments should be done by a licensed physical therapist as this is not within the scope of practice for a Pilates teacher.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Strap

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May 20, 2018
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Hi, I'm Sherry bets and I'm here to talk about stenosis. That usually occurs in people over 50. It usually occurs bilaterally, but not always. And it's usually indicated when someone is having leg pai...

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Thank you so much for every demonstration, explanation and every detail . And also thank you for the way you do....the calmness and clarity help me to understand even better. Thank you for being able to explain complicate things in a simple way, it’s a big gift you give us.
"You are not your MRI, CT scan, or "diagnosis"." Thankful for your work. Would like to request for you to do tutorials for cervical spine issues, as well, please.
Thank you Chiara and Erin Elizabeth for your positive feedback. I am glad you find the content useful! Sounds like we have had a lot of requests for cervical spine issues so we will see if PA would like that kind of content for the next shoot.
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This is awesome
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Thank you so much for this, I have needed this information! And the end statement, "you are not your diagnosis", AMEN. Thank you, I always LOVE your work. Brilliant.
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So thoughtful and helpful - - I would love for you to get your hands on me!
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Hello!! I really appreciate all the content of this class. thanks a lot.
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wonderful ! Thank you
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Another great couple of tutorials, thanks Sherri. When Amy is flossing the nerve at around the 13 minute mark, is she working into and out of pain as she flexes and extends her ankle? If so, how much pain is acceptable? I would guess only tolerable pain and if its too much, you would back off to a less stressful position?
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