Class #3430

Sacroiliac Intervention

50 min - Class


Work on rebalancing the pelvis for sacroiliac joint dysfunction in this Mixed Equipment workout with Sherri Betz. She continues on from her assessment with Shelby to teach exercises that will help restore balance to her pelvis. Becoming more aware of movement patterns will help to correct imbalances and improve motor control.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), High Chair, Cadillac, Mixed Equipment, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, Pilates Pole


Okay, we're back with the sacred ILIAC joint intervention. Now we've done the assessment with Shelby and just to reiterate, she has left sided sacred Iliac joint pain. We did rule in t...

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Such valuable information, thank you SO much!
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Wow 🤩
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Fantastic!! Wish I had access to you Sherri:)
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I love your information to help my clients to feel better !!!
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I want to work with you!!! Unfortunately, I live in Cairo Egypt.....
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Fabulous. Thank you Sherri for sharing your approach and thinking with us. I have learnt so much from you which I am able to apply in my teaching.
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Thank you Sherri. As a physiotherapist I do tend to break down many exercises to build into the movement that I'm working with and this tutorial gave me many more insights on the same.
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This was so great. Valuable information and I love that you point out what you are seeing, so I can watch for that. Also loved your cueing...sits bone to opposite heel was great. I wish there could have been more camera angles. Especially when you were standing behind her but the camera was on the front of her.
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I have SI Joint disorder and this was very informative and helpful! Thank you🎈
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Sherri, this was so informative and valuable, - thanks for all the input and your authenticity! I love tutorials like this, with "real" clients with real problems! I will definitely watch this as often as the other tutorials you did with PA! Please, please come back with more of this kind! I´m sending my love,
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