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Sciatica Relief

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Sciatica is a major problem for many and the pain can be caused by so many things. In this tutorial, Sherri Betz looks at different generations of pain so you can understand what you need to take in consideration when working with your clients. She also shares exercises that will help you get the pain out of the leg so you can start to improve the condition.

Note: Any assessments should be done by a licensed physical therapist as this is not within the scope of practice for a Pilates teacher.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Strap

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May 27, 2018
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Awesome! Love these tutorials :)
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Great tutorial always good to get more tools to deal with injury and pathology!
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Always very helpful, Sherri. Thank you
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Great tutorial, always fantastic to re-cap & re-fresh on spinal conditions. Thank you.
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Awesome this is all very helpfull
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Thank you so much. These tutorials are fantastic
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loving these tutorials. Thank you
If the SI is out of alignment, you say do not strengthen. So what do you recommend if the SI is rarely, if ever, in alignment anymore? Plank seems like a good lengthen and strengthen option. Yes, I do all the reset movements with pole, block, strap, PT, etc. It doesn't work.
2funoutdoors you would need to seek treatment by a qualified physical therapist or practitioner who treats the pelvic girdle dysfunction. I cannot recommend any corrective exercises without seeing you and evaluating you in person. The technique is very specific and your pain may be generated by something totally different which is why the technique doesn't work for you. Where do you live? I have a lot of colleagues all over the country.
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Sherri, love your tutorials. Just need a clarification. You said to begin with extension and work towards flexion which is more challenging for this condition. I would have thought to do the reverse, that spinal flexion would open the vertebrae creating space and relieving the tramped nerve, where as people often find it difficult to feel and maintain the abdominal support of the lumbar in a prone position. I do realise that it depends on where the sciatica is manifested. One sciatica student sits out a lot of the extension work preferring to rest in Child pose or happy baby position where she finds relief. Would love a more in depth tutorial. Thank you
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