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What is spondylolisthesis and how do we help our clients who have it? In this tutorial, Sherri Betz breaks down this issue that is common for people who do sports with extreme extension like gymnastics and dance. She shares how you can see it and also exercises to do and to avoid for people with this issue.

Note: Any assessments should be done by a licensed physical therapist as this is not within the scope of practice for a Pilates teacher.
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Jun 03, 2018
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Great stuff, Sherri...thank you!
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I love your your tutorials, thank you !
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Thanks for your great tutorial I keep my fingers cross that you can also share some tutorial abou the posterior spinal fusion
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Love this useful series, thank you Sherri and Amy! Hope you consider a class for these pathologies!?
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Thank You 💓🙏🏻 Please more 😉
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Super useful info! Thank you!
Makes me want to learm PT !!!! keep shaing with us your knowledge!
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PilatesAnytime gold once again. can't quite believe this was only 15 minutes long. really great, thank you!
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Great tutorial. Very informative. I work with a spondy who has had multiple hamstring reconstruction surgeries and the last one the doctor severed her psoas(this was years ago). Any additional suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Brilliant, informative tutorial. Great to have on my Playlist for the times I encounter a person with Spondy and need a reference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Sherri & helping to raise the standard for Pilates Professionals all over the world.
And PA for hosting the platform!
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