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This challenge will help you upgrade your practice as you begin to unravel your body. In this video, Niedra shares tips to help make this journey successful and effective. She explains what tools you will need as well as how to use and adjust them throughout the challenge. She also offers her recommendation for how often you should practice so you can get the most out of this work.

If you are interested in purchasing the Balls used in this challenge, you can visit OPTP for Franklin Balls and Body Work Balls, and also Amazon for the Yoga Tune Up Balls.
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Sep 17, 2018
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Oh, welcome to unravel your body. This 10 day challenge where I hope you will discover how to upgrade your Palladio's practice. Now these are some tips to make this journey successful and effective. You do need tools to unravel your body. [inaudible] dig it out.

So I highly recommend to balls that way. I will be using most predominantly as we go through the practice. This is about three and a half to four inches. This is six and a half to seven inches. There will be links on this website on the bottom of the page telling you where you can purchase them. If you have something else you want to use, feel free. I always believe you should go for it. Um, you could even work with the tennis ball, but it's a lot harsher. Now.

Small balls have very effective to be very more pinpointing and more exact. The bigger balls have a more diffused focus point. So if you have a lot of pain in your body, work with the bigger ball. If you've been doing stuff like this for awhile, you can work with a smaller ball. How much pressure you have in the ball is also very important. Factor harder is not necessarily better because we don't want to have that experience of abusing ourselves or pushing into something that creates pain.

We lovingly visiting areas that haven't moved in awhile so you want the body to feel safe. You want it to be cushioned and comforted so it will let go of an old program that it created as a solution to something unknown. So find that tension or softness that works for you even that is something that you can control. I highly recommend getting one of these needle pumps and you can use these pumps to deflate or inflate the ball. How do you do that?

You can wet the ball with your saliva and the balls have a small hole and if you insert the needle into the ball, guess what? You can pump it up as much as you like going to pump it up quite a bit right now and it becomes a much harder ball. It's your choice how you want that to be. If it's too hard and too dense for you, you can deflate the ball. If I take this needle it unscrews. It's really pretty cool.

So I've unscrewed the needles so I've only got this little metal structure. Again, I'm in inserting it into this little hole and guess what? It's now deflating as much as I want. The moment you pull it out though, it stops. So it's a very simple operation to use and as you go through the challenge with me, please do adjust the balls for your own body on comfort level. Very important. These are not laws written in stone.

If one ball that I'm recommending is too much for you, the small ball is too much. Use the bigger bowel and vice versa. Deflate, inflate, find what works. This is about your body and unraveling your knots and your restrictions and you will be empowered. I hope with this work to take care of yourself and be able to maintain and upgrade yourself forever. Seriously. The other part is in the very last session we work with something called Yoga. Tune up therapy balls.

You can buy them on Amazon or the website that we recommend below. They lovely little balls. They are slightly soft. Again, you don't have to work with this ball, but do not use a lacrosse ball. One of those super hard. I'm like a golf ball too dense, too hard. We want softness. We want something to give. So we give, we're supposed to be soft, malleable creatures and we're not supposed to be hard tents, dried up, uptight creatures, so that's health and vitality. So those balls are lovely to work with.

And one other factor about this work, yes, I recommend doing a session everyday because the, the, the consistency will empower your body to change really fast. We may work one day on the feet, but it's going to help relax your shoulders. And so there's a synergistic progression that happens as the body goes, oh my goodness, I don't have to hold on to all of this tension. I can actually let go of it because it's safe. And if you visit parts of your body as we go through the challenge that you find a really tight and restricted, maybe your hips are really tight, maybe your hamstrings are tight, maybe your shoulders are tight, then you can do it over and over again.

Every time you come back to routine that you learn in the challenge your body, lets go a little bit more and a little bit deeper. So the first time through is only the beginning of an amazing journey that I really wish for you to unravel yourself on a very, very deep level. A so there's no limits to how many times you do these routines. There is no limit. It's not a workout per se. So you don't exhaust yourself. You actually take the tension out of your body so you, you don't have to only work out every other day.

You can do it as close together as far apart. This is, it's like cleaning your teeth. It's not exercise. But what you will get out of this work will make your exercise so much better and your talent so much increased and you will find that you actually have breakthroughs in your plottings practice or any other practice that you're doing because your body's responding in a more youthful manner because it can do it more easily. I hope you join me. I hope you will never be the same again. And I hope you will really discover things that you didn't even know were possible within yourself.

Unravel Your Body Challenge: with Niedra Gabriel


So excited to get started on this Niedra! Thank you!
1 person likes this.
I'm looking forward to seeing the bloopers for this video. Maybe it's just my one-track-Australian-mind. I apologize Niedra...
I am loving this series already though!
Thanks! I use my Yoga Tune-Up balls pretty much every day. It seems to me like they have gotten softer over time. Have you noticed this? Thinking it might be time to get some new ones.
Sandra - bloopers!
I am smiling, my husband wants me to brand this work "girls with balls" so there you are....
Hi Ted, yes, the balls do soften with time - its up to you if you like the harder texture get another pair, I personally like both types. Many people find the newer balls a bit harsh, it's all personal. Good for you for your daily application.
Niedra Gabriel do we need all three of these types of balls to do this challenge? Right now all I have are the yoga tune-up balls and some similar to the smaller pump-up balls (I don't have the large ones). Just wondering if I should order those before trying this out.
Hi Niedra, loving what I've done so far! Thank you. I can't find the larger ball anywhere though. I'm in the UK, and I only seem to bring up the 10cm balls when I search? Thanks for any help!
Hi Ted Johnson , you can definitely work with the smaller balls for everything ( maybe the neck work will be limited as it will depend on your shoulder width and the size of the balls - but even with that you can always place a yoga block or book under the ball to raise it up so it fits your body.
Hi Jenny I checked on the amazon Uk website and found these balls Togu Gymnastic Redondo Ball
It looks like it could substitute for the ball I was using. No need to be exact about the size, if the ball is smaller place a yoga block or book under it to rain it up. The basics are putting pressure and pulling into an area and listening to your body to notice when the tension factor shifts around. I hope this helps
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Niedra Gabriel you’re so kind thank you for doing that for me! Great!!!
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