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Building Up to Tendon Stretch

10 min - Tutorial


You will learn how to turn Tendon Stretch into one organic piece of movement with this tutorial by Kathy Corey. She shows a progression of this advanced exercises, focusing on where the movement comes from and how deeply you need to get into your body. By working on this before progressing to the full exercise, you will be able to find the connection you need to do it successfully.
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Jul 08, 2018
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This series is just wonderful! I am learning so much. Thanks for filming it.
Love these tutorials
One of the best progressions I’ve ever seen! This is a beast to perform and to teach. Thank you for making it accessible.
Great tutorials!
Absolutely amazing!
Was truly blessed to meet Kathy for the first time yesterday at a workshop here in London! Love this tutorial series. More please.
Thank you !!! I just can’t Wait to do this stretch workout!!!😉
I completely agree with Lisa! One of the best progressions! I don’t think I’ve ever been as successful as I just was in doing tendon stretch. Kathy, thank you so much!
I don’t think I have ever done tendon stretch so confidently, thank you so much
Love these tutorials, thank you!
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