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Where Are Your Blades?

25 min - Tutorial


What is the relationship to the shoulder blades for a good workout? In this tutorial, Karen Sanzo teaches a "work-in" that uses simple movements that require you to be very mindful how everything connects. She works in all planes of motion to help you understand where movement happens and how we can move more efficiently.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Theraband

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Oct 14, 2018
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What about those blades and their relationship to a good workout. What we're going to do is call this a work in. I'm going to ask that you be very mindful of some of the movements as w...

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Thanks for such a great "work-in" Karen! Love all your tutorials. Always great cueing to such seemingly simple but challenging and effective movements. Also, thanks to Sarah for being as great a student as you are an instructor! But my goodness, if Karen can make you tremble at times, then I will surely be a big bowl of jello! LOL
Fabulous! Love your teaching Karen thanks and as a teacher myself always something new to focus on. That's what I love about Pilates anytime - it keep the practice fresh for both client and teacher. I can't believe that some instructors teach the same class over and over again (not that we would do that of course but I have heard that it happens;))!!
Thanks again from the UK, Sarah
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I love everything that Karen teaches in these workshops tutorials classes ... more please
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Love these tutorials with Karen - so inspiring to watch her work!
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Karen, you are brilliant and Sarah - you are such a good sport! Thank you both for the input and inspiration!!
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Thank You so much again... :) :)
Loved this tutorial. Thank you Karen and Sarah
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Loved this Work In so clear and makes so much sense 👏👏
Great tutorial and I love that you said Blah blah! will make me giggle all day!
I laughed at blah blah blah too. I absolutely loved back extension when “lying on the back”. Felt amazing! I will definitely incorporate this work into some of my classes and with some of my privates. I always learn something from you Karen! Thank you for all of your knowledge!
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