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Class #3667

Improving Balance

30 min - Class


Welcome to Class 2. Today Adrianne focuses on balance exercises as well as building strength in your legs. She also begins to add a chest lift, using a Towel to support your neck. With this gentle progression, you will be able to improve your overall strength and mobility.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Towel, Fitness Ball


Okay, so welcome back. I'm Adrian and this is Juliana and she's going to be demonstrating some more exercises today. Today we're going to be working more on some balance exercises as w...


Good gentle, like clinical Pilates.
That class helped my oldest and physical limited couple I am teaching very much! Thank you for your inspiration!!
I always need to go back and repeat the balance exercises; good work thank you
Great balance exercise for my beginner's class.  Clear instruction and good tempo :) 

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