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Wake up your lower trapezius with this tutorial by Lesley Powell. She shows where this muscle attaches in addition to its function. She also shares simple exercises that will help you work on the relationship of the trapezius to the shoulder blades so you can maintain wide clavicles while you're moving.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer Box

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Aug 02, 2019
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So in this tutorial we're going to talk about the trapezius muscle and this is the down muscle. If you need to get this, the shoulder blade down, it needs to come from the Trapezius. This is the spine of the shoulder blade here and that's where the trapezius attaches. Here's your upper Trapezius, and then you have your middle and your lower trapezius. And what's really wonderful about this is that when you get target, the Trapezius, your ribs will stay up in many ways, especially if you have clients that are a little kyphotic because it kind of goes into the spine. It can start inviting some better extension. What I want you to notice is everybody has some strategies where they're pushing from the clavicle, they're pushing, the lat attaches to the humorous bone and comes down. And if I pulled too hard on it, it's going to pull the shoulder blade in abduction.

So it will really wing it out. And especially when we look at plank pose and um, chest rowing front, it's gonna be a, we'll kick out the serratus. So we're going to have Aaron come back and we're going to have her lie prone on this box. A lot of times I do a little bit of lower trapezius. So let's say I'm teaching either pulling the straps or um, what is called Swan on a priest, one on the box.

I might do like three little lower trapezius exercises and then go into the exercise. So I'm going to do a drawing on Aaron. So here's the spine of her shoulder blade and there is where the lower trapezius comes and she has this beautiful top. So you see this black thing, it's almost that if we were to lift both arms, it's going down into that v. Now her sheer arm is straight, but it's turned out and she's going to give a little better spinal extension. So I want her throw it in line with that.

And what I want you to try to see or feel, again, I'm going to tap that trapezius and see if she can lift her arm up. Great. And She just got better, Eh, there we go. Now Aaron do bad version. So do you see how she pulled down and if we were to see her from the front, she would be, you could see how it pulls down my clavicle. So we want to get the experience that that shoulder girdle stays wide.

It doesn't have to be a high arm. There we go. So we're going to look at errands, right shoulder blade and Aaron. A little more things happening. She just, her brain is so overtrained about pushing down and I'm just putting my head on top of the clavicle and I'm listening and I can feel it tighten up and there's no reason for that to tighten up. So if I, again I'm trying to wake up, tapping is great and can end it be very small ups that's, there you go. So what's happening with Aaron is she's trying to change your shoulder blade and her shoulder blades in a great place. We just want, it's as if this skin is going to let the arm lift wide clavicle and good. She's still having problems. So I'm going to get her a little wider.

Cause what I'm seeing is she's doing this and we want to really get her to learn. There we go. There we go. Lift up, stay safe. Vacation wide, clavicle, trapezius coming in. So this coordination is really important. There we go. We're going to keep working on that. Uh, so the more you can see that clavicle wide in your practice is going to help you. So if I lift my arm up and I let the clavicle and the shoulder blade go up, you can see I've already lost that. If I push down in my armpit, that's not the idea.

It's this skin sliding down as if it was a cake. There we go. So the next tutorial we're going to really then look at the lot, which is a very important shoulder muscle as well. But its real responsibility is extension of the arms and a lot of people are using it to stabilize the shoulder blades.


These are so helpful, Lesley. Thank you. Keep 'em coming!
Lindsay N
These tutorials are AMAZING. Thank you.
thank you for watching.
Becky C
Such a great series Lesley Powell.  Thank you so much.
These tutorials are amazing
Really really love this. Clears up a lot of questions concerning the shoulder girdle!

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