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Latissimus Dorsi

15 min - Tutorial


Learn how you can get more length in your latissimus dorsi with this quick tutorial by Lesley Powell. She shares what happens when you pull the lats down instead of moving them away from center. She also shares how keeping them in proper alignment will help you achieve better thoracic extension.
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Aug 11, 2019
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So this tutorial we're going to be talking about the Latissimus Dorsi. And throughout this whole series we've been talking about shoulder stabilization. And one of the problems I hear in a lot of clas...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 15: Embodied Anatomy


fabulous instruction
Thank you Leslie for sharing your amazing knowledge and understanding! So thankful to PA for hosting you! Learning so much from your tutorials. Can’t wait for the next one putting it all together
ALL of these tutorials are amazing.  Thank you so much, Lesley!!
Thank you so much for all the technical knowledge. You are amazing.
Fabulous!! I am hoping to never cue, " Slide your shoulder blades down your back" again.

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