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Your Ideal Client

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Welcome to Lesson 4! Today, Niedra guides you to think about the people you enjoy working with so you can find your ideal client. She includes personal examples to show how this has worked for her and also gives hypothetical examples that will give you inspiration for the next time someone asks you about your job. By getting clarity about who you want to teach, you will be able to start building your brand.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome back. You realize that you're like a diamond in the rough you've been and you've been chipping away and refining and cleaning yourself up so that we're starting to see the golden you. You now ...

Becoming: The Secrets to Thriving as a Teacher: with Niedra Gabriel


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Dear Niedra and Pilates Anytime , I welcome your mini series . I am about to move from a small studio to a bigger one and have some anxiety and failure angst .... although I have a very supportive family . .. your series really helps me to define what I want and how I have to improve my thinking and my self esteem. Is there a block where studio owners and pilates teachers talk about there day to day problems and solutions ?
I will work the ANTS :))
Thank you
Hello Naschi , thank you for sharing your challenges right now,  I support you in your move.   Please keep moving through this series as you will find many many aspects of what you will need to grow as a successful teacher.  Your suggestion for a community to share and discuss problems is a good idea - but please keep up with this course as you may figure out your own solutions to problems inside YOU.   You have what it takes to grow and succeed.
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I've really enjoyed your personal example you gave about explaining to a person you don't know what you do (I'm a problem-solver...). I find this piece of advice really inspiring. I have a new homework: create my own "elevator pitch" based on  what I provide and  who are my target clients. Thank you!
Lina  and Naschi , thank you for your posts.   please do share your elevator speach when you get it defined - you will inspire others and gain more clarity on your self.
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Here's my first draft of my elevator speech: I help open-minded and curious people live a more embodied life and reach their full potential by teaching them fun and functional ways to move their body.
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Niedra this amazing what I´ve learned from you. I am coming back again, I was a little bit sad about Pilates after 7 years of teaching, and here you are right in the best place, and at the best moment for me.
Thank you, Thank you... I am a happy person but now I am even more...
Laura and Lina , great work and well done. Laura, purpose is very key for the fire to be bright, so igniting it again is priceless, even if you change careers leaving work  with joy and inspiration for it, is totally different from leaving with only the negative.
Your future will unfold so much more powerfully when you are inspired.
I always find this exercise so hard... I've never really done well at it, but its worth repeating it over and over again until I become more comfortable with it.  I understand the words will change over time as I change and the focus of my work evolves.  It's not so much about the specific pitch as it is about being clear and confident in what I am offering.  

So here is my first draft:  I work with people who have accepted pain, discomfort and limitations as part of their life.  I enjoy helping them rediscover basic simple movements that creates a new sense of freedom and a different relationship with their body using a variety of modalities and approaches.   Its about feeling good and successful in your body and creating a positive connection with your Self. 

Cle ar as mud? 
Suzanne This is good! Keep tweeking it.
How about this? 
Many people live with pain and discomfort believing these limitations are permanent!
I work with clients like this to restore their confidence in moving freely by re educate their movement patterns. As a result of this work,  they trust their bodies and feel good about themselves.
Just another way - dump it if you don't like it.   Keep working on it.

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