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Welcome to Lesson 4! Today, Niedra guides you to think about the people you enjoy working with so you can find your ideal client. She includes personal examples to show how this has worked for her and also gives hypothetical examples that will give you inspiration for the next time someone asks you about your job. By getting clarity about who you want to teach, you will be able to start building your brand.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome back. You realize that you're like a diamond in the rough you've been and you've been chipping away and refining and cleaning yourself up so that we're starting to see the golden you. You now know your foundational truths. You know what you believe, you know what kind of teacher you want to be. You know that you are important and you need to take care of yourself and you have an idea of how you're going to do that and what happens when you start to align within yourself about yourself and who you are and where you want to go.

Something magical happens because you start become more authentic and more simple and like attracts like. So those people that have a similar harmonic to you are going to be very attracted to you and find you and want to be with you. Why this is important is because this is a clue to who you are meant to serve as a teacher. None of us are the right teacher for everybody, but the good news is that we're really different in each one of us has very different qualities. As a teacher, we're not supposed to be the same. We're supposed to be different and we eat.

We'll serve a very different sort of public. So you want to recognize all these qualities and what is important about this is that it actually leaves clues. The students and the people that you love to work with and love to work with, you make you happy. You know what I mean? There is those clients that you go, wow, is an I. I were gone by already. I, I enjoy working with this person so much.

There was this instant feedback loop you gave to them. They took it, they gave back to you, and both of you got better and moved up. This is very much the key ideal client that is ideal for you. On the other hand, you probably have those experience and people you've worked with. It's like pulling teeth. You're exhausted. You can't get through to them. They look at you like, who the heck are you?

Or what are you talking about? They're probably not your ideal client. So getting clarity for yourself and who you love is the beginning of defining your brand, defining who you are as a teacher. This is very, very valuable for you to kind of put your hand on the pulse of, let's explore this idea of an ideal client in depth. Now let me give you an example from my own life. Remember that story about me is a ballet dancer and my ballet teacher who saw something in me. Well, I took all of these qualities of what it was like as my ideal teacher self and I found that I resonate with students that first of all have desire, have problems and our technical nerds, they want to kind of unravel problems. In fact, I like to say to people, I'm like a mad professor, like a mad scientist. I like the dysfunction and the people that have an injury, they can't quite make it work or stomach massage, they can't feel the stomach. And what are they supposed to do about it?

I actually really like problems and challenging quirky little funny situations and I liked clients that want to work. They like to move their body, they're interested in it, they want to discuss and explore this. That's very, very much my ideal client and I like clients that will take this journey and apply it and use it even if I'm not around. They're not relying on me to be the constant reminder of this. They're excited about discovering those things. So do you see how there's this interesting parallel between my life, my experience and now who I like to work with it feeding and flowing right into itself. You may not even be aware of this, but there are a set of circumstances and people and clients that you probably enjoy and align with.

Maybe you really like to work with overweight people that are self conscious and not comfortable going to work outs in the gym because they have a sense of really wanting to be private about themselves. Maybe you love working with seniors and you have a lot of compassion and understanding for them and you want to really empower them to feel comfortable. At this stage of their lives. Maybe you're, you love to work with athletes, crossfit, people who want to like apply [inaudible] and not get injuries while they go into competitions. I mean, I don't know, but you do, you have people you enjoy and you resonate with. If you're a beginning teacher, there are fellow apprentices, people that you like teaching or that you're interested in watching their workouts. So I would like you to pause the video now and start to get the qualities and the people that you have enjoyed working with in your past. [inaudible] interesting.

Let's look at this even with greater detail and greater depth. What was the qualities, I think you're starting to go into this. What did you do with them? What kind of workout was it? Why did you love working with them?

What kind of workout did you provide? Was it fast? Was it slow? Was it just a fun group? Kind of a workout? I mean, I don't know, but you know, and by the way, would it be amazing if you got to work with people like this all the time? That's kind of the direction you want to be thinking in terms of, so please pause the video right now and explore all these qualities. See what you can add, how you can better define what happened in this session with these people.

What were you like with these people that you enjoy teaching? And by the way, it can even be just one person. You don't have to have a lot. You just need one to refine and distill who your ideal client is. [inaudible] by the way, this is a beginning of defining your brand, actually who you are, what is unique about you, what is special about your service? It is so close to home that is often gets lost. We don't even know how to define what's special about us because we're just being us doing our thing.

But when you find the words, it opens up a way of expressing and sharing who you are and what you do with others that will empower and expand your impact. So can you articulate the type of person you like to work with? If someone at a party says, well, who do you work with? What do you do? What's it like? Most of the time people say, well, I teach pilates and you hope that they know what PyLadies is and we work on a Cadillac and a reformer, but that actually does not tell anybody anything about you. So let me give you an example. I'll say, well, I work out with, I work people out, I teach exercise, I use something called PyLadies.

I'm really a problem solver. People come to me when they have, they want to do something with their bodies, but they're challenged in some manner. They haven't been able to crack the code of why they can't go do more, or they used to be capable, but as they grew older, they will losing this ability. So how, I like to be able to figure out how we can leapfrog the client from where they are now to where they want to be swiftly using a variety of modalities. Because the truth is I do use a variety of modalities. So do you see how if I say this to someone, it already opens the door to, oh my mother has all these problems and she's been going to physical therapy and it didn't solve anything. Maybe she could come and see you. Or let's say I'm now hypothetical. I like to work with, um, I'm overweight myself or I struggled with my weight for so many years.

I really understand how vulnerable a person can be about their body image. And I love to empower people and show them that they're beautiful and capable and they can move well. And I do this with [inaudible]. So that's what I do. And then the PR, and if you're in a party, I'm creating this imaginary scenario. Suddenly people are going, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. I know someone for you or I want to come and see you. This is exactly what I'm looking for.

So it is very important for you to be able to articulate the type of person you enjoy working with and describe what you do. So please pause the video right now and see about your first draft of a description of where you like to work with and what you do as a service so that this can be expanded and grown. [inaudible]. Do you know what's so cool about what you're doing right now? There is a part of your brain called Ras.

There is a section and it is the reticular activation system. It's a bunch of membranes and then a certain part I think of the brain cell between the subconscious and the conscious mind and it's kind of like a filtering system of what is important for your conscious mind to notice because to be honest, you are filtering out way more information that you know than you know moment to moment to moment because your mind is actually deciding important, not important, important, not important. It's what happens that if you're at a party where everybody's speaking a foreign language and one person speaks English, you go zoop your reticular activation system identified that sound as important and valuable. It's what gets activated. If you want a red car, if you do the secret and visualizations for desire, suddenly you see red cars everywhere. So it's kind of this radar up to something that this is important.

This is what you need to pay attention to and it focuses in. So now that you have a concept and an idea of what you do and your ideal client, guess what you will notice and recognize them when they cross your path. When you meet people, when you talk to people, it will be out there and identifiable and your mind is going to go, oh, look at that. In that park over there, that group of people, they want what you have to offer. It's amazing because your instinct, and again, that gut feeling we've been addressing comes into high gear as you came more clarity about what you want, what's gonna make you super happy, what's gonna make you thrive and be key for you becoming a thriving teacher. Now that you have your ideal client clarified and defined, close your eyes.

Imagine working with this client. What is it like? What's the feedback loop like? How do you feel when you know this is the person you're working with? Feel the joy of teaching someone you really liked that likes learning from you. Maybe it's even a group of people. Isn't it fun?

Maybe fill yourself up with the feelings, the sounds, the light, the colors, the emotions, the kinesthetic sensations in your body. When you're happy and you're inspired and you're open and flowing, your hormones are flooding. A lot of joy, a lot of creativity, a lot of spontaneity. Make it feel really good, better you make it inside. The quicker it happens on the outside. Take a deep breath in. Take this vision, put it in your heart. It's part of you. Now breathe out. Open your eyes. Well, well done.

You have a clear picture of your ideal client. Ah Man. We have some fun practice to be done before the next lesson. Work on the cloud. Qualities of your ideal client. Add to them. Think about their maybe if you're teaching, start to notice what is special about this person.

Why am I happy? What is coming out of them and coming out of me? Define it. The more clear you get, the better you are to attracting it. Also know what kind of service, what kind of work are you doing? What is happening? How will you within it, how are they?

But the definition of the type of quality of service you're delivering. And then of course, remember teams, we all do better together. Together. I have to run through it myself. Together. Everyone achieves more. Remember, I do have to practice in order to make progress. So post and share this with the community.

Read what other people are posting. Share your own. You are only empowering yourself by sharing and you're learning and gaining momentum. Yeah. We will meet again in the next lesson and in our next lesson we're going to address, yikes. My God, the subject is this. See you that.

The Teacher's Corner: The Secrets to Thriving as a Teacher


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Dear Niedra and Pilates Anytime , I welcome your mini series . I am about to move from a small studio to a bigger one and have some anxiety and failure angst .... although I have a very supportive family . .. your series really helps me to define what I want and how I have to improve my thinking and my self esteem. Is there a block where studio owners and pilates teachers talk about there day to day problems and solutions ?
I will work the ANTS :))
Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Hello Naschi , thank you for sharing your challenges right now,  I support you in your move.   Please keep moving through this series as you will find many many aspects of what you will need to grow as a successful teacher.  Your suggestion for a community to share and discuss problems is a good idea - but please keep up with this course as you may figure out your own solutions to problems inside YOU.   You have what it takes to grow and succeed.
Lina S
4 people like this.
I've really enjoyed your personal example you gave about explaining to a person you don't know what you do (I'm a problem-solver...). I find this piece of advice really inspiring. I have a new homework: create my own "elevator pitch" based on  what I provide and  who are my target clients. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Lina  and Naschi , thank you for your posts.   please do share your elevator speach when you get it defined - you will inspire others and gain more clarity on your self.
Lina S
8 people like this.
Here's my first draft of my elevator speech: I help open-minded and curious people live a more embodied life and reach their full potential by teaching them fun and functional ways to move their body.
Niedra this amazing what I´ve learned from you. I am coming back again, I was a little bit sad about Pilates after 7 years of teaching, and here you are right in the best place, and at the best moment for me.
Thank you, Thank you... I am a happy person but now I am even more...
Niedra Gabriel
Laura and Lina , great work and well done. Laura, purpose is very key for the fire to be bright, so igniting it again is priceless, even if you change careers leaving work  with joy and inspiration for it, is totally different from leaving with only the negative.
Your future will unfold so much more powerfully when you are inspired.
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I always find this exercise so hard... I've never really done well at it, but its worth repeating it over and over again until I become more comfortable with it.  I understand the words will change over time as I change and the focus of my work evolves.  It's not so much about the specific pitch as it is about being clear and confident in what I am offering.  

So here is my first draft:  I work with people who have accepted pain, discomfort and limitations as part of their life.  I enjoy helping them rediscover basic simple movements that creates a new sense of freedom and a different relationship with their body using a variety of modalities and approaches.   Its about feeling good and successful in your body and creating a positive connection with your Self. 

Clear as mud? 
Niedra Gabriel
Suzanne This is good! Keep tweeking it.
How about this? 
Many people live with pain and discomfort believing these limitations are permanent!
I work with clients like this to restore their confidence in moving freely by re educate their movement patterns. As a result of this work,  they trust their bodies and feel good about themselves.
Just another way - dump it if you don't like it.   Keep working on it.
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Niedra Gabriel  THANK YOU!!!  You heard what I was trying to convey and summed it up so eloquently.   My deepest gratitude for making something I dreaded and dragged my feet over into something simple and clear.  
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