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Finding a Posterior Tilt

5 min - Tutorial


The position of the posterior ribs and the pelvis are often confused in certain movements. In this tutorial, Karen Sanzo shares tools that will give you a good experience so that you can feel the difference. She uses simple exercises so that you can differentiate these two parts of the body and find your ideal position.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Oval Cushion

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Oct 06, 2019
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In this tutorial, we're going to differentiate the position of your posture, your ribs, and the position of your pelvis during a posture, your tilt. Oftentimes they're confused and some of the mat wor...

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Thanks for this tutorial, Karen!  Excellent way to help students who have a hard time finding that connection. I plan to use it tomorrow for my newbies class. 
Great tutorial! Thanks Karen!
Great Tutorial.  Thank you for the breakdown explanation. 
Clear, concise & fun ques. You’re the best

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