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58 min
Anatomy and Importance of Hip Glide
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60 min
Practical Assessment
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38 min
Practical Exercises
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Workshop 401: Hip Connections

2 hr 40 min
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Advanced Concepts: Stability, Support and Power

The hips provide the power in all activities from simply walking to high performance movement skills. Balanced hips are also important for support and stability to the body. Working the hips in relation to the spine will improve balance, athletic skills and eliminate potential back and knee issues.

On January 23, 2011 Madeline Black came to Pilates Anytime and offered this interesting and informative workshop to a group of local Pilates instructors. The focus was to understand the role of the hips in stability, support of the trunk and balance, all necessary for strong hips. In this workshop you will learn how to intensify simple Pilates movements through precise muscle engagement and the use of advanced exercises on the reformer. Enjoy Madeline's ability to offer insight to the latest research and make it useful for you to apply in your practice right away.

Chapter 1
• Introduction lecture on anatomy of the hip as a stabilizer, supporter and power mover.
• Visuals through PowerPoint of commonly seen imbalances of the hip.
• Discussion includes the explanation of Accessory space required in a healthy hip joint and hip glide.

Chapter 2 - Assessment
This is part one of the practical portion of the workshop. Madeline teaches you three assessment tests to use to help evaluate the specific information you need to assign exercises to your clients more efficiently. You'll see Madeline guiding the students as they develop their eye practicing these assessment tests. Be there as she explains what she is seeing on several students around the room.

Chapter 3 - Exercises
In part two of the practical portion of class Madeline takes one of the teachers in attendance (Mandy Wright) through the whole process. Madeline does an assessment on Mandy, teaches her several exercises and achieves a final result that demonstrates a noticeable increase in Mandy's hip glide. Several valuable exercises are offered on the Reformer for you to use the very next time you are in the studio.

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Jun 15, 2011
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Great presenter, easy to follow, not too technical, well put together and an excellent topic. More please!
6 years ago

Ted Johnson (Moderator)
We've had some people ask is about how the CECs work. There is no extra charge for the CECs. After you purchase the workshop, instructions will appear on the screen. Basically, after you watch the video, you take a quiz. When you pass the quiz, you will be able to print out your CEC certificate from the PMA and you'll have your credits.
6 years ago

Kristi Cooper (Moderator)
So glad to hear you liked it Luciana! We think Madeline is brilliant.

6 years ago

What a fantastic presentation! This really expanded my understanding of that often ignored and murky area around the hip sockets! Showing the work on different bodies was so helpful too. I would love to see more from Madeline, she's brilliant.
6 years ago

Thank you for a great workshop. It was just what I needed as the mystery of the hips can always create so many unanswered questions!! Would love more of this sort of thing. Maybe shoulder girdle next time. Love this website.
6 years ago

So glad to see a workshop being offered for PMA CEC's! How long will it be available as a download? I was planning on downloading it later this summer. Will it still be available in August/September?
6 years ago

Ted Johnson (Moderator)
Hi Phyllis, the workshop will still be available for at least the rest of 2011.
6 years ago

this workshop is great explanation very clear and easy to follow, can way to wath it a couple of before passing the test.i like this format i can try it with client and listen again to make sure i doing it well thank you Madeline.Just one thing sometime the student place themselve in front on the camera and can see especially the feet, other than that i cannot complain.can wait for more
6 years ago

2 people like this. Like 
Hip Connections was a valuable learning experience. The segments were so well-organized and clearly presented that the knowledge has already changed the way I analyze and teach clients. Thank you for this CEC workshop. Please continue to offer more of this caliber to members.
5 years ago

2 people like this. Like 
I have a question, and I'm wondering if there is a simple answer, or at least a short one. The student who was used as an example had an anterior pelvis and therefore Madeline did a lot of work to open up her anterior hip and lateral quads... This was excellent information for me because I'm also oriented this way, but I have a lot of clients who are "tuckers" and I'm wondering what sort of protocol would you use with someone who already has a posterior pelvic placement "functionally"... It seems the "tuckers" of the world suffer from more sciatic issues and I would love some new tricks for relieving those???
Thank you,
5 years ago

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