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2011 Red Carpet Interviews

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At the 2011 Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Palm Desert Pilates Anytime and Pilates Style Magazine jointly hosted the "Pilates With The Stars Party".

Tracey Mallett interviewed many of the Pilates Stars on the Red Carpet.

We hope you will enjoy these fun interviews with Rael Isacowitz, Kathy Corey, Brent Anderson, Lolita San Miguel, Kevin Bowen, Amy Havens, Leah Stewart, Meredith Rogers, Bambi Abernathy (Editor of Pilates Style Magazine), Rebekah Rotstein, Emilee Garfield, Brett Howard, Michelle Larson, Pat Guyton, Zayna Gold and Risa Sheppard.

You can check out photos of the party on Facebook.
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Jan 02, 2012
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Hi, we live tonight with Polaris with the stars. I'm Tracey mallet, um, eh, polarities, anytime instructor. And I have the honor tonight to party with the biggest stars in [inaudible] cause we here to celebrate the wonderful unity of what Polaris has given to us. Sponsored by is anytime holidays style magazine. And we here at the Paez method Alliance, we're here to celebrate the next hilarious anytime instructor. She was voted 30,000 votes, half that.

And it's the wonderful Zayna gold. She won a photo shoot with a lot of star magazine. She wanted to shoot with Polaris. Anytime that you will be able to see very shortly tonight, we are going to have fun. We're going to let go and we come together as a unity to celebrate what we all feel inside the passion to share what is is all about.

Unity of mind, body and spirit.


Tracey is such a superstar! We are so lucky to have her in our Pilates community. Tracey, thanks for adding so much GLAM to all of our lives!
Wonderful interviews Tracey!!! Such a fabulous night!!!
Tracey I"m nervous you'll give up your Pilates career for Access Hollywood! You were awesome!!
Thank you guys!! Would love to do Access Hollywood!!
Ted Johnson
Awesome work, Tracey. No reason you can't have a hosting career and a Pilates career at the same time.
Would take me the world to stop doing Pilates Ted
Rael still makes me cry. He is so awesome. I can't believe we have this archival material. What a blessing.

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