Eve Gentry Timeline

Eve Gentry ~ Photo ©1989 by Joanne Rijmes


Born Henrietta Greenhood on August 20, 1909 in San Bernardino, California.


Began to study ballet, folk, and ballroom dance.


Moved to San Francisco to begin studying modern dance.


Moved to New York where she began a dance career with the Hanya Holm Company.


Choreographed her most famous piece Tenant of the Street.


Married her childhood friend, Bruce Gentry, and chose the professional name "Eve Gentry."


Danced and choreographed for her own company, Eve Gentry Dancers and taught at the High School for Performing Arts and The New Dance Group. After persistent back and knee issues, she began to study with Joseph Pilates.


Had a radical mastectomy - so much muscle was removed, she couldn't lift her arms. At the suggestion of some doctors, she and Joe filmed him teaching her advanced Pilates exercises to show to the hospital for an alliance. The hospital accused them of lying. They filmed again with her shirtless so the hospital could see they were telling the truth.


Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she opened her own dance studio and Pilates center.


Co-founded The Institute for Pilates Method.


Died on June 17, 1994 at the age of 84.


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May her soul rest in peace ❤️
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Eve was the Pilates Elder who most deeply lived beside  Joe Pilates. She spent 30 years working with  him (1938/1968) and shared maybe the hardest moments of her life  (the mastectomy)  being treated by his hands and movements. 

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