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Wunda Chair Blocks

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Michael and Ton teach a Wunda Chair workout in separate blocks that you can combine as one workout or do individually. Each block is very challenging, and the last one is from archival footage of Joseph Pilates. Enjoy exercises like Swan Dive, Grasshopper, Push Ups, and more.
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Aug 20, 2013
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm down and welcome to our wounded share workout. Um, it's going to be taught in separate blocks so you can do the workout as one big workout or the individual blocks. Um, depending on what you feel like today. And the last block ends with, I'm one of Joe's combinations that he created. So have fun and let's get started. So we're here with Chris, Steve, and we're going to start on the chair with one spring of the top, one spring on the bottom that's on the grass equipment. Um, you might have to adjust it for your other pieces and other brands. I'm going to start with the footwork.

So we're going to sit on a chair and we are going to start and pull out stands. So this feet are the balls of the feet on the pedal, slightly turned out, heels together, toes apart. The more you sit in the front, that edge of the chair, the harder it's going to be. Choose wisely. And then you're going to have your hands down for more support. You can hold onto the chair or you can have the arms are right in front of you to make it a little more challenging. How much challenge do you want today? So we'll find out. So we're going to sit up nice and tall.

We're going to start with the pedal up and we're going to just press it down and up and we are going to go. Nice. Brisk tempo and up and excellent is up and three and four and five and six. And you're trying not to move your body whatsoever. And then we get to 10 we're going to change to the arches. The legs are nice and tight together to make sure the knees do not separate.

And here we go. Down, down, down, up. [inaudible], Eagle. Don't get the wave as we go. Say Nice and tall. Push my hand up. There we go. And when we get to 10 you're going to change the position to the heels. So keep it all nice and tight. Make sure the exit stays up. So it goes down, lift and lift and all the way up. Three and four day ago, fat and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Beautiful. You're gonna step off and you're going to turn yourself around please.

One Foot on the pedal, holding onto the box and just press it down and step right on top and place your hands in the front there. We are going to have the head down and we're going to round our back as much as we can and we want to lower the heels down and press the hips slightly forward. So we're going to be on a diagonal line in the stretch. Then scoop into stomach to curl back up. But keeping the pedal down just to tendon stretch, lift, lift, lift, lower, lower, lower and cool up, up, up.

So you want to make sure that the hips go slightly forward during the stretch so that we do not end up back here, right? So you want to keep that pool up so you can really pull right up into that stomach. Keeping the shoulders nice and wide. And I don't know how many we did, but let's call this 10 Shelby. So we're just going to move our feet forward. So we're on our heels. And then the change our hands to the sides off the box. Now from here, the closure, the hands are the harder it's going to be, but we want to be at least on the halfway mark, right?

So the head is going to be down. You're going to flex your feet and now you're going to curl yourself in imagining the toes going up to the edge of your chair. Now keep scooping up as this comes down. So this all in the pool of there's always opposition. So as this comes up, this goes down. In order to get the hips down, you're going to have to pull the ribs up. It feels fantastic and curl rich.

Now scoop the ribs up to press the heels down. We're going to go up and we're going to stay there and we're not going to move the pedal at all for five counts. Don't wobble there. One, two, three, four, five, beautiful. And an back down. Stepping off with one foot. Watch out for that pillow coming up. And then let's turn towards the camera. And stay over here.

Place the inside leg on top of the pedal, be a little bit on the back edge and press the pedal down. I'll help you place the hands in the front and cross this leg over and you can just have it. Yeah, crossed around. Now the head is going to be down, the shoulders are going to be back here. So now you can see that the hips and the shoulders are not lined up at all. So what we're going to do is we're going to lift this hip up, scooping right into it.

So in the top we tried to get this as much in as line as possible and then curling away from that alignment. So you curl up, keep lifting this hop hip right up. There you go. And scooping it back down. One more time. Curling up, keep pulling, keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling and bring it back down. Then turn back to the front of the machine this way, sorry. And then stepping off and then we'll go to the other side. Depending on how wide your paddle is, you might be able to turn around without stepping off. But on these, this gets really narrow and so let's get to literally like, so we just do it this way. So down the corner, cross it over. Now Watch out.

Or this foot is cross in front and that they don't really don't cheat with it. So don't hook it up and pull that pedal up with your foot. Right, right, right. So we're off balance here. We're going to scoop this hip up and we are going to go wrapping the shoulder back him right into it, and then reach back. Ed Pool and release. Let's do two more curl. There you go.

Now depending on your proportion and the proportions of the chair, you might not be able to get fully in alignment. But we're going to try anyway. So curl back down, come back to face your chair, and then stepping off gracefully. Let's move to the back of the chair or the front of the chair and all depends on how you look at it. And we're going to change the spring to one in the middle, right? Again, that's on the ground. So you'll have to adjust it for the other brands. It's the same spring setting that you use for your pushdown if that helps.

So you're gonna lie down on your stomach and once the pedal is down, the shoulders should be right above the wrist. So that's the alignment that we're looking for. We want to make sure that the body is nice and long, that the ribs are pulled in, and now she's going to just bend the arms, keeping the shoulders nice and wide and press it back down and nothing else in the body moves nice and slow. Pull it in. Reach and press. Let's do one more time. Now leave it there.

And with the arm straight to come up into extension. So there's lift up. Open the collarbone. Now pull up in the stomach as you come back down. Lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen. So we tried to maintain the length as they come up into the extension and then we pull in and we create more length as they come back down.

Now try to keep this extent, this length in this space and your next extension we've lifted. There we go and pull back down. Now for the next one, the swan dive, you might have to move forward a little bit. There we are. So she's going to start the same way. Going up into the extension. Now initiate with the lifting of the yields. Once the pedal is down, bend the arms and continue to go up as high as you dare to go. Then straighten the arms and then come back up. So here we go.

Lift. And now it's called the swan dive. So let's go for it. Lift it up, and then reach one more time. Lifting up. That was the swan crash. So now we're going into the corrals hopper. So we're going to start like a swan dive. So go down now.

Stay here, keep the knees together, bend the knees, kick them up higher and a little bit with the legs until the arms are straight. And then come up in the extension. Here we go. Dive down. Ben, kick it up and beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat. BPB Two more times and lift the heels and lift the legs up high. You don't kick back, kick up. And then one more time you sliding, then go up and lift up. Big, big, big, big, big, big BBB. This is the hardest part of the exercise is to get off gracefully at this point.

Beautiful. That did look good. Ready for Combo too. Now it's me. No. So next Combo two is going to start with the push down. So we're going to have to come around to the front side of the chair and what we're gonna have to do is set it up. Each chair is going to be different, so just by pushing the pedal down, you want to make sure that when the pedal is down, the hips are over, the knees, knees are over, the ankles, shoulders are over, the rest. She's looking good and breathing hard.

We're going to roll it and bring it back up. Now that we've got her set up, we'll start the combination seed. Just start with the arms up. She takes deep breath in and without leaning back, she rolls down, finds the puddle, and she pushes down. Now as the teacher, you're teaching it. I can place my hand on her sacrum and now she's gonna roll up and try and find my fingers, which keeps her in line and then press it back down. So only roll up halfway, find my fingers and press it down.

It's just a great spot in queue to really sort of help the client find it. Then she's going to do it one last time and roll all the way up and she's going to do it again. And we're all laying down this time. She's only gonna do it twice. Come up halfway. Find my fingers. Good. Now she's going to stay down there. She's going to pump. The elbows can be out or in, depending upon what's the best alignment for the shoulders.

And she just pumps. Good last time. Stay down and slowly roll. Yes, south phone and take a deep breath. We're going to get the little patch. She's going to come over to the side for the pushup. So she's gonna lower down the official way. Yeah, I figured you all you're going to do is up on relevance from there.

Slowly lower down to your knees. I dream of Jeannie. Here's your mom, and then she's going to press the pedal down. I'm there. She's going to have to move out a bit just to make sure and you'll get used to it. Knowing your own chair from here, everything stays in line. She's going to come a little bit closer to the chair and all she's going to do.

Alba's going to go back and just like the potties, push shots and she's just gonna push it. Yeah, down three times and then leave the pedal down. Then she's in an extend the opposite leg out. Just one leg. Okay. And pump three times. Leave the pedal down. Bring this leg back in. Stretch this leg out from here. She's going to pump three times. Good.

Yeah, we're looking for the alignment from there. She's going to bring the other leg out into plank and from here she's going to do three pushups one and two. She's doing this very well. From there. She keeps the pedal down, walks in with her feet, curling up, curling the head in, curling under until she's standing and then slowly rolls up, bringing her arms up. Then we go around to the front again for pushup two with leg variations. So yay. Bring the arms up, slowly roll down, step back a little bit more of where we found the place in the first.

Slowly roll it down from here just two times, bringing your heels. Make sure your heels together and lift up on your heels and lower the heels down and the pedal does not move. So you lift and lower down. One last time, lift it up and lower it down. And now slowly roll up with the pedal and bring your arms up. And again, roll down, trying to keep this all in. I'm from here. Lift the heels up and lower it down and lift the heels. Now keep the heels lifted. Keep the arms straight and the pedal down and you're going to ban the knees.

Curling the coccsyx under, keeping everything down. He'll stay lifted. From there. She's going to curl back up, keeping the pedal down. Then slowly lower the heels down and then she slowly gonna roll up, bringing both arms off at the same time. Very good. Then push up the other side. Right? So we're going to bring the pad out.

I'll let you get by with that one. Okay. That's okay. Is it [inaudible] just to be here. I'll even do it with you. So we got, and we just slowly lower it down and bring your hands down from their legs slightly apart. So it makes it a little bit from there. Just pumping with the one arm. Make sure the knees are right underneath. Yeah, and she has three. She finishes there. Then she takes this leg out.

Good. Then this is the fun one and takes it out. One, two, three leads the pedal down, brings both legs out the plank and have three pumps. One, two, three. Keep the pedal down from here. Walk the feet in curly and the coccsyx tender, bringing the head in and from here she slowly rolls this stuff up. Then she's going to come over to the side of the chair for one arm. Press down. You're going to lie down so your hips are supported. So for each chair it's going to be very different. What your, she's gonna just slide back a little bit so the hips are just on, so it's supporting the lower back. In a perfect world, the legs are parallel or slightly above, but no extension in the back hand is right on the pedal.

The other arm is out long. If I wanted to help her and be nice and spot, I can keep my hand here holding her the first few times and in a perfect world from the view of the camera, nothing moves and she pumps the peddle down. One, two, third time she stays there, feels the extension, feels the opposition to her body and then releases the pedal up and again, push down. One push to three hole, the third one down. So you really stretch. Release it up last time. I'm not going to help you. Hold your hand. Two, three, hold it there. Stretch and slowly bring the pedal up and bring both hands onto the hop through the chair. Bring the feet down and come up.

Kneeling on top of the chair for the kneeling cat stretch. You want to leave. You want to come a little bit more for it, but you want to leave a little space and fun for your knees. She'll start by sitting back on her heels. Bring your arms down, curl down. Now in this exercise you start by bringing the chest to the thighs and that's what pushes the pedal down, not the arms. Then she keeps going down and lift the hips up and lifts the sternum in the head.

And from there she sits back on her tailbone, curling under and round. Now the action of placing the chest on the thighs is what sends the pedal down. She lives up, lifts the chest, list the sternum so the hips are right above the knees. Good. And from there, roll back and yourself up. Go ahead and press down on this side. We're almost there. Boys are creative.

Lie Down so your hips are there. Keep this here and keep it here and I'll spot the first ones. One and two. Three. Leave it down. Elongate your body. Makes your head is nice and long. Everything's long. And bring it up and one and two and three.

Hold it there long. I'm gonna let go. You bring the pedal up. Keep that great alignment. One, two, three. Hold it there. I'll bring the panel up slowly. Bring both hands on. Slowly. Roll yourself up. And you're done with Combo too. Thank you.

Getting ready for number three. So just turn yourself, um, you can stay on this. I just turned yourself around facing the window, the ocean, and just sit down on your chair and we're going to start with a simple mermaid. So the leg is bent. Yeah, just hope. Who kills me all the way against the chair and then extend that outside like out. So the one that's away from the chair there, go in the pedal. Now, if you cannot reach the floor comfortably, you can place a small barrel or a one of the boxes where you while you, and it's on it. So you're stable.

Making sure to everything being to foot a little bit more forward. So your pelvis is more square. There you go. Bring the arms up and then place one hand right on top of the pedal. Make sure nothing changes, and then just peress it out and reach, oh, that's bill's gun. And then come back up. Now I want this arm to press down, but not this arm. So as you go out, this one goes out, so the arms go in two different directions.

This one goes down, that one reaches and then come back in. We're going to go down and we're going to stay there for a second. Now you're going to contract and twist towards the paddle with your body as the pedal comes up, and then press it out and then reach back to come back to the side. So you're going to occur back in and you pour asset out. One more time, curl back in, Perez it out, and then come back up right on top of your chair.

Now move yourself to this direction. Onto the angle. Bring your legs up into a teaser position. Make sure you have a little space on that side. So come a little bit towards Diego. The leg that's closest to the paddle goes on top.

So cross it and I'll be here. I do teaser together. We'll make this bring arms up. There you go. I hope you have a teacher at home to bring the hand onto the pedal on the corner. There you go. Look straightforward. So you're gonna Start Rolling back like a normal teaser.

Once you have that contraction, you start lifting this hip up and you're going to twist all the way to decide. Um, just be on the side. So yeah, and just lift this up. There you go. So you want this side lifted then to initiate the coming home, pull in the stomach, drop this hip with the bottom leg. Pool yourself up. So the bottom leg actually helps you in this case, right?

So initiate, just curling back. Then lift the hip to go into that to west. Keep the downside lifted. Beautiful. Then curl and lift the bottom leg. Lift the bottom leg. Lift the bottom leg. There you go. We're going to go a little more. So curl back.

Go into your twist. Once you hit now continue to twist by curling this up yet, or as you twist, make sure that this side stays lifted so we're not hanging there. There you go. Then come back to the side, curl back in, lift, take the hand off. Beautiful Teaser, and then relax. Come to face the front or the back again, whoever move a little bit further back. This time your legs are straight out. Yep. And the arms are up and flex your hands. There you go.

Place the same hand on the paddle that we had before. Is that this one? Yes. So what are you going to do? Is you're going to keep pushing through this heel, keep the body absolutely straight and go straight back with a twist and press that heel away so you get a lovely stretch and come back up and push up to come home. So there's no curling whatsoever. Right? So it goes long out. Keep the twists going and push the heel. There you go. Keep pushing this through the heel of that hand and I'll push through the heel of the hand to come back up. [inaudible] one more time and press long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long run. And press [inaudible] then take the hand off.

There you go. Scooch a little forward for the teaser because one can never do enough teasers. We still have the other side. Don't worry, I've didn't forget to the teaser. Nothing is serious. So reach out to tar, bring the arms down, plays it on the teller. Fingers phase you for me? Yeah. So the pedal goes down because you're curling down. So don't push with the arms roll right into the stomach.

No, I'm letting go and I'll curl in to come up. So if you have a little helper, it feels really good as you roll down for the teacher to pull the legs out a little bit and it really feels fantastic in the hips and rolled up. See how nice we are earned curl. Now, if you don't have a little helper, then you're just doing the teaser and one more time, curl back. And there's nothing wrong with that either. And then viola, so now we're going to do the sitting twist the other side. So we're going to start this way.

Scooch a little back with the leg straight out, hands flexed and replaced the other hand on top of the panel. And now go straight back and push right through and heel of the hand and come up the long way and reach long. Take a big breath. Ah Eh. [inaudible] and stretch. One more time. Press out, push it heel away. Come back up the long way and let's do the teaser twist almost there.

Almost around the chair. Yep, that one. The one closest to the pedal. Then place the hand on the paddle first. Curl back. Fine. Just scoop. Once the scoop is there, you're going to lift that hip up. I'm going to hold it here and make sure the bar, the downside of the waist is nice and full up. Then drop into it.

Lift the bottom leg and scoop back up. Whew. You lie and curl to reach. Yup. People never want to do that initial curl and curl up in here. Then curl back, lift the bottom leg and reach, curl under, dare it is and Andrey no, keep this lift scoop up in this side and pull this rip up and around to the other side. Come back to the side, curl it under and lift. Find your teaser. I found it.

And now let's do the mermaid on the other side because we are all the way around. There we go. So bring the arm up. Sorry. Yup, that's fine. And then stretch, uh, and come back. Now reach long with that arm and then come back and I'll go out and let's stay there. We're going to contract and look at the pedal and push the pedal down in. Reach with that arm and pull up and para and curl and stretch it out.

He does rapes in, there you go. And I'll go all the way up and relax. And we're done with this site. All right. Calm before you're going to have to get a mat and you're going to place the mat in front of your chair and line it up with the edge. Perfect.

And we're going to start with the low frog. So you're going to have to lie down. Sorry. It's a straight lie down. You're going to place your feet in diamond shapes, so the soles of the feet together on top of the pedal. Now you're just going to have to do a test to make sure that you're in the right height by bringing the pedal down. When the pedal is down, you want to make sure the spine is long and that you are not talking in the pelvis. Then release the pedal up. Now you're going to bring it down.

Think of bringing the heel to the sitz bones in the sitz bones to the heels. As you pull down heels, they all comes in. That's what you want to think of as you're pulling it in. Just think that way. Three more. One and two and three every lease set up.

Now from here you're going to change to your heels. With your feet flex, your heels will be right on top. Now you're going to bring again the pedal down just three times this time and really think of bringing the heels down towards the sitz bone. Good and really fit up. Now bring the pedal down halfway and hold two, three, four, five. Release the pedal out and pull it down halfway. Hold. Now, in a perfect world, which Christie lives in, the spine is long and the pedal doesn't move. I take that back.

It's right there. Hold it, and then now release it up. Now that she found where the whole days she's going to bring the pedal down, God [inaudible] all the way just to get the release and bring it back up. Now bring your hands behind your head. Fix your hair. Good from there, bring the pedal half down. Hold it there. Slowly lengthen from the top of your head and curl up without moving that pedal.

In a perfect world, the pedal does not move it. Here it comes up a little higher old. Then she releases the head long. You want to think of lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. That was nice. Then she releases the pedal out and let's do that again. Ashley presses down halfway. Take two. Lengthen out long.

Slowly start to curl up. Keeping that neck long. [inaudible] a little higher pedal does move. The goal is your mission. Should you decide to accept, don't move the pedal and you just hold this and then slowly slowly roll it down. Now you can release the pedal that release the legs to both sides of the chair so they're just on the side. Release your arms long and roll up. Scoot a little forward. Your feet can be pointed or flex, whatever you were taught, however you like to do it.

What we're going to do is one of Joe's ways of doing the spine stretch forward with their hands on top. Pedal down. Now to start with a long spine, depending upon the make of your chair, you might have to start with a pedal engaged and push down in bed like Christie's doing here, which is perfect. From here, what sends the pedal down is not the arms. What sends the pedal down is the fact that your spine is lengthening and curling down and pricing and you want to try not to lean back and bring it back up. So as you lengthen the spine, the lengthening and curling of the spine is what brings the pedal down. One more time like an emperor. I sit down, good, and then slowly roll yourself up. Then swing around. Steer legs are that way. Facing the back.

I'm going to bring the pedal down at home. What you want to do is just grab onto the back of the pedal, bring it down. Now you want to start with the pedal down and what you want to, you can come back just to hit. So you want to try and get that long spine. Now bring the fingers away from you first. From here, she's just going to lengthen. This is all the action.

Nothing is moving. Lengthen, growing. She wants to pretend she's six feet tall, good length, and now she keeps this lengthen and release the pedal up. Just a debt and then I'll press it down and lengthen more, more, more from your sits bones all the way up long, long, long. Then release the pedal, but riddle out, releasing the spine and then press. Hold it there. Oh Hall and release it up just a little bit.

Now press it down and we're going to change the hands so the fingers are now facing towards you. From there we're going to repeat it. Oppress Long, hold it. Their release and press down. Lengthen long, long, long and release up without releasing the spine and per ass down. Oh, that there. Whole long.

And release it up. Map Press. Um, last time. Whole Linkedin, linkedin, and really set up. Now you're going to have to, I'm going to hold on to it. If you're at home, be careful to let it out. Come a little bit more forward. Not Too much. A little less in between. So when the pedal is down, what we're gonna do is lift up legs along from here. Curl your coxix up. You're in the reverse plank.

One long line now right leg kicks up and down. Left leg, up and down, right leg, up and down. Left leg, up and down. Now Rhonda Jam little circles. We go up and circle it up. Circle in close, other side, up, circle and close. And in a perfect world, the hips down. Drop and circle. Dan, take a deep breath and slowly lower your bottom down. First, release the pedal as you roll forward to stretch and relax.

Then lying down on your back for the lap Paul on my back. So that way, nope, this way. So you'll be lying down. Can't read my mind yet from here. Just pull him off the hook for that and uh, and bring it up and keep the legs bent and just press down. Good. And just press it down. All we're doing is working the lats. You want to really think of pulling the elbows lips without moving the chair.

So bringing the elbows down, you feel the difference. So bring the elbows. Don't think so much with the hands. Yeah, last time. Good. Hold it there. Stretch your legs out long. Now in a perfect world again, the peddle doesn't move. Legs are long.

You roll over and touch the edge of the chair of the pedal, the pedal [inaudible] sorry. And then slowly roll down. Okay. If this is too uncomfortable cause it's too narrow, you can take the outside. So we can do it at once. This way too. Now you're going to roll over and now you're going to find the edge of the chair. Once you find it, you can curl your toes under, push through your heels to get more of a stretch, but make sure you don't ever bring your hips above your shoulders and stretch.

Push more through your heels more and more, or and then release and slowly roll yourself down. Release the pedal. I got it. And roll over onto your stomach. Now add home. Would you want to do is grab onto the chair, the pillow with one arm, bring it down, then bring the other.

I'm down and you're going to start with your head for the Flying Eagle down. Now I'm just going to be slightly bent, probably starting it a little bit different than what you're used to. So come a little bit more in. Oops, the pedal is down, arms are open from there. Keep it here. Keep the pedal down and stretch up into the extension. Bringing your head up last so odd.

So she's in the beautiful extension and supported. Now from here, she's going to release the pedal up and curl back down to the mat. So the head will come down and then she's going to press the pedal down and cod and just keeping the arm straight. So that was only the first time and bring it up Lyft and then really sit down. So starting with bent arms is only the setup to safely get into it. Just one of many possibilities and last time for a set up and bring it down and I've got the pedal to help you get off. Really they said sit back in child's pose and you are finished with Combo through four. And while Michael is taking the mat away, we're going to change our spring setting again to one of the top one in the bottom right. Or um, if you have a different kind of chair, it's the same spring setting that we started today with, right? So you're gonna to stay over there.

This is a, a combination that actually is one of the on the archival tapes from Joseph Valadez. Right? So, um, we just kept it exactly how it is. Um, since things have changed and springs and machines have changed slightly for the first exercise and the last exercise, this springs a little bit heavy. So just be aware of that. But don't take the springs out because you're going to need them for the rest of the exercises. So the whole point is that you don't have to change the spring settings through the whole thing. So you're going to stand right in front of the chair a little bit away and please one foot right on top of the paddle day ago. So you can have your hands behind your head and you're going to pull up in the stomach and you're going to press the pedals straight down. And this is heavy, right? So, and I'm reg it back up.

So instead of bringing the parasites down, think of closing the legs. So think of pulling the front leg close to the back of your, feel it in a different place, right? So don't push down, push back. Let's do it one more time and we're going to leave it there. And now you're going to have to careful because you're gonna step right on top. If you, again, don't go away. Ah, look how professional.

And then from here we're going to go right into the going up front and take the foot off the pedals or it was full range of motion, trying to keep this open as you find the pedal again and go all the way down. So do less with the leg and do more with the stomach. So this pools you up. Now keep this lift as you find it. There you go. And try not to sink in there. One more time. Going straight up and then go back down.

And then we're going to stay down. We're going to change this foot to the corner and we're going to go quarter turn for the going up side. Um, Joe had hands behind his head in this one. If you don't feel comfortable, you're gonna have the arms open to the side. I really don't care. Find a place that feels comfortable for you and that you don't fall because that always helps. Curl this under and I lifted up. That's okay. Here we go. Think of pushing this forward all the way up.

Find the pedal again. Keep that lift as you go down. Can you put that foot flat down there on the pedal? That's okay. You can fix it in the bottom. No need and curl back up.

Lift up all the way and try to keep this parallel. So one leg is parallel and the one is turned out. That's what makes it slightly awkward. And I'll come all the way up. You're gonna stay up there and stand right on top of the chair. Make a turn towards the paddle.

Come to the front edge of the pedal of the box and please one. Um, let's do the arch on top of the pedal. Doesn't matter. It's only a transition. So you're going to reach for the pedal as you bend this leg and you're gonna push the pedal down. Yep. So you're going to, yeah, with your foot. And then I'll just lift the heel and sits down and then take this foot off and place it there too. So we're there for the tendon stretch. You can either have it on the arches or in the toes, whatever it feels more comfortable for you or you get the hands to decides as well. Curling up all the way.

Try Not to touch the chair with the legs and then come back down. So it's basically like the pool up kind of feeling. Something has to come down in order for you to come up and the way down, we're going to lift the ribs up to press the hips down. That was three. So just keep the pedal down and cheering yourself around for the pool up. Yes, on the balls of the feet this time.

So you're going to do a different versions. Hand is on, are in the front, curling, Eh, and squeeze the legs together to come up. We're going to do three of these. Remember to lift up in order to go down. Are we okay and reach? There you go. Last time. Then we're going to go into the pull up with one arm.

So we're going to adjust this one. I saw that, well there was one arm a little more to the center. Do not bring it all the way to the center. There you go. And the other arm goes straight out to the site. And the trick of this arm is to keep reaching, right? So reach for my hand as you curl up, keep this going.

Keep where you can get what you get, what you calls those lags and then come back down and reach for me. The more you reach, the easier it's going to be. And breast down and reach. At least that's what they told me and come back down and I believed it and changed hands. It's only three times, just three before your number two. It's already almost over. So curl up.

There you go. Keep that reach 40 ocean and then come back down and up we go. There you go. Put a little bit energy into it. Gumming up. There you are. And each, the harder it is, the more oomph you have to get. Let's go to the going upside the other way.

So the other light goes on top and face me, you need to decide first. [inaudible] so I have the arms open to decide if for balance, cruel, this hip underneath add for load up magically and keep that length in that stomach to come back down. There you go. You got it lived up in lengthen and then are you cheating with touching that chair on that thing? Okay. She touched it. Button it, not use it. No. Then I wonder why did you touch it and then come back down. Let's face the front for the goal and up front with the other leg. So we have now changed likes, hands behind match and going up. It can't take credit on this one.

That's all Joe Lang and up. And so you don't need a lot of time on your chair because a good combination it will get you there quickly. Now this is going to be the dangerous part is because the springs are very strong. So watch out when this foot goes back to the front at the spring does not jump up on you. Yeah, it goes to the floor. [inaudible] and then we do the lower end lifting with this leg. So press down, push, not down, but back.

Think of closing that leg towards it. There you go. You got him and rich and pull the leg underneath you and, and pull it on underneath. You bring the leg, step off gracefully, arms down, and you're ready for today. There you go.


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That was fantastic!! Kristi awesome job as well!
I love all of the blocks....saw a couple of variations that I haven't seen and love! Cat on top was nice with setup and loved the setup on flying many struggle with the first press into extension! Thanks so much to Ton and loved by many!
This workout was so flippin' hard for me! How wonderful it was to work so hard and have so much fun at the same time. Thank you Michael and Ton!
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Mary: Thank you.
Angel: glad you like the variations.
Kristi: Thank you for your hard work. You look beautiful!
Loved this class! I really liked the teaser. I used my handles at the end. Need to work up to that. thank you!
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Great class, really appreciated the attention to details with a nice flowing pace.
I KNEW I should have done this 1st thing in the morning instead of after working with clients all day long..I know I don't have a death wish, yikes!! Super fun and creative ;)
Can't wait to teach this with the smooth transitions from one side of the body to the other. I loved Combo 5 with Going Up Front to Side to Tendon Stretch. Great!!!
I 'Liked' this after watching and LOVED it after doing it. This is WAY harder than it looks - way to go Kristi and ESPECIALLY on that one-arm pull up. I admittedly had to abandon that one :(
Great class. Love it. Thank you.
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