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Beginner Series 2

40 min - Class


Karen adds to her Beginner Series with a workout focusing on progressing the fundamentals. You will create an increased awareness throughout your body which will help you learn how each exercise works for your body. This is a great way to make sure your technique is clean so you can get the most out of each exercise.

You can watch Beginner Series 1 to learn more important Pilates fundamentals.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Overball

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Sep 18, 2013
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Love your descriptions! Excellent. Thank you
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Great advice for the neck/collarbone area. I teach a variety of women at the Y,, and I see a lot of "gripping" in the neck area! Will certainly use some of your cues! Thanks! Ginger
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After viewing both Beginner Series workouts, I checked back in with my own neck position and noticed I get so much more benefit from the exercises when keeping my neck in absolute correct alignment. Even bridging gave me more of a low back stretch by correcting my neck position. It amazes me how every little detail makes such a huge difference in how I feel the exercises! Thank you so much for you insight once again!!
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(Oh yea... and what's up with the smile thing? That really does work!! Amazing!!)
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Thank you Karen, love this class, the pace and the great cues...sandbags! This will really help me with my beginners.
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Another great class and great progression! Thanks Karen. Your fine tuned directions make a huge difference in body awareness that carries over to every movement in life.
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I love teaching a beginner series class. I love it when I am a beginner at anything for someone to explain and verbalize and demonstrate pieces that can make a whole. Y'all keep it up. Teaching beginners can be a challenge, but it is very rewarding. And, yes, Melissa, this dolphins can be distracting. Sometimes I have to stop and look myself. What natural beauty!!
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Thank you Karen! Great class with excellent body cueing! And a smile really does make a difference!
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Inspiring beginner programs ! Thank you so much
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