Class #1229

Beginner Series 3

30 min - Class


Karen ties together the fundamentals from her previous classes plus begins to add Pilates exercises. She uses standing exercises to work on balance and stability while maintaining your correct placement. Karen explains how an ideal head position facilitates a good and deep core awareness.

To learn the fundamentals that Karen mentions, you can watch Beginner Series 1 and Beginner Series 2.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box, Overball, Foam Roller

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Oct 02, 2013
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great cues and easy to follow
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This is one of my all time favorite classes--thank you!
Janie and Mindi; thanks for being the first to respond to this class. And MIndi, you are most welcome!! It's very fun to create a class that appears simple in movement yet requires full attention to detail. Stay tuned.....
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I love your classes Karen Sanzo! The devil is in the details they say. You do an amazing job of getting the devil out! So good organized movement feels good and easy. You inspire me :)
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You inspire me too Karen.
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Ual! I loved.
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thanks alot for this great job that corresponds to my goal of feeling deeply with a good posture
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Really good! Going to incorporate some of this into my classes this week - looking forward to Monday morning!!
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LOVE your fundamentals!!
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It is really good work for my segnior class, thank you ! great postural !
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