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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Courtney Miller teaches an inspired Reformer workout performed entirely on the Reformer Box. She incorporates this oftentimes underutilized prop to further challenge the stability of the core and to increase the difficulty of the exercises. Courtney starts the class with cardio on the Reformer Box, and hopes that you will feel something new exploring these exercises with her.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi guys, I'm Courtney Miller. I have a really cool workshop for you. It could be used as a class too, but I've called it thinking outside the box using the Reformer Box. I think it's a...


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Hi Courtney, great workout! Thank you for sharing this one...and definitely now I will use the box more in my work and with my clients :)
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I absolutely love your videos-they are so creative and fun. Please keep them coming!
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Very creative!! Thanks Courtney!!!
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Love the variations of exercises on the Box. Love all your workouts! All I Have to say is More, More, More of Courtney Miller!:)
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Hi Courtney, wonderful class! creative and fluent, love your cues and style of teaching. as a pilates teacher this is definitely inspiring! Thank you :)
Always creative and with clear instruction! Beautiful class, thank you!!
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Love it love it love it!!! I love creative and innovative excercises! thank you Courtney!
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Love your classes Courtney, Thank You!
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I love your classes. Great and a lot of inspirations ! Always worth seeing.
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You never fail to make an expression with your wonderful creative workouts! Thank you for your love and passion of your pilates practice! It is inspiring!!
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