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Opening the Back and Chest

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Kathryn Ross-Nash once again brings her strength and energy to this Mat Workout. She focuses on opening the back and the chest, stretching the thighs, and strengthening the upper abdominals in order to develop the lower abdominals. The class is geared towards the advanced practitioner, and will definitely make you sweat!
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Mar 24, 2014
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross snatched here for [inaudible] anytime with Neidra and Colleen and we're going to do, um, a mat that focuses on opening the back and the chest as well as working on stretching your thighs and working the upper abdominal. You need that upper abdominal strong so that you can get deep into the lower abdominal. Are you ready girls? Yeah, let's have good time standing at the end of the Matt. A little different. We're going to be parallel hips with a part. Think about what you're doing. The squat, you know the rushing kicks. Got a prep for them. Lift up. You never know when we might throw them in.

Sit back behind yourself and lengthen. Press on your feet and stand up. Each time you go down, go down a little further. Press and up. Lift the arms. Scoop the stomach, tailbone down at up. Last one, you're going to go all the way down and lie out for the hundred heels together, toes apart. Pull the stomach in, float up into the a hundred position with the hands over the thighs, Chin to the chest, and inhale. Fill the lungs all the way up, and exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Open the shoulders. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale. One, two, three, four, five, six. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale. One, two, three, four, five, six. Inhale, one, two, three.

Exhale. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Inhale, one, two, three. Exhale. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Inhale, one, two, exhale. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Inhale, one, two, exhale. Eight, seven, six, reach for those feet. Four, three, two, one. Inhale, squeeze the lungs out. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Inhale, out. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one fee underneath the strap. Heels together, toes apart, length and all the way down. Inhale up and exhale over. Inhale, and exhale. Inhale up. Exhale over.

Inhale, and exhale. Inhale up. Exhale over. Inhale, and exhale. Arms Up. Peel yourself off. Crown of the head to the knee. Pool the stomach all the way back. Take the leg into the chest, stretch it. One, two, three. Reach it up, stretch it. One, two, three. Use your hand and stretch the leg over. Reach it around, catch it, reach it up, up, up. Stretch it, overreach it around. Catch it, reach it up, up, up, stretch across.

Catch it. Reach it up, up, up, across. Catch it. One more time. Up, up, up, across. Catch it and up. Reverse it. Open it to the side, sweep it across. Catch it, stretch it up. Open it to the side. Reach it across. Anchor that bottom leg. Don't forget to lengthen through that bottom like as you reach around and up, reach it up to the nose. Open it to the side, reach it around and up. I think we have one more right.

Open around sounds good. Reach across, stretch up, up, up, and the knee. It changed the legs. Other leg comes in deep and it's stretch. One, two, three. Push the heel of that standing leg. Stretch. One, two, three. There's always a special side. Reach across, around and up. Stretch it up, up, up across to our round.

Stretch it up, up, up long neck. Push through the heel, all round, stretching up, up, up, across, around. Stretch it up, up, up. Last one. Deep across, around. Stretch up, up, up, open to the side. Reach across. Catch it, lift it up to the nose. Push through the heel around. Square that box. Stretch it. Reach it up, up, up. Anchor the hip. Push through the heel, reach it. This is a little dessert up, up, up, open around. Last one. Give it a big stretch. Open it deep to the side.

Really reach it around. Really reached it across. Really reach it up. Push to the other heel. Bend the knee in, in, in. Sit right up for rolling like a ball for plane. Four to stand. Good luck and roll back. Feet. Stay to the seat. Shoulders to the knees.

Do not let your little ball unfold back and up. One more. Back and up. This one's going to stand. Roll back and use your stomach up. Scoop down and use your stomach up. Thank God we did those squats and lift up and down.

One more time. Lift up, fold down into single a pool. You're going to roll up. One, two, three, four. Roll down to three. Move through it. Roll up, up, up, down, down, down again, up, up, up, up, down, down. One more time. Up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down. Double leg on three. One, two, three. Open two, over two, three and one, two, three. Open two, three, over two, three on two. One, two, one, two, one, two, one.

To reach two over two over and one. One, one, one. Scoop it in. One. One, one. Scoop it in. One, one, one. Scoop it in. One, one, one. Scoop it in leg to 90 degrees. Lift the upper buddy up. Up, up. Switch only to 90 with that top leg. Lift up, up, up only to 90. Up, up, up, up, up, up. Work the upper stomach. Up, up, up. Think about your tree. Up, up, up, up, up, up.

Reach that bottom like out. Keep the box square, Paul, the stomach back. If it's not burning, I don't know what will. Up Up, up, up, up, up two legs, up, hands behind the head. Lift the upper body up. Lower the legs slowly, slowly, slowly stay there. Lift the upper body higher. Beat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Squeeze. Lift it up, reach out. Long, long, long, long. Lift the upper body. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Squeeze and lift up. Reach out. Reach Long, slow down. Reach out of the hip. Speak One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Squeeze and up. Reach up. Lengthen lower. Reach it out, pull it in. And one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Squeeze and up. Chris. Cross. Stretch over. Lift it. Left it lifted, lifted. Lift it. Switch, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Switch up. Up, up. Youthy. Eyes up, up. Switch. They help up, up, up, up. Bend in spine. Stretch forward into your open like rocker position each time.

Inhale up. Exhale over. Roll up, catch and float down. Exhale, Uber. Roll Up. Scoop and stomach pulls back. Axial over and scoop. Good. Oh, Dow and over sheesh like Ninjas. Okay.

Trying to steal the cookies and stretch down and roll up. Catch and stay there. Very good. Rock back. Touch your toes behind you. Rock up. Hold the balance. Push into the hands and pull the stomach back. Try to lower the legs at half inch in front of you. Roll back.

Scoop back. Keep that shape. Touch the toes. Roll up, push into the feet. Push the hands into the arms. Stretch the backout. Pull the stomach in. Keep that beautiful round shape. Roll up with straight arms and straight legs. Pull back, pull back, pull back. Draw your legs together. Let's do the corkscrew prep.

Roll all the way down. Get into a good shoulder position. Open the chest up. Bring your legs up. Keep the waist long and reach your legs far over behind you in parallel to the ground. Twist to the right. Don't shorten on one side. Come Center hollow. The waist. Twist to the left. Keep the tissue nice and even and center.

Twist to the right and center. Twist to the left. Give yourself a little assist. Take your hands on your hips. Hold your hips. Keep them even twist to the right center. Long Way. Separate between the ribs and the hips. Reach Glu the heels. Reach and center.

One more time. Reach and sander roll down. Grab your handles again for old fashion corkscrew. Reach-Back scoop. Twist the right knee over. Sorry. The left knee over the right ear. Roll down with the long side. Square it off, knee over ear center, long waist, reach, back, soft chest, other side, long ways. This should be your spinal twist, but upside down center twist, long waist. Keep this box nice and long and square.

There's no side bending and this twist. Reach around. Reach around over. One more time. Over to the right, long on the right, over on the left. Scoop back, lifted waist over the other way, all the way down. Shoulder. Stay on reach back, roll down. Drag the thighs along the chest. Open up and come all the way up for the saw.

We're going to reach the ear to the knee. Turn and stretch. Stretch elbow to the pinky and up. Inhale and exhale center. Inhale and move it. Exhale, center.

Exhale, ring the lungs all the way out. Pull the stomach back center. Exhale. Exhale, exhale, center. Exhale. Exhale, exhale, center. Draw your legs together. Flip over for the neck. Roll Nice and long. Stretch out heels together. Press on the hands, pull the stomach in.

Look to the right chin, goes down, look to the left center. Look to the left Chin goes down now center and Elongate all the way down. Take two fists. This time have your elbows right underneath your shoulders. Press the this down. Now stretch the right leg out and lift it. Just the right leg. Kick it kick kick.

Now keep your thigh up and stretch that leg out. Reach it across the room. Lift the thigh, lift the thigh, lift the thigh. Reach it down. Now reach for me Colleen. Stretch the leg out of the hip. That's it. Now bend the knee. Don't let the knee drop. Kick, kick. Let that knee stretch the leg. Lift the thigh, lift the thigh.

Lift the thigh and down. Yes, chest comes forward and opposition. As the right leg reaches out, the chest reaches forward and you open your chest. Kick, kick, chest forward. Lengthen and down. Left leg reach, chest forward, kick, kick. Lengthen and downright face. Cheek on the Mat. Grab onto your ankles, bend your knees. Knees together were ladies. Keep the legs closed.

Kick one, two, three. Open the chest, press into the hands. Open the chest, press, press, press. Turn the other way. Kick. One, two, three, stretch, stretch, open. The chest is the same position you just did. Turn, kick one, two, three, knees together so that you open up the front of the hip. If you open the legs up, you're not getting the front body opening. Turn the other way. Kick one, two, three and stretch up.

Stretch up. Let the leg straight. Reach the arms back. Release the arms back. Lift the legs, lift the arms, lift the legs. Lift the arms and sit back on the heels. Stretch out the low back thigh. Stretch holding the ankles. It's the exact exercise we just did. Now in 50 different body orientation.

Hold onto the ankles. Pull the stomach in. Push the hips forward. Keep your hands onto your ankle. Hips come front. Open the chest, chin to your chest. Roll down. Pull the stomach in. Hips forward. Open the chest. Pull the stomach in and down. Squeeze those inner thighs. Little Colleen roll up. Push. That's it.

Don't let the knee separate. Press. Press breasts, Chin to the chest and calm down. Flip over for the neck. Poke good ladies. Now we're going to open the body the opposite way. We're doing all this opening. Now we're going to stretch and open up the upper back. Hands go behind the head. Touch your elbows together. Curl over, touching the elbows. Sit up tall. Open the elbows. Touch them behind you. Touch your elbow, scoop your stomach. Roll down. Ah, open the elbows.

Touch the elbows. Roll Up. Lift up. Tried to touch your elbows behind you. Oh, touch your elbow. Scoop your stomach and roll down. That's so delicious. Touch the elbows. Curl up all the way over. Lift up open. Press those elbows open. Ah, touch the elbows row all the way down. One more time.

Over in, over stretch. Sit up tall, open, stretch, touch all the way down. All the way down. All the way down. Bend your knees for a low bridge. Hands Press. This is the exact same position as the double leg stretch we did, and the thigh stretch fingertips towards the heels. Roll up, push through the knees, open the, just don't arch the back. Lengthen it. Reach the front leg out, lifted up, flex it, reach it down just like that. Single leg kicked back up, flex and down, up flex and down. Bend the knee. Slide the left leg out.

Long hip is even lift up. Don't drop the pelvis. Flex down. Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Open the chest. Stand on that standing leg. Press through that foot and bring the hip up. Slide the leg. Pull the stomach in. Stretch the other leg up. Circle around. Stop at the nose. Circle around. Stop.

Circle around rivers. Nothing moves up. Hips are square up. Stomach is in. Reach out and change your legs. Reach out and up. Circle around one. Open the chest. Two, three, reverse around, up, around, up, around, up. Reach out. Bend the knee, bicycle. Reach out first up, bend in, out, up. Bend in, out, up.

Reverse up reach and in up reach and in up reach and in other legs. Slide it out, up in, slide up in. Slide up, rivers, up, down. Elongate. Reach out through that. Keep that bottom leg nice and quiet. Bend the foot. Place the foot on the ground. Roll through the spine to come down and up we go for spine twist, arms flex the Fi. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Shoulders right over hips. Push through the heels, pull those little pinkies back. Anchor your FYS on the Mat.

Ladies really feel the heels on the mat and the thighs on the mat so you're not hyperextending, but you're lengthening from the back. Body sidekicks. Turn onto the right side of the body. We're going to do sidekicks with catches leg slightly forward and bring the right leg forward. Catch it, reach it back, stretch right in line with the shoulder forward catching reach, stretch forward. Catch it. This is the way I first learned these forward. Catch it. Reach stretching forward. Catch it rich. Stretch it. Don't let it swing up and down.

It's like a pendulum so it stays straight in that hip as reaches straight in the hip. As it reaches to more up stretch, back. Reach up. Stretch back leg on leg. Lift it up. Flex it down. Two and down. Three and down. Four and down. Five and down six. Push the heel.

Seven and a very good bicycle. Catch it front. Bend the needs of the chest, foot to the buttocks. Don't let the knee here right in line. Touch the knee. Now keep the foot to the buttocks as you stretch it back there. You feel that now? Now push into the hands.

So there's that same ankle heel hand connection that we've been doing all day. Stretch all the way out. Reach forward. Catch it, bend it in. Touch the needs of the knee. Stretch it back. There's that double leg. Pull that we stretch that we did. Reach retreat, retreat, and Elongate all the way back and forward. Catch into the shoulder. Hug it in. Touch the needs of the knee. Now your foot stays to your buttocks. Hold the ankle, not the foot, all the way to the ankle. There you go. Stretch the thigh.

Stretch all the way back. One more time. Catch Ankle, shoulder touch. Stretch it back. Stretch it back. Stretch it back elongated and reverse it. Stretch back. Bend it in. Bring the needs of the knee. Hold it, stretch it forward. Reach it all the way back. Catch it. Keep that knee in line with the hip. Drop it down a little. There you go. Touch the knee. Bring it in.

That knee must touch the knee as it goes back. Reach it back, bend it. Touch the knee. Now bring it right to the shoulder. That's it. Stretch it up. Stretch it up. Stretch it up. Reach it, bend it, knee in, line with the hip. Good. Touch the knee. Bring in in and stretch it forward. Very nice. Now we're going to do my favorite little circle swing combination.

So you're going to go front one and back to front and back. Three front and back. Circle around rubbers. One to the back. End fronted, two to the back. End Front three to the back. End. Front around onto and one and two and two and back.

Circle around rovers and buck and front and back and front circle. Round on one. Front, back circle again. Buck, front circle, repeat, front, back. Circle around, back front. Circle around. Take that leg, stretch it. Bring it forward into a split stretch, stretch, stretch.

Bring the back leg forward and roll directly onto the other side. Nice and loose now. Long neck, legs forward. Stretch it forward. Catch it, reach it back. [inaudible]. Good forward and stretch. Pretend that leg is different. It's separate from you. Forward stretch.

The body is one piece of steel and the leg is a piece of Nice, loose linguine. Just floating forward and back forward. Stretch my Italian roots. Come out forward, catch it, reach and back. Forward. Catch it. I was thinking about like a grandfather's clock and the pendulum swinging and back and forward.

Stretching and back my childhood memories of my dad winding that darn thing and forward. Stretch, back and good leg on lake. Turn it out. Up and down. Two, end down, three on down. Very good. Neck position. Coleen up, down, up the edge. Or two. They're very nice. Down and up, and bicycle. Stretch forward. Catch it. Bend it in. Now touch that knee to the knee.

Open the front of the hip. Find that nasty stretch that you did on the thigh stretch and then extend it long and to stretch it forward, bend it in. Touch the knee, open the front of the hip. Keep the foot to the buttocks. Then push and stretch. That's it. Extend. That's the stretch I want and forward. Catch it in.

So here's when you're sitting on your heel, right? And then this is when you're pushing the pelvis forward. And then that's your elongation. One more time forward. Catch it, bend it in. Touch the knee. Now stretch open front of that hip region.

Reach it and extended, reverse. Very nice. Stretch long back bend and catch it. Squeeze it in, strips the front of that hip. Touch the knee, bring it to the shoulders, stretch it up, reach it all the way back. Bend it in touch, catch it, touch it in. Very good. Bring it in, stretch it forward. And again, all the way back. Catch it. Very nice. That was gorgeous. Bend it in. Touch the knee.

Stretch all the way forward. One more time. Reach all the way back. Back, back, back, back. Bend the knee, grab it. Very good. Bend it in. Touch the knee and stretch, stretch, stretch. Get ready for the swing. Um, front and back and two and then three m go around and good and back and front and two in front and three and front. Circle around and two, front and back again to and back around and back. And Front back and front around on one. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Go.

Reverse and [inaudible] Mr. Goal, I don't think the didn't get done. Now you all know why. Back Front, up and around here. Take it into a split. Stretching all the way down. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Bring the back leg forward and get ready for your lovely teasers. Lie All the way down. Bend the knees, lift them lower to the 45 degree angle. Reach your arms back. Come up for a teaser. Lift and lower.

Come up for a teaser. Lift and lower. Come up for a teaser and lower. Come up, right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg, right leg, left leg. Lift and float down. Let's close the envelope and lift. Grab the toes, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up and full load down. Come up, grab the toes, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up and float down. One more chance and grab the toes.

Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, kiss your knees and float all the way down. Mermaid you can have put on foot or foot in front. Choose a side, any side. Lift all the way up. Stretch over, over, over. Reach up. Keep this side log. Don't bend it. Lengthen out, out, out hip drudge you up. Balance.

Lift up, stretch over, over. Bend the arm deep and that stretch balance and slide down all the way. Now hip dragged you up. Hip. Good. Lift up, stretch all the way over. Bend. Turn your head, turn your arm deep in the stretch.

All the way over. Lengthen all the way up and last time over the side. Slide down. Pull the stomach in and balance. Come into your snake and twist one hand in front. There are going to be shoulders with apart.

Pelvis lifts up now pelvis comes forward. Open the chest up, up, scoop in twists and come down. Scoop up. Exhale, open the chest. Push the heels away. Bring the chest thorough, scoop up, twist and sit and inhale. Exhale. It's a breathing exercise.

Inhale up. Exhale, take two legs. Bring them up and very lady like onto the other side. Lift all the way up. Ah, stretch over. Over over balance. Slide out, okay.

And come up balance. Lift up all the way over, over. Turn the head. Bend the arm deep in the stretch as you elongate and up balance. Stretch over ribs in, slide down. Don't let it bend.

You want to keep it long. One is stretch, one is strength. Come up for your strength. Lift all the way up over. Turn. Curl into yourself. I'm feral. Deepen. Deepen that stretch, deepen.

Stretch deep in the stretch. Stretch the arm. Come up pallets and slide all the way down and come up. Balance. Good snaking, twist hands. Good. Scoop the pelvis up. [inaudible] the pelvis comes forward. You roll through the spine, push out through the heels and the chest opposition. Open the chest. Inhale, fill the lungs. Exhale, twist. Inhale, scoop up. Pelvis forward as you exhale.

Exhale, exhale, stretch the legs. Inhale as you come up. Exhale as you go down. Inhale as you come up, exhale, open the chest, push through the heels. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Scoop the stomach in and twist.

Swing the legs around for the seal. We're going to do a seal without claps, but with stretches forward and back. So wrap your arms through. Squeeze your knees in. Press your elbows out, press your feet together, rule back balance, and then stretch your feet towards the Mat. Rule up balance and stretch your feet towards the ceiling. Down. Roll back balanced. Stretch your feet towards the Mat. Roll up balance. Stretch your feet towards the ceiling.

Pool the stomach back bend, roll back balanced. Spread your feet. Roll up balance. Stretch up. Stretch up, stretch up. Place your feet down for the Highbridge hips with a part. This is what we've been working on to get to all day. Hands back, elbows in, knees in. Stand on your feet and stretch up.

Oh Oh chin to your chest. Articulate through the spine like you did in the snake. Press on your feet. Stretch the front body. Lift the chest. Oh, oh up chin to your chest. Pull the stomach in. Articulate through the spine and down. One more time. Press Oh oh oh ginger chest.

Articulate through the spine and right from there Stan. Oh, take the right leg forward. Are we going to do our split combination that we do on the reformer? So the right leg is going to be forward. This leg is going to be turned out, the hips going to be pulling forward. Stretch the right leg, bend, deepen one, stretch it, then deep into stir ratchet. Then deep in three reached the up and behind the head.

Stretch and bend and two and Bandon. Let's have a little fun with you guys. Three and bend. Stretch out. Scoop the stomach. Bring the head to the knee. Come up, bend in, lift up, scoop square box. Head to the knee. Come up and then lift up. Scoop head to the knee. Come up and enrich the hands forward. Turn this knee in.

Keep the toes like that like they're on the shoulder. Block. Stretch. Flex the foot. Come in, reach the chest. Forward. Forward, forward scoop, stretch. Come in, pelvis front. Open the chest. Open, open, open, stretch, flex. Bring it forward. Lift forward, stretch forward. Point the toes.

Bend the knee and reach, reach, reach. Bring the hands down. Bring the other left foot front, right foot back. He'll in line with the shoulders. Stretch forward and back and to and back. Good. And three. This is what all the stretcher was. Four and then back. Ben didn't reach forward. Hands behind the head.

Stretch nice and deep. Grow tall or you lower the leg down. Lift up. Head remains on the ceiling. Stomach comes in and stretch down. Lift up. Square the box. Hands right at the base of the skull so that you're stretching your neck and opening your chest. Stretch. Scoop the stomach. Yeah, go down. Come up, bend it.

Stretch, scoop. Perfect. Come down, lift up. Come in, stretch long waist and over. Come up and [inaudible] reach forward. Hands go down. Turn the leg parallel like it's against the shoulder block. Stretch back. Flex the foot. Come in, bring the pelvis forward, square the box. Open the chest up, up, up. Stretch over. Flex the foot. Pull the stomach in. Open the chest, vertebra by Vertebra, by delicious and school back.

Flex the foot. Pull the stomach and bring the pelvis forward. Extend the toes, reach forward word. Reach forward. Reach forward. Reach all word, reach forward scoop. Bring the foot forward. Heels together, toes apart, tailbone under rule, all the way up. Vertebral Biver inhale, lift your arms up, grow tall like you're pressing two magic circles on the side of the body. Cro, ta, beautiful work. Ladies.


Pretty sure this is my perfect class for where I'm at today... Just on the other side of my ability but totally inspiring! I look forward to doing this one again!
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Outstanding class. Very challenging but great. Thank you.
2 people like this.
Loved this Kathi!! thank you so much for a great workout! excellent work ladies!
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You are the Best!!!!!
SOOOO Happy you enjoyed this!!! Pilates is such amazing work! we can work both gently and then push our limits! it is complete for all!
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Amazing Kathi! Perfect workout!
YEAH!!! So Happy you enjoyed it!!!!!
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At some parts I said to myself, this is crazy, but it was good to stretch my limit and see if I can end up reaching to this point. Thanks!
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Awesome class!
Thank you! I always love coming to Pilates Anytime! Kristi and her crew are the nicest!!!
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