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Creative Tower Challenge

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Cecile Bankston teaches a Tower workout with many challenging and innovative exercises that are not commonly performed in Tower workouts. She takes you through deep abdominal work with the Roll Back Bar, a Standing Leg Series for the inner and outer thighs, a Side Plank series, and a Standing Arm series, among other movements. Prepare to feel the burn!
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Jun 07, 2014
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Hi, my name is Cecile Bankston and today we're going to be doing a workout on the tower. Um, this is Tyler Beck who will be demonstrating moves for me. Um, he teaches with me at my studio in Florida. Um, I'm going to go through first the US, the set up of the springs, um, because there's quite a few of them involved. So you might want to go ahead and have that set up. We have a spring bar with two long yellow springs from the top. We've got two long yellow springs with handles from the top.

We've got two purple springs with foot straps that we will be using. Um, we've got a blue spring with a handle. We have two long yellow springs with handles. And finally we have one red tower spring. So that is the, the, those are the things that you will need.

I have also included here, um, a box behind this. Um, in one place Tyler's going to need to stabilize his feet against something. So you might want to have something handy behind you. So if you want to stabilize your feet against something, so I've got this here right now, but I'm realizing I need to move that for you for your first. So we are going to start lying down and Tyler's gonna put this spring bar over his knees, his knees over the spring bar. And we're going to first just test out, um, your, your position here because if you place more weight on one leg than the other, the spring bar is going to tilt.

So let's begin by just testing out that extension of the legs hanging onto the abdominal. So he's going to stretch his legs out and make sure that that bar is not going to, um, tilt one direction or the other, which is great. And then bring them back in. Inhale. And again, exhale, press it out. She has to test, pull into those abs. Good. And then pull it back in. Good. So now his first movement is going to be a hundred.

So he's going to extend his legs out, bring his arms, legs, and head forward. And he's going to start his hundred. Inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale. Two, three, four, five, and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Really keep those ankle bones pointing towards each other. Good, good. Two, three. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three. We want to keep this nice and long through here as he's doing, really lifting up from the upper body, keeping those ankle bones close together because that makes you pull into the abdominals more. Good and last sat very nice and you want to keep that neck nice and free.

Good and relaxed. Pull the knees in and had goes down. Very nice. Next set is an also an abdominal series. What I want you to be careful of here is that eh, he's going to pull his knees into his chest and do an upper body curl. Okay, so this is the movement. What we want to be careful of is that as we're bringing those knees in, that we're not tucking the pelvis, that we're really breaking at the hip joint, right? And back down. And again, exhale, Annie.

And finally the other thing is that as he comes down, I want to keep that rib cage close so I don't want him to release in his weird play age as he closes and exhale for good and exhale fa. Good. And six, two more to go reach. Last one. Very nice. And Hey, good. Okay, now we're going to take that same movement and we're going to make it into an oblique exercise. So he's going to rotate. As he curls, he's going to rotate towards that leg and then he comes back and he turns. So he's rolling across his back. And if you look at his back arm, it's really open. But he's also reaching up or with his upper arm. Good, nice. And reach. Exhale. He's pulling in his knees every time as well. Yes.

So he's getting both movements. Yes. And two more or this is actually there. And then two more. And reach. Exhale. Good. Last one. And public in good and relax. Very nice. Good. So now that your abs are nice and warm, we're going to stretch them out.

I have a ball I forgot to tell you about here. You can use anything. You can do it on the floor if you wanted to. And just lower this bar down. I put him on a ball cause I had it handy and he's able to just have that ball right where it is. Okay. He's got his feet separated. Okay. Abs pulled in and up. Okay. Shoulders away from the ears. And if you notice his hands are nice and long so he's going to take a nice deep breath in as he exhales pulling up into that swan, bring the head up with you. Good and bring it down slowly.

If you notice what happened was he started bringing the upper body down first and the arms follow. Okay, so that all happens nice in a nice sequence. They're good. Even though he is an extension here, he's still hanging onto the ribs. He's still pulling in and up in the spot. The head always follows the alignment of the spine. Good, good. Now on this last one, he's going to stay up and we're going to add some arm presses. So he's going to stay up there and he's going to press one and two and three. Good. And for good. And pull this in and not good.

And six, two more and seven. Beautiful. And last one, eight. Good. Relax. Now I'm going to ask him to keep his head in line with his spine. He is still pulling up the road here so I don't see lots of wrinkles in his uh, shirt there and he's sliding those hands behind his head. One to get a nice upper back work here too.

And he's got a yellow spring. He could probably go heavier for him for me. That plenty. Good. And reach just the last one and good. Go. Two more. Seven. I'm terrible. And last one. Good. All right.

Very nice and release that. Beautiful. Okay, good. Alright, so let me take that now we are going to our standing series. So what we're going to do is move, we're going to put the spring bar, the purple spring in the middle and I'm giving him a box to stand on. Where do you want the box? Okay. Alright. So he's gonna stand on a box because I'm allowing him to have that freedom to let this leg be able to move without his hip lifting. Okay, so he's standing up nice and tall and he's gonna pull that leg away. One and pull it back two and exhale 30 so I'm really trying to stabilize.

Now if you are watching this and not doing this, you're probably gonna think he's working harder on this leg. But actually it's his standing leg that is going to be on fire in a second. Now he's going to go out, turn in, turn out and come in out. He rotates from the Femur, turn it back in and rotate. Rotate and en out. Rotate, rotate, beautiful, good. And his hips are nice and level good and in.

And the reason he's able to do that once again is cause I've got him on that box. Good reach, reach and an last one. Good reach. Good. Now we're going to do little circles and you can have these very big, because if you go too big with these circles, what tends to happen is your, your back starts to go out of alignment or your legs or your hips. Something starts to go because this is quite heavy with a purple spring. Okay, good. Yes. Good. Nice. Okay. Now next movement.

We're going to start it first by itself with the leg coming up and internally rotating slightly and then he's going to pull it down. So we bring it up. Inhale, exhale, pull it down. And again, he's bringing it up and he's sitting on this hip. He's not raising the hip. Good down. And for now if that's enough for you, keep doing it that way. Okay. He's going to add an arm and a rotation with it. Okay. Which is extremely difficult with the blue sprain. I usually yellow.

Okay. Uh, he's going to use a book. So we go up now he's driving this with his obliques and with the arm that's closest to the tower. If he uses the army outside of the tower, what he's going to get is pull this way and he's going to fall. So he's got to drive with that inside arm rotate and you see it's not much rotation, but he's feeling it in his obliques like crazy. Reach and rotate. Beautiful and down and nice rotate.

Beautiful. Good. One more. Yes. Good and rotate. Nice and down. Very good. Yes. Yes. Standing leg is on fire and unfortunately we're still on that leg so we're going to turn and face the tower now with that same leg, that same spring he's holding on and he's going to extend back what I want to watch for him here and he's doing a great job. We've really worked hard on him on this one because Tyler is not a dancer.

A, this does not come naturally to him. So this hanging onto those ads and not allowing that back to go into it was very difficult for him at first. So it doesn't, again, it's quality, not quantity. Now we go into some social circles just like we did before. It's not about how big you do it, it's about the quality of the movement. So it's not very big for him. Cause if he were to go too much further back, his back would arch and his hips would start going crazy. Good. Yes. And he, he has reversed his circles. He's done eight each way.

Now we're going to bend the knee just slightly and we're going to extend it. What I want you to try to feel is high hamstring and glutes here. Okay? So if you take that knee too far forward, you're going to get more crowd out of it. So you've got to really keep it small and bring it down towards the floor and love without letting miss rock. Okay, good. Two more and we'll reach it. Beautiful. And last one will reach you. Got It. Good. Okay, so now he is going to turn and he's going to have his back to you for a second, which is actually kind of Nice because you'll what? He's working. Okay, so he's going to turn both feet out. Okay.

Now again, this does not come naturally to him. It's rotation. The rotation is coming from the hip joint, not from the foot or from just the bottom part of the leg. He's pulling in and out. They're good without the hip rising. Good stretch that foot, good reach. You could flex it if you wanted to and reach.

Nice and good. Last one. Yes. Okay. Circles one and two and three and four and six. Seven, eight. Reverse it. One, two, no hips going three and what he's really good at here is he's not sliding out this way with that hip. Okay. Now he's going to bend that leg up to the ceiling and you're going to take it [inaudible] down. What you're seeing here, which is very nice, is that I always tell people to pretend there's a wall on either side of you.

Okay? It's so that if you were to sick your butt out, you hit the law. If you are to bring your knee forward, you'd hit the front wall, so he's keeping it right in the center there. Very nice. Good. And press it down. Good. One more and good. Okay. I'm going to take his box away from him for a second because we're going to do the squat with the, with the arm pool. So he's going to still stay there and keep that same foot in the spring and he's gonna use the long yellow spring. He's going to turn out okay.

If this is too heavy for you, you can use a lighter spring or raise up your spring. You can raise it up on that tower. Okay. He's bending the knees, pressing up with that arm, then ending the knees pressing up good. And trying not to sit back onto that. Beautiful. Okay. So it's really difficult for a lot of guys not to, not to not stick that seed out as they'd been the knees. Okay.

So his knees are coming right over his toes. Okay. And he's trying to keep his chest up and keep his sacrum dropdown. Keep his hips in line. Very nice. Okay. All right. Finally he gets to get off of that leg and do everything on the other side. Wonderful. Alright. Okay. Box.

Where are you going? There we go. So, okay. Outside. Yeah. Good. So he's going to start out again. He'll be facing you in a second. He's threatening again with his baton, with his outside leg and he's pressing out one and two. Good. Really, really keeping this side. Dan Good. And Four.

So this leg has already been working. Really the this leg that's he's working has already been working really hard to stabilize, so he's got to really concentrate now. Good. Cause he's already tired on that leg. Good. So I always suggest if you do this two days in a row, start on a different leg. The second day, four.

I know I didn't remind him of that. Six good. Seven. Rotate. Nice. And last one. Rotate out and in. Good. Okay. Now circles. One and two. Three, four, five, six. Good. Seven. Chest up. Eight. Good. Reverse at one, two, three. Keeping the hips stable.

Nice. Five, six, yes. And a very nice. Good. Okay. Now he's going to turn and face the back and he's going to hold on. Good. He's changing his blue springs so that he can do his arm work. Okay. So before he turns and faces the back, he's doing his knee.

Press up and down plane first and it, and remember if this is enough for you, just do that. You don't have to add the two as you don't have to add the arms to this. This is plenty. Good and press good. Now he's going to grab that blue spring and he's going to bring the leg up first. Then the rotation happens after. Very important. They really can't happen at the same time. Good. At least for me, they can [inaudible] good and down. And again, reach it up and Groff and good and reach.

Rotate dry from that back arm. Good. And there we go. And again, back arm pulls. It will rotate from the waist. Good. Yes. And last one up. Sit on that hip. Yes, yes, yes, yes. There we go. Good. Good. Okay. All right. So facing the back. So from here we're going to really, really hang onto this good and up through the abdominals.

So he's reaching back and reaching back. We were doing eight good, nice and good. And Circle one, two, three. And you see the circles are small, five, six, seven and eight. And reverse it to, there were re keeping, trying to keep the body as still as possible and he's not sliding out on this leg. Now he's going to bend it slightly. Press it down towards the back, then press it down. And this was hard for him to get cause he wanted to do a bigger movement. Yeah. Really wrote a good, nice. That's it. Reach. Good, good, good. So he's getting work in the high hamstring and the glue. Good. Reach it back.

And one more. Nice. Good. Okay, so now he's going to face you for his inner thigh work. Okay. All right. So rotating the inner thigh. Yes. All right. And he's going to pull it in and two and three. Good. And Four. Nice and fun. Good.

Six and seven and eight. Now we're going to go out and circle three. Four. Good. Five, six. So we're watching this hip that it's saying in law two, three and four. Good. Five, six, seven and eight. Good. Now lift that leg up, rotate from the femur and press it down. So lift it up and press it down. Nice.

Lifted up and for us it down and lift it up and press it down. Beautiful. Good up. And press down last one and press it up and down. Nice. So I'm gonna take his box away so he can do his, I call it a [inaudible]. He calls it a squat and arm. So his lagging arm press.

So he's going to bend his knees and press up. Don't bring so far forward. Good. So we're going to go here. Good. There we go. You got it. That's it. Okay. So his natural tendency, I'm glad he did. That goes actually that's his natural tendency is because he was a weightlifter so it was to lean forward and stick his seat out and we worked very, very hard to get this position. Okay, good. And press and it's not a wrong or right, it's a matter of what you're trying to get to.

So for me, I'm trying to get to his inner thighs and I'm trying to get that glutes and get, get that shoulder work. Good. Nice. Okay, very good. Okay. So now we are going to our side bend feet comfortably apart in parallel. Um, he likes to put his hand behind his head like this because he gets a better stretch. It can be above your head and go over. Either is fine. We're going to reach and I ask him to really stand on this foot.

Okay. And reach it over, pressing down. And if you notice that the shoulder that is by the, the bar is really dropped down and away from his ear. Good. One more like fat. Stand on his foot per breath and rotate. Bring that bar slightly up.

Press out without rotating his hips. He's reaching with his body. Good. He's going to come back to his side bend and even up a little bit. Good. Nice. And reach it over and let that bar slightly come to you. [inaudible] keep this pulled in. Keep this square, rotate and come up nice and reach and rotate.

Let that bar come up to you for us. It out nice and long. Pull into those abdominals and twist and come up. Good. And our last one reached. Stand on this leg. Good. Rotech and reach out long and rotate. Good and come up and, and very, very nice. Okay, good.

Alright. Other sides. So standing. Very nice. Okay, so he's going to press them and he's really putting his weight into his standing leg. Good. And this shoulder stays nice and down. Very good. Two more. And exhale, worry, reach and pull it in. What we're watching for is that the rib cage, you want to make sure your rib cage is really pulled in and to gather that the stomach is pulled in. Now the rotation. Now press it out. Don't lose the seat. Good. Come back up. And yeah, so it's very hard as we do this forward movement not to allow ourselves to sit back onto our heels. Good. And rotate and come up and reach.

And Warroad Tate. Beautiful. Stretch it and up. Good. Good. And one more and pull into those abs prs. And we'll rotate. You can see 'em and I'd like to ask him to put more weight onto his left arm, which really makes it more intense. Good. And up. Good. Okay. Very nice. Okay, so now we're going to our thigh stretch.

So he is going, you want a pad? Nope. Okay. Okay. If you need a pad you can have that. Let's just get that out of the way. Good. Okay. So you want purpose for the Diet? Yeah. Okay. We're going to switch to purple springs. Um, for this, uh, girls may light be yellow springs. He's going to use purple. Uh, because he's a lot stronger. Do you could, if you could, if you wanted to, you could still use the purple springs, but just lower the bar a little bit because there is a section where you need a little bit of support. Um, and the yellow springs may be a little light, but for me they work fine.

Um, all right, so this first part is our thigh stretch. So he's going to start to go back and then he's going to press down onto that bar and lean and lengthen. And I want a thoracic extension from that spine. Come back to that nice hand and then come up. Good. And again, reach it back. Inhale, exhale. Extend the spine. Good. Lengthen, good.

Yes. And go up and come in. Good. And again, reach. Want. And here, this part of the body. Yes. And go nice and come up. And last one worried. Now this is quite heavy for most people. This weight, good and beautiful. Come up. Okay, now here comes to the hard part. Okay, so he is going to bring that bar down.

He's going to curl forward, progress out into a nice flat position here. And he's going to hurl and bring it back up. Okay, so press it down, dive into it. Round spine into flat spine. Yes. And then now, not quite so much extension in that thoracic spine. Good. And again, reach round, round around and extend. Beautiful. Good. I'm just going to hold this out of his way. Good.

And roll it up. Beautiful. Last one. Shoulders down and stayed there around reach. Now we're gonna stay out here guys. Okay. Pull into the rib cage, pull into the ads and we're going to press the arms one and two and three. We're keeping those shoulders down. Four, five and six keeping the belly button pulled in and up. And eight.

Now I'm going to ask him to slide his hands behind his head again. And two and three. Good. Just one more and reach. Good. Okay. And come up to finish. Very nice. Okay, good. Good. Alright. Okay, so now we're going to do our side plank. So we're going to grab which inside side we want to do first. Okay.

So we're going to do our side points series. Would you like the box against here? Okay. All right. Okay. So this is our side point that we do in the mat work, but we've added a spring to it. Okay. So again, he's going from way down here with his long yellow spring. We can, if we want to make it easy or not easy, easier, take that spring up a little bit. Okay.

Or you can do it without the spring or you can do it with the knees bent. So here up, he's gonna rotate to the floor. He's going to rotate to the side, and then he's just going to open that arm. So it's not a traditional, with the twist, we're going to go here, we're going to stay in a plank. And he's going to rotate and he's going to rotate.

He's keeping tension on that spring the whole time. And now he's going to go here. Good. And again, reach, reach, reach, retreats. Good. Extending. He's pushing as hard as he can. Forward reach and Nice. Good. And go reach. Come on, pull towards me. Good, good, good.

And reach and up and open. Very nice. Good. One more. Beautiful. Press it, press it, press it towards me. Come on. Good. Yes, good and up. Great. Okay, so again, to modify if you want to, you can do this on your knees. Okay. You can also raise that spring up on the, on the tower or you can just not use the spring at all. Okay. Any of those versions are fine. Okay.

So progressing up and we reached one and rotate. Pull into those ads. Up and open. Good reach. He's got the back leg crossed over. Reach, rotate and good. And again, want rotate. Good and up. Pull that rib cage in and back. Good. Thank you. And up come and push towards May. Push, push, push. Good.

Yes. And Nice. Get that extension pushed towards me with the feet. You've got to push into the feet too so that you're really getting that full body work. It's not just an arm movement, it's not just an upper body movement. You've got to use your entire body for this movement. Good. Very nice. Awesome. Okay, good. All right.

Okay, so now we are going to do our standing arm series facing away from the tower. Okay. We are going to stand facing away from the tower. We're going to use those long yellow springs. He's got them hooked from the very bottom. Again, if you want to have him hooked higher up or you want to use um, different springs, you can, he's going to put the boxes on the side so he can have a nice wide stance there. Okay.

And his first movement is his palms are up and he's gonna press it and low. So he's going to bend his knees as his arms are going up and lower. We're going to keep the seat under the chest up. Good and chest and gaze forward. Good and reach.

And if you notice his knees are going right over his toes, he's pressing back from those thighs and reach. Yes. And he has to really, really watch because the springs want to shoot him forward. Yes. And up. And he's only going as high as he can with his shoulders down. If he were to go all the way up, his shoulders would, would, would go up with him. So he stopped where he did for a reason.

Good there and pressing forward. Good. And there, press his shoulder down and press beautiful. There you go. And Dan and again, press open those knees. Yes. And [inaudible] and then reach. Good. And press it. Whoa. Come on. Good. And this is, that's it. Good. Nice.

Okay, let's go to, um, our, um, push up series. Okay. So, oh, no, chest expansion. Sorry. Chest expansion is first. You want to use yellow. Okay, so we're using yellows springs for chest expansion. OK. Long, yellow spring. And we're going to stand doing this. Um, and we're going to do a couple of movements that you've probably done before, maybe on the reformer or on this. I like them because they're great back, upper back or they're great work for just about anybody on this white, he's got yelled at his springs because I want him to really concentrate on the upper back muscles and on bringing his shoulders down, not on the arm work. Okay? So if I wanted him to focus more on his arms, I'd probably make it a little heavier. Okay. So He's standing away.

He's pressing down and I asking him, really squeeze those scapula together. Get those wrong voids working. Okay. Open here. Okay. So I really want this nice and open chest expansion. Good. And pulling into the abdominals. Good. And you see his, his hands. They're nice and long. He's not breaking at the wrist. Now he's good. And read shoulders down. One, two.

And the breath here I use is press down. Inhale, big long. Exhale. One, two, three. And come up. Press it down and big, long. Exhale. Two, three. Good. Okay, good. Now we're going to turn the palms over and he's going to be doing, uh, pulling with the elbows. Once again, I'm not so concerned about what his arms are doing as what he's doing back here and here. Okay. So he's really, if I put my fingers here, I can feel what's going on back and his upper back and his scapula. Okay. And he's getting some more and more to yes. Good.

Not to discount that, but if it were heavier it would be a lot more homework for them. Good reach. Nice. And last one, precedent and reach. Good. Okay. Last one we do here is our arms are on top and what we're going to do is just slide those arms back with elbows open. Okay. And if you need to make it easier or harder, of course you can step forward or back. Okay. So for us, it back. Good. He didn't look like he was having any trouble, so that was a hint to him.

He needed to step back. Good and pull. Good. And pull. Drop this shoulder down. Yes. And press it back. Beautiful. There you go. And press it back. Yes. And reach. Good. Okay. Alright, nice. Okay.

To finish this little arm armsy sequence is the most difficult one. Um, we are going to put his feet in the purple spring. Okay. We're going to move these boxes out of his way. Okay. And he is going to be able to hold onto the sides of the mat there. Okay. So you want this out of your way, I'm sure. Okay.

All right. So he is going to extend one leg. Yes. And pull it in, pull into those apps and press it out. And then he's going to push up and down. Nice. And Palladian and [inaudible] and breath and up. Good. Add in for us. Yes. Good. And one more.

Cool. Yes. And 4s. Good. Beautiful. Stretch back for a second. I'm coming around to the other side of you. Hang on. Good. All right. So pull idian inhale and extend. Exhale. And he's not dropping into this lower back. Good and up.

Pull it in and out. He's hanging on here and up and pull it in for us. It out, extended caress and come up last one and out to press and up. Good. Very nice. Okay. Yeah, it's Kinda crazy to get in and out of this one. Good. Very nice. Alright. Okay, so now we're doing facing the other way, the single knee tuck and then we'll do the a arm and leg press. Okay.

So He's raising up the yellow springs too. He's got them on the third hook up. Okay. And he's gonna start just with no spring because originally I designed this with no spring and then I thought, hmm, I bet he could add a spring to this. So he will show you the first movement without the spring and then he's gonna add it. So we're going to Tuck, drop the head a little bit for me with that and yeah. Thank you. So pull that knee to chest.

Tuck the Tuck the head and then extend. Yeah. And then pull and Tuck. Good drop is damn good. And yes, and again, pull it in one, one. Good. There you go. Beautiful. Okay, so now I decided, hey Tyler can probably push spring with this. So not everybody, if you, if that was enough for you, keep doing the same movement.

Now what he's doing is he's taking an arm and a leg in and an arm and a leg out and a normal leg in and an arm and a leg out. And what I love about this is I'm seeing this nice curve, but he does not sink into that lower back and his hips are staying fairly stable here. Okay. I'm not seeing you can't see it yet. You'll see it on the other side. I'm not seeing him slide out to this hip out here. He's very stable on that one. Hip. Good. Okay, I'll take that other side.

So we'll start with this single knee just by itself, just about four of those. And then we'll go into the arms. Okay. So here we are and we go up. We want that knee right underneath. Good and extend. Beautiful. And pull it in. Drop that head [inaudible] and good and exhale.

Oh, reach it. Nice and exhale. Ooh, really, really use those abs. Good. And exhale. Last one. Beautiful. Good. Okay, now he's going to scoot it back a little bit cause he's gotta use his arms now. And so now he's going to extend the leg in the arm and he's going to bend and pull that knee up to his chest and around the body, around the head with the body. Good. Now round that head too. Good and extend. Push it out.

And he's got his foot braced underneath him and they're nice and round and extend. Beautiful. Yes. Shoulders even. Good. Nice. And shoulders even. Perfect. Good. Very nice. Okay, good. All right, very nice. Okay, so now we're going to the most difficult part of this whole thing as if any of it wasn't difficult. This is the most difficult part. Um, so here, let me one second. Yeah, take my time. You can rest for a second to talk about this just very quickly. Um, this can, he's got purple springs.

This is a little bit of, um, a goldilocks principle here. You have to have enough white on the springs to support your body. Okay. But if it is too heavy, you're not going to be able to go anywhere. You're going to fly back upward. If it's too light, you're, you're, you're not going to have enough support. We had a guy in the studio the other day who's a former football player.

It's really, really heavy. He did this on red springs, um, and was able to do it. So you may have to play around a little bit. I can do it on purple springs. Um, so you know, the goal once again is not quantity. It's quality. Okay. So don't think about how far those feet are gonna come in towards your head for this first movement. It's more about bringing them down towards the floor so we get like six of them.

Six is good. I'll be happy with that. Okay. All right. All right. So well I'm gonna ask him to do is get into a plank position. All right? He's going to go into a pipe. He's going to pull his toes down to the floor, drop his head down nice and extend back.

So toes to the floor. Beautiful. And then drop that seed. He's got to really work hard not to arches back here and then drop. Push the feet to the floor. So he's not thinking about his feet coming towards his head.

Cause if he did, his whole body would fly up. Ord. Nice. One more. Two more. Two more. You got to do two more. Okay. I was being nice and rage. Come on. You can do it there. You God. Yes. Yes.

You see how hard this is and good tuck. Knees is the second version. And tuck the knees and Tuck the knees. Come on Paul. Beautiful work. Good. No extension. And that's fine. Yeah. And Pool. Yes. One more and pool. Nice. Okay.

Gimme that head out nice and long and swim with the legs. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight n one, two, three. Push up into my hands. Thank you. Five, six, seven and 8:00 AM relax. Thank you. I got them. Good. Very nice. Okay. He's not done yet. He's didn't. He's not done yet. He's only got a few more though. Alright, so here's your one where you need your support. You're kneeling arms almost. You're almost to your favorite woman. All right. Kneeling arms. Last hard one. Okay, so we're gonna, that's where we have the box.

So he's got something to brace his feet against. Okay. And he is going to lean into it ever so slightly. That's why I've got that box there. Okay. He's doing his hug, a tree show. Thank you. Shoulders down and he self-corrected there, which is awesome. Good.

And exhale and exhale. Shoulders down and away from the ears. Beautiful. Exhale. Good. Two more reach. And last one. Beautiful. Good. Okay. Second Movement is going to be a punch and I want him to go towards the floor slightly.

So he's going to reach down and two and down. Three. Good. He's keeping his glutes and his hamstrings tight to support the movement. Five and good one. So he's going into single arms 34 which seem really easy for him.

They're not easy. A to more nine, 10, very nice. Now this one I designed is a stretch. He doesn't really feel like it's a stretch. I like it. Uh, open the chest and bring those arms. There you go. Now it's a stretch and up.

So open the chest and he's, he's going to a point where he's not losing tension too much right here. And then he's raising him back up because if he goes too much lower, he's going to lose the extension. Uh, and he's gonna lose the tension on the springs. Good. Nice thoracic extension. They're not hyperextension. Good. Beautiful. Okay. Alright, you got it. We're going in to do a monkey.

Now the reason I don't have the safety on here is because he's in the position where this is not going to hit him in the head. Okay? The physician he's doing this from, okay, so he is here and what am I asking him to do is just point and Flex's fee. And what I want from you guys is not to allow your body to move up and down with this too much. I want it to stay stable, to keep that nice c curve in the spine, to keep those abs tight. And all that is moving. Is his feet in his shoulders ever so slightly. Okay. Now he's gonna [inaudible] and I want to really focus that you've got one, you've got as much weight on this standing on the foot that's on the bar as there is on the one that's going underneath.

Yes. And reach to more and reach good and reach. Very nice. Okay. And now reach up. Good. And bend the knees. Good. Very nice. Okay, very last one we're going to do is our spread eagle just to give a nice long stretch. So he's going to hold on and brace his feet against the, against the polls. He's going to hang back.

And what we want is a nice long stretch here. Okay. Let that head go for just slightly good. Get a really long stretch in his hamstrings and his back. Okay. Now from here he's gonna roll, lengthen the spine. And again, it's an arch from here too. He's really lifting that chest up. Okay.

We want to really lift the chest so that you're getting a nice long full body stretch here in Ale and exhale. And then when you're ready, roll it up and expand. Lift the chest. Beautiful. Good. Inhale and exhale, stretch long. Try to reset the tailbone to the back wall so that you get a nice long extension. Good. And then reach up and exhale, Stan. Beautiful. Good. And that should feel very nice. Good. Thank you very much. Tyler. Very good work.


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That was beautiful work!
Great class, well done Tyler!! Thanks Cecile as always.
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You didn't repeat the leg to the back sequence on the right side at all. I go to pilates to even out. Not to create more unevenness.
Sorry. Pls disregard earlier comment. It wasn't clear we were still working that one side or not . Looks like that was one side for 17 min.
Beautiful and incredibly creative
Thank you!
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What a great tower workout! I loved the fluidity and transitions. I hope to see more of your classes on PA. Once again, I am inspired by yet another amazing instructor.
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that was so hard! he makes it look easy. thanks!
Fabulous class - such innovative ideas and wonderful instruction and attention to detail. More please!!
Thank you, wonderful sequences! Yes, more please!!!
POWER tower hour! Wow....thank you!
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