Class #2336

Wunda Chair Workout

35 min - Class


Enjoy the simplicity of movement in this Wunda Chair workout with Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers. The teach basic exercises that require you to dig deep and stabilize. You will feel the intensity throughout the class because even thought the movements are simple, they are not easy.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Moon Box

About This Video


Christy and I are going to play on the chair today. And we talked about how I think oftentimes when we think of the chair, we think of all, all the acrobatic stuff that you can do on t...


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just what I needed this morning thanks gals !m
Great workout - thank you!
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Sometimes it's just so right to go back to the basics.
And yes, I agree, some exercises were so tough!
Enjoyed it really, thank you both!
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Kristi's sequence on the floor with a stable pelvic curl was a serious challenge for me! Thanks for the deep work, ladies. I'm definitely coming back to this class again and enjoyed it immensely.
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Great class! I always get excited when a new Kristi & Meri class goes up :)
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Nice quick workout when I am short of time. Thanks for your great cues!
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Return of the teaching duet! The shoulder work while on the Moonbox (23 minute mark) is really interesting.
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These two ladies rock! Love their energy and synergy!
Summer and Hydie, I think both of the moments you highlight are really specific to what we learned from Rael Isacowitz during our BASI training. I know Joseph did the shoulder work, but that he sat on the floor without moonbox (and probably on a different sized chair), I'm really not sure about the stable pelvis work. That strikes me as something Rael would create for the purposes of a client, but I'm not sure. In any case, glad you like them!
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Love the duet teaching!! Thanks!
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