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Think outside the Box in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She teaches a class with minimal spring changes and no Box so you can enjoy moving with the apparatus. She also adds rotation to many movements which makes them more interesting and challenging. Have fun!

Amy explains how you can do the entire class without the standing platform in case you do not have this prop.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Standing Platform

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Hi everybody. It's Amy. I'm here for a reformer class today and minimal spring changes. I have the risers up. Feel free to put your risers all the way at the top if you'd like, but not at the very bottom. You're going to need a little lift there if you have them.

If you don't have a reformer with risers, just do what you can. Uh, let's see what else. I have one more prop that we'll be using. No box. Uh, but it's a standing platform. It's a new platform that balanced body has made, its the an add on to the end, but it's not mandatory for this workout. So when it comes to that time, I'll let you know what's going on with that. Let's go ahead and get started with footwork. I'm just on two red springs today. Whoop. Head rest. Just adjusted and I've got mine up. So I want you to start, we'll start in Pele's v just take a couple deep breaths to get centered. Just kind of lifting, shake your pelvis a little bit if you want to traction yourself and just find a, a sense of organization.

Before we get moving and want to take about three deep breaths together. Taking the inhale through your nose and use the exhale dues. Press the air out, a little engagement in your abdominals just to feel the tone inside. Another breath in, filling up your side ribs and your back ribs. And exhale [inaudible] and let's do one more slight press of your shoulders back, heels together.

All right, so let's go ahead and extend. So it's a nice light spring tension. I want you to focus more on and right away getting that sense of elongation between your last rib and pelvis all the way around, not just your front belly, but your sides and your lumbar region. So we want that nice sense of length and you can inhale or exhale on your extensions, whatever it feels most connected to you right now. I do want you to press those heels firmly together. Use that all sort of, press your inner thighs together. I'm not gonna do one more after this one.

Just kind of setting the tone in my legs. Now continue on, but extend your right leg over the foot bar. I'm still in turnout. Let's just now do four reps and to work in some deep external rotation on your left hip. And then there's four staying here. We're going to lift the right leg up. Now Flex it as you lower down point as you lift and flex as you lower net cubit. Flex as you lift and point as you lower and flexes you lift and point as you lower. I'm gonna have you do that again.

Point and flex and point. Now keep it flex as you come up and point as you go down. So starting to really get into some stretch in the back of your legs. Now keep your leg up, lift your arms, open him up a little bit. Sense how wide shoulder blades are on your back.

I want you to flex the ankle hard, reach into the ceiling and pulse your inner thigh towards your head so we have that little extra little rhythm in the leg. Now point the foot. Do the same thing. Point and we'll do it again. Flex for four. You're really trying to stretch your hamstrings right there and point and deepen your abdominals and your hip flex or work. Now Center your leg. I want you to arc the leg over. I'm trying to touch the foot bar.

It may or may not happen, but I don't want to wiggle my hips to do so. And then lift and touch the other corner of the foot bar. So it's a little arc up and over. It's not quite making the corner of course, but it might make this corner two more times. Main thing knows pelvic stabilization staying turned out on your standing leg and up and over. So let's just do a circle leg circle from mat, cross around and lift other way. Cross around and lift again, each side, cross around and lift and cross around and lift.

Flex the foot and then slowly lower all the way down. And so quite a bit of work on your standing leg. Let's change, it's going to go back to both feet on the bar. Let's just go with eight basic presses too. Then a lot of the other pieces came in fours today, so and gather those inner thighs. Remember to find length, feel length once again and as you come down to the foot bar, extend your left leg.

We're still in turnout and just hold it there. So nice long left leg work. Those deep external rotators underneath your right hip. Okay, now lift the leg up. Flex the heel to come down. Point as you lift, flex as you lower it and keep it flexed as you go up, you'll feel a bigger stretch probably in the back of your leg. Okay, let's do it again. Keep it pointed for two and down.

Lift and lower cupid flex. Lift up lower, lift up lower and then bring the leg back up. I'm going to have you flex it. Strong standing leg. Open those arms feel within your back. Pulse the leg towards you for four three, two, one and point. Think inner thigh toward head again. Flex and joy, that hamstring stretching point and three and four.

Now lower the leg a little bit. Arc, the leg down slightly over the other leg towards the foot bar and then arch it back up. See if you can get over to the corner of the foot bar without tilting your pelvis. Lot of inner thigh work going on. Lot of outer thigh work going on to more reach at long to try to get to that bar. [inaudible] okay, so time for leg circles. One each direction around lift. Feel a nice stable pelvis again and lift in a flex the foot and you come all the way down and you can bring your arms down as well. Okay, so just a different way to get into our legs.

I want you to go into prehensile and just turn to extend and bend. Lift the arch of the foot as if you're trying to almost lift it up away from your foot bar and feel how that energy in that were comes into the legs up into the pelvis. Make sure to feel a complete wrap of all parts of your foot arch that's on the f on the bar and they have five more with this one. Don't forget that lengthening through your mid body feel like suction cup feat. All right, because the next position of the foot is irrelevant. I want you to go into right ball of foot of very high Relevate. What? I mean, there's a heel lifted, making sure you don't supinate though on the ankle, left leg, just to pun tabletop and I'm just going to have this do 20 little pulses and four I'm just trying to pump the quadriceps a little bit slightly.

Think about internally rotating your right femur so you kind of catch more of your ad. Dr Musculature, let's go 10 more. That first set of exercises was all externally rotated, so this has a little more edge on parallel or turned in last three, two now all the way out hold 10 calf raises or he'll lower lift and two and three really working single leg strength here and five and six check that pelvis, seven and eight little higher, nine and 10 and all the way in changing sides. 20 little pulses, one, two, and again, slight, slight internal rotation of your femur. Very slight. You should feel that they'll catch into those adductors. And seven, I'm just doing a little half pushes, eight, nine and 10 more. Whatever breadth is working is fine. Make it flow and 19 and 20 all the way out so that 10 little heel lower lifts.

One. Okay, two, three, one to strengthen and single leg work. Five, six, seven and eight and nine. Then we're going to put both feet on the foot bar, 20 little pulses or excuse me, prances now it's lighter weight. So be careful that you don't kinda hop the bar, meaning kind of whoops or bounce the reformer. Can you really want to go for those stretch or the ankle, but also the lift of the other heel and that lift through your center. I'm going to encourage us not to think about the push down as much as the lift up and up.

I'm going to count town ten nine lift up, lift up, might work your ankles differently. Four and three and two and one and rest. Just give your knees a hug. Lift your head and chest. Pull your knees in Nice and tight so you open up and stretch your lower back. You can wiggle a little bit. Okay, we're going into a little bit of bridging so you're still on to red springs.

Take your head rest down and place your arches or heels on the bar right in line with your sitting bones. Deep. Inhale to plane bridge articulation. Just nice fluid. Feel that length through your upper spine. Big Inhale here and as we roll down slowly trying to separate space between those spinal bones joints. Inhale again, like you're wrapping that tailbone underneath, you lengthen in the whole back of your spine, towards your knees, out across the room. Inhale, exhale, rolling down. So the next pattern, little variation on semi-circle or Fletcher work would call it Clara's semi-circle. And I have a little bit of that and my back around.

So we're going to roll up to the bridge. Now. Move your carriage a little bit away from the stopper, but hold it there. Hamstrings. Have to stabilize for a moment. Roll your spine down with the objective of keeping the carriage. Still really massage through those lumbar regions.

Find level and then come back home. Let's do it again. Roll up you that length. Then press away says we have to hold onto the work in the back of your leg, unroll your spine all the way to neutral pelvis and then come back in. Now reversing it so you stayed down. Press the carriage out. Roll up from here. Maybe a little bit trickier to finesse that articulation all the way up, even through your upper sternum here and then the n roll it down.

We've got one more in that direction so you stay on the mat carriage. Press it out. Hold, articulate. From here, you may feel your hamstrings more at this moment, so just be prepared. Little higher. Think not so much about thrusting the ribs, but lengthening the space between head and tail and coming forward, and then unreal. Then when you get all the way down, go ahead and bring your knees into your chest, lift your head in your chest up, hug onto those shins, and let's do that little same pen of wagging. Open things up. Okay. More abdominal work. Let's go ahead and come on up. I want you to lower your foot bar and we don't need it.

Place one red spring on instead of two. And we're turning to face the back. Okay? Head rest can come up at this point. Reverse abdominal. So knees, legs go through the straps. Okay, now go ahead and position yourself first. Flat on your back. Hands behind your head, right away to support your head. But I want to address something here where you place the straps.

If you have it weighed down here, it's not bad. It's actually you know, helpful. But you might find that you enjoy it a little bit deeper. Challenge when them, when they're up there, check that out and always know you can slide it back down. It's too intense. Okay, ready? So then the last thing, I want you to get your shoulder blades near the back edge of this mat. So you're gonna see that it takes me pretty far down into the springs. Uh, that's okay. It feels nice to somewhat arch that upper back.

Now lift your head and chest up. Think Mat work. Bring those legs up. You've seen these before. So we're just going to do four. Extend and flex the hips, extend the hips and flex, and I'm taking those knees and legs a little deeper than 90. I want to go a little bit further, but still reach my tail toward the shoulder rest. Inhale, exhale, pull in. Inhale, lengthen and excelling in. Now we're gonna add a little combo for four more.

So straighten and fold. Now curl the tail, lower the tail, extend, pull in, lift the tail, lower the tail. Try to get a little bit of um, lumbopelvic movement and deeper low belly. Extend Flex, pull in and level. Take your chest down for a moment, bring it back up. But this time rotate toward your left. Same pattern in rotation. So four times they're slipping.

I don't need it easier. There's this slipping extent. Pull and stretch. Pull and look for more rotation. Try to almost aim your left shoulder to the foot bar back behind you. Pull in and let's add the Combo so you come in little lift, lower.

Extend and find those deeper abdominals to mobilize the very end of your spine. Pull last one. Pull and lower. Little reprieve, curl up, rotate four times, just the legs one and elbows wide. [inaudible] because they're slipping and in extent and yeah, adding Combo press hold, lift that tail and sacred extend to seek a little more rotation around the back of shift. This reformer last too. Oh, it's hard to do and talk at the same time and curl and reprieve.

Place your feet down and allow the stretch to occur in your upper back over the edge. Unless that bothers you, but it really feels nice. Okay, come on up. And we are done with that section so we don't need these anymore for honor needs, but I do want you to change your springs again down to one yellow. Okay. So a lot of the arm work that I have planned for us in this class in this next series is just one yellow spring. I want you up on your knees, had rest can come down. Okay. Get situated with your left hand on the head rest shoulder over that wrist feed or kind of dangling over the back and your arm long on the outside.

So quadrat pad position, five poles of your arm. Just a nice easy pool. I think the yellow spring is fine. Feel free to try this with a blue if you need it. But the yellow provides some nice core work as well. And for you're going to stay up there and five hold it there.

Now just some triceps. Bend the elbow, extend the elbow, squaring your shoulders toward the bed. Keep lifting the belly up, not letting it spill down towards your map. And last one for five, fairly simple. Let's do the other arm. Just kinda crawl a little bit over to the side. Right hand down. Pick up that left strap, even weighed on the knees, trying to square the hips and shoulders. Here we go.

Straight arm and we pull back one and [inaudible] too. Trying to steady even weight on your knees. You may notice that that's not accurately the same on both sides. Pretty common. Try to seek for it. And then five triceps [inaudible] can you keep your elbow high? Something to think about. Three, lifting this stomach up away from the mat for okay, and last one for five. Okay, so let's come up on high Meiling now and I want you to keep, keep yourself a little bit away from the shoulder rest unless your balance feels a little sketchy. You can always move up, but I want you to just cross the straps now and feel a little bit of lift in through the abdominals, but also the hamstrings up into your glutes, up into your lower back and up out your neck. Okay, let's just do some rows just in easy. The rows will show up again and if you exercise is down the road, she's feeling some nice work in the deltoids.

I'm aiming my elbow somewhat low as I go to the back, seven and eight, so two more. Again, on the yellow it's very easy, no big deal, but now let's pull and rotate one arm, then the other for eight repetitions. So each arm gets a four. Aim your elbow down low as you return, but send your neck and your head up high. Last two. And because it's nice lightweight, I'm going to go back to the rows for two. So we have one and two and then add a little more tricep extension with it.

So Ben and straighten, bend in and let's add that again. Bend and straighten and to go all the way through eighth. So here's three tone those hamstrings. So get a little organized back there. Leg should be integrated. Yeah, for more. And extend. Grow Taller.

Remember that elongation from the foot, work through your midsection. Go back in and remind those abdominals to lengthen. Here's your last one and mets. Okay, moving on with more arm work, but one side down. I'm going to turn around and do my left hand. And the strap we're facing. The front feet against the shoulder rests this hand. Open up your palm, it straight ahead.

The other arm is going to kind of just slice here by your shoulder for just a second. Just hold it there. Okay, same organization, lift linkedin. Here we go, four presses, just a single arm, no rotation yet. Basic three and four. So what I'm going to do next is extend my right arm opposite of my left. Pull it back as I sh. Extend the left. So it's all three 80 movement. [inaudible] thinking actually a lot about the back of my shoulders when each arm comes back.

Okay. Now next time the left arm goes out, I rotate toward the right arm, so I'm turning, returning, trying to have that occur above the pelvis, not at the pelvis. Three I'm going to go all the way through. Eight. You guys [inaudible] see if he need to lift up and twist. Maybe focus this in upper abs around your shoulders and shoulder blades. Last two. Yeah, a little more rotation. Mistake here on this one. Okay. Arch your upper back.

Let the strap help. Lift your arm. I'm going to set in one hand backhand down on that shoulder rest. Press the pelvis forward engaged hamstrings and glutes and allow the strap to take my arm further up overhead. It's a wonderful stretch. Send even way through the knees. Now can you rotate and look up to that strap? Feels heavenly. Oh my gosh.

You'll still get open up the arm Wallah. Oh my gosh. I'm almost there. I am magically put it down. I did it and come all the way. You don't have to get that there, but it's kind of fun. Other side, left-hand by your chest, right hand by your shoulder. Here we go, guys. Press for four. See it kind of fight. It starts out basic, gets a little sneaky. Three, four. Now the right arm is going to go forward when the, when the left and then the rennet comes back. The left arm goes forward.

You get it. Alternate three and two and one. Now we add a little bit bigger spiral and I'm going to have you think of looking to that backhand and may help you find more rotation. Yeah, and you might want to think about where the rotation comes from. Is Middle Spine maybe around your shoulder blades, but not your hips. One more and stay. Okay.

Begin to lift the up arm. Place this back. Take your time. Pelvis, arm, very cow looking up. Tried to feel centered. Then the arm goes out and very big. Peck stretch. Really Nice deltoid. Stretch. Even the seagull liked it. Okay, and come all the way up. Yeah, just round yourself into a little cat position.

Wearable position. Shake the tail a little just to ease up in case that Gotcha. Too much in your low back and a little more arm work coming. So we're going to stand outside the reformer. We're still on a yellow spring and pick up the inside straps. I'm using my right hand again and I want you to find a lunge position.

I've really big lunge here, so getting that good crease in your front hip hand can be on your waist. Let's do a single arm kind of salute. Okay, so just eight again, all in a yellow spring. If you're short on time, you can up your spring and do four reps possibly [inaudible]. Yeah, and again, focus triceps, six, seven and then eight. And then phase two reformer. Find a squat or deeply a. Now I'm going to take my left hand and put it on that rubbery wrap.

Other hand on my hip and it's a single arm. Draw a sword. So thing elbow toward foot, bar side, deepen that squat for the more leg work and for more with rotation of the waist, you can go all the way around to the rope or risers. If you'd like. It feels so good. I'm going for eight. So four more. One, two, three and four. Okay. Turn to face the back. You'll probably need to move back a little bit. Hand on the rope inside.

Same lunging position is that row from earlier. So this is what the arm does. It start straight and I pivot. Palm faces up, elbows goes behind. Okay. Eight Times one work the control do initiate from the back of your shoulder, the back of your shoulder for more and six, lower those shoulder blades and eight. All right, so all that face in the other side. I'm going to set this down. I'll walk around the back inside. Okay. Triceps. Here we go. And one got a little excited. If it felt too hard, you probably have to scoot back like I did.

And for focus on abdominal connection to pelvis and six, seven [inaudible]. I'm happy it's a yellow spring and eight squats fakes. You Reforma get pretty close to it. Squat deep and low. Hand on the chord. Other hand on hip and just a single arm, half of the sword go lower for your legs. Three and four and the add a little rotation.

When you pull, look at the risers, look away. Exhale, whoa. And for more, more control. One too [inaudible] really initiating with the abdominals and four. Okay. They seem to back that same lunge inside arm and your rows one and to [inaudible] can initiate from the back of the shoulder and four and five, six and seven. Our last one. All right, let's go and set that down. We have one more section here I want you to crawl back up on.

We have a few more sections, but one more without that extra thing at the back. So kneeling pike, your hips down. You're going to have to probably take those off. Yes. Walk out guys carefully. Watch your thumbs and hold on to the top of the risers. Okay.

Now I want you to glide the carriage back. This is a nice, intense shoulder stretch and lat stretch and Serita stretch and all kinds of things. It's also thoracic spine stretch, so I don't want us to death grip the abdominals right now. We'll do some flection in just a minute, but can you allow more length from your tail out the top of your head and you just have to breathe. Okay. I don't want to do anything extra special, but just to allow, now I'm just imagining someone just said like a bowl of like apples or something on my mid back, mid, upper back, and I'm just going to absorb the weight of that bowl. So you'll see that I'm allowing my chest to lower because for me as exceptional shoulder stretch, I need this flection. Not everybody does, but I'm not trying to let my ribs go that I'm not holding on for dear life either. I want to focus on that upper back. In fact, just do a little wave like movement in there. Okay. It feels good. Now I do want to bring the carriage under me a little bit. Bring my spine up. Just give it a little rest. Okay. Let it fade back again.

Let's do some scapular retraction head between arms. Let the carriage fade back. So get your 99 in your hips and just scapular glide. Very tiny. Just think scapula. Okay, pretty small movement and for now do one more and hold it. Hold now, lift the abdominals. Lift your lumbar spine lift, lift. That's deep abdominal work. Add a little more hip flection. Release your hip flexors. Release your abdominals, but essentially do a very controlled back to neutral spine. Let's go again.

Scapular retraction. Lift your Lumbar, lift that lumbar. Now use those deep hip flexors. Keep a nice round spine. Release the hip flexors. Release the abdominals, hopefully neutral spine two more times. Scapula deep abdominals to flex lumbar and hip flexors. Getting deeper in there. Release.

Lengthen. One more scapula lift, flex, release and back down into that shoulder stretch. Give yourself one rotation. Just hold a rotation to one side and four little abdominal contractions. Nothing fancy. Just think Lumbar, getting those external obliques to really help me flex and one more. It's hard to take it into hip flexors there, but we're doing it. Here we go.

Lumbar and two more and last one. Okay, now take it back. Yes, some awesome tricep stretch too. I need that. I'm sure some of you felt like, like I did. Okay. Moving on. This is the part where I'm going to add the little platform, add onto the to the back. If you don't have one, you can do [inaudible] some of this on the floor, some mat work, just do it on the ground.

You can also probably get along box if you have one handy and put it on the outside here in the back and just kind of experiment where your feet would to step inside the well. Okay, I've seen it done that way as well. And then there's an adductor series where you'll probably have to put the box on the side. All right, but I'll be right back. It looks like this balanced bodies new add on to see the black things or the feet and they go that way. I've gotten my platform on, let's do some ad doctors so you still on a yellow, put your knee on here. Your right knee, you're going to have to put that knee right up against the shoulder. You may want to use your hands to help you grab the riser and then put your left foot on the platform. Now here's what I mean.

If you don't have that platform along blocks out here would be fine and especially if you don't have a lot of external rotation in your hip, your, this might be difficult for you also. So a box out there is probably better, but this is fine. I have the turnout, so I'm going to hold it there. Now what I'm going to focus on is working this hamstring, but just to hold my knee here, this ad doctor group and my buns contract to pull the carriage underneath me toward the other leg. Okay, let's do eight of those three. I'm gonna set my hand on my hip for five when I add a little rotation here in a second, six, seven, and eight I'm going to do eight more. Do I dare? I'm going to turn in the direction of the foot. Bar Two, very attempting to bend this knee more.

Three, isolate just that downward knee and four. Oo, lift and turn. Three, two, and one and rest. Put your hands down. Please. Guide yourself out. Put that foot down on the floor. Turn yourself around, get your carriage knees secure first. Use Your hands. May want to come up on the riser. Set your foot.

You get yourself in a turnout on this top leg. You may want to just hold your hand at your knee. Hand on hip. Here we go. Exhale, pull. Use those add doctors and those deep rotators right underneath your butt. It's all of that work gathered right into your midline pole. Six are you still tall and your spine?

Very easy to start sitting down in the Lumbar Trynna to let's add some turn. Lift to twist, lift and twist. Work your left lat. It helps you rotate. Five, six, last, two, seven and eight. Okay, hands down, carriage glides. Step your foot out. Okay. All right everybody, so if you don't have this again, put it on the back edge. Get a little creative.

If you have your platforms that right at the front, put your hands on your shoulder rest. Now I really want, you've already stretched out those shoulders so this feel okay to do. Allow yourself to sink down towards your thighs. Let your head go. Take a deep breath. Use that exhale to lift those ribs and lumbar bones up and back and extend. I'm not really releasing into hyperextension. Just let yourself release. Okay. Again, accentuate the pool up and in.

And then the release, ah, he was very nice on my low back. For those of you who need some elongation in the Lumbar, this is really nice. Three more lift lift and it wouldn't be out of the question to start adding some more undulation to that. So here we go. We're going to flex. Let appeal up your spine, let it ripple all the way through into high back release. Now accentuate the extension. I'm gonna slow it down so we can exaggerate the undulated movements that you can do sitting Paul root, your feet and lift.

And okay, so this is kind of our version of swan today. Upper back, pull collarbones back. Now most of us have a very mobile neck. I'm surely one of those people, so I want to accentuate more of my upper back rather than my neck like that. Upper back. Okay. Three more.

Just let it ripple. Uh, really nice use of the erector spinae muscles along your spine. Just feel so good and two more. Then we'll do this with some rotation, probably in sets of four lashes. Okay. Right hand on the shoulder rest. That's good. And just put the left hand kind of on the platform or on your back and be fine. So there's a little bit of rotation that's happening here.

And then do the same ripple. We don't have to just do the articulation to lumbar. Want you to get those fossette joints. Maybe you could even look, look back. Hmm. Miss my lift. It feels too good to stop at four. I'm going for eight. Take a deep breath in. Fill that long.

I'm thinking of my left one mainly. Okay. And eight on the other side. My back feels really good. Here we go. Lift and roll and articulate. Lift and down. Wow. So reformer work can be a creative as most of you know, think outside the box. Quite literally.

Ron Fletcher said that the reformer was his dance partner. So go figure. Get to move with our apparatus last one and down. Oh, okay. Feel free to do some more creative things for yourself on that edge. Okay. A few more pieces in this workout. So what I'm going to have us do, you know we're still on yellow, is get on the reformer bed on your knees.

We're going into some front support work. Hands are going to be right on that platform. Think plank, so crawl on out, get your hands. [inaudible]. I'm five three. I can do this. Here we go. Yup. Okay. I have three and a half, so I'm in my plank position.

Let's kind of play with playing peer images for a few reps. You can kind of get a sense of what this feels like. Now this is the piece. What I mean, if you don't have the platform, just do it on the floor. The next couple pieces, but for those who have the platform, push it to the back of the reformer. Really secured in and pushed the reformer into the carriage.

Really feel the push of both. Pull down, lift and push. Okay, one more and then of course go for a little arabesque. It just feels good for my legs and my hips. [inaudible] I'm gonna try my right side first knee, lift the leg and hold. So I'm going to just let you give some time to hold it. Kind of relish or linger. Pushing with both arms evenly. Okay. I'm going to go ahead and pull spur aid. It just feels good and one.

I'm actually trying to think of my pinkie toe up here coming over my head. Five, six, seven and eight. Now three times. I'm going to lower the leg as I come to plank. Lift the Pinky toe as I come to arabesque lower and come to plank. It just feels good and up. Pinky toe over the head once again and up. And then Anna. Okay, other side. If your arms are pooped too bad or just take a little break, find it linger. Linger.

Eight, seven, six, even shoulders square. Six, seven, eight. All right. Down and Pinky. Toe and Pinkie toe and down. Thank youdo overhead and then down. Okay, one more in the a weightbearing without coming down. Walk a little to the side. Turn. Now in Matt Class, you can set on the floor.

Well here we don't have a whole lot of place to sit, so I want you to just lightly touch that shoulder block. Push into your legs. Take your side bend. Just one lovely stretch. Push this arm down, lift your ribs up, lift your hips up, left. That's enough other side. Walk across. Pivot first, kind of cropped into it.

Extend your legs, arm, push the solid arm down in the platform. Lift your shoulder blade ribs up to the ceiling. Turn and look over that downward arm. You long gait. Feel your hand and feed on the surfaces and lift [inaudible]. Okay, that's a breather.

We're going to do a nice low on one big exaggerated stretch. I'm going to come that way for so you can see it. Not like these things haven't been exaggerated. Here's what I mean. Okay? Hook your toes. Step this outside foot really far up here. Way Up there.

Almost straight. Put your hands on your riser. [inaudible] and you've just, you've been in this big exaggeration of your shoulders already a few times. Hang out with it. Enjoy the extension and length of your back, your spine, your lats, connective tissue. Now what I want you to connect though, right away here, big stretch this foot into the floor. Push hip, back the other hip on the mat.

Use it. Push, push, push. So I'm going to retrack my scapula. I'm pressing my left hip down on the bed. I'm going to come into a upper back bend. Huh? It feels so good.

And then go back one more time in this outside arm is going to do a little extra gesture. Okay, so press foot to floor, hit back thigh against bed. I'm taking this slows because it's kind of exaggerated this arm now. Oh Ben, I'm trying to lift my upper back up, up, up, and then left. [inaudible] and that is that side. Okay, last one on the other side and we're done. Don't forget to finish the second leg. You'll feel really lopsided. Okay, so hook your toes. And again, you don't have to have the riser to do this, so you're good to go outside. Foot greedy, far forward. Tried to square shoulders and hips.

Linger, linger. Let those connective tissue fibers in the lattes and lumbar really get some extension. Now I'm going to press my left foot out here on the mat on the floor, pressing my right hip down on the bed, scapular retraction, and start to drag my chest forward to the risers. But a lot of what's happening is pressing this thigh on the bed, lift [inaudible] and out. Last one with that extra outside our movement. Uh Oh God. Reach spiral lifting spiral length in your leg.

The arm's going to come up all the way back. Let's all finish together just by standing, noticing how you feel. You can just take a nice breath. Thank you. See you next time.

Pilates at Home - Playlist 5: No Box, No Problem


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Thank you Amy - always enjoy your creativity of movement sequences! Love outside the "box" work. For the seated pull up sequence - I do that standing inside the well back against the risers - as I don't have a standing platform. Thanks again!
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Very creative thank you Amy.
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Wow love your creativity Amy! Especially the twists:) Thank you!
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Just got back into town and this lovely class was waiting for me. Thank you Amy! love it!
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Thank you Amy. Some beautiful variations there. I really enjoyed this lesson and your calm and encouraging delivery.
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Really nice Amy! Loved all of the single arm work especially facing front and rotating. I do not have the platform so I just placed my foot on the side of the reformer when doing the adductor work & it seemed to work just fine. Thank you for reminding me to aim my tailbone down when we were doing the straps on thighs ab work. I know there were so many more things about this class I loved and I can't remember them all. Thank you!
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Very nice, wore me out.
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What a delightful and challenging workout. Lots of new moves! Thank you, Amy!
Flippin' awesome! Thank you,Amy! Always love your classes.
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FYI, I didn't realize it at the time, but, I used some muscles I never knew I had...awesome!
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