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Traditional Reformer Flow

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Amy Havens teaches this traditional Reformer workout that encourages centering and reminds us that Pilates is a practice where breath is what moves our body. This class assumes that you are already familiar with the traditional Reformer exercises, their order, spring settings, and transitions. You'll also enjoy some great hands-on teaching moments between Amy and her student Haille.
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Hello everybody. I'm here with Haley and we're going to do reformer workout. And I have run a groths today. She's not been on a groths before, so this is a new experience for her to be on. And as I think we've agree, um, and you've seen me say this before, I think it's really important to get on different pieces of equipment and feel, feel different things and feel different responses from the spring tension and the ride and the pull and all that kind of thing. So this is her maiden voyage on the grocery farmer. So go ahead and have a seat. We'll start with footwork and she's on four springs. We tested it.

Okay. Pilati z. But before I want you to and anyone who working out with us together, um, just breeze, you know, get into your workout yes. And your workout mine and sweating and all that good stuff, but just get centered. Uh, remember this is a practice and the breath is really what moves through our body and with our body. So, um, you know, not too fast of a pace enough, nothing furious and too muscly. Let's just feel the breath. Okay, so relax your toes and what your metatarsal is on the bar. Heels lifted. Ground your pelvis and take three preparatory breaths. Haley, inhale wide through your ribs. Feel the mat underneath you and exhale.

There you go. Fill your bones. Just settle into the mat and x. They all, yeah, feel the ribs expand into the sides of your arms and exhale. Now that breath moves you into footwork. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale. Come in. Inhale the ribs, expand as you travel out. Exhale and inhale, right? Then link the this reformer and these springs give you already a different sense of get underneath your body. Like what I'm picking up from watching you as we know the springs are underneath the bed. Feel like that's the back of your body moving, right? So yeah, the, the Cavs, the hamstrings, the glutes, the, the back muscles, all the way, even up over the skull and then there's a wash down the front of the body. I think we're on nine.

She's going to count for me and 10 she's going to try. Okay. She's going into prehensile arches of the feet. Ready? Go. Inhale. Yeah. Don't forget that extra extra, extra length at the top of that leg extension through your midsection. Good. Inhale and pull the springs home. Yeah, so the back line of the body standing up, you're standing up. Good. And nine that looked different.

And 10. Okay, and flex your heels. Actually the ankles flex, don't they? You put your heels on the bar. Inhale, push and exhale. Always this feedback. If someone can do this for you, put your hands on your person's feet. Even when you come all the way into that bumper. Think, keep, keep thinking. Toes to knees, toenails to knees, even those Pinky toenails. Good, nice, strong use of the back of those legs. Couple more. Nine I believe, and 10. Okay, let's go back to the metatarsal is now perfect and lift your toes up so you've got the metatarsal is there. Here we go. Pushing out the hold.

I want you to Elongate your leg muscles more length and good. Now three counts to lower your heels has come down to three. Rise up to three, lower down to three. Rise up to three and down two and lift. Lift, lift. In down to three and lift, lift, lift.

Keep going. You can straighten your knees a little more. Yeah. You're not a hyper extender like yes I am. I mean a little. Yeah. Almost. You could keep going. What if you think it bringing your Tibia up? I Dunno if that does anything at all. Bring your TV up to your kneecap. Yeah. Two more. Just something fun to think about. And last one and lift.

Bend your knees and come all the way in. Okay. You did your full work. So let's do the hundred and she knows the transitions. Of course he's watched a lot of PA. He knows. Whoops. That's okay. No worries. Here we go. She's got it. Okay. Deep breath. Remember when breath, exhale and hold the position.

Could you inhale and exhale a little more into the shape? There we go. And pump four five, right? So there's that pressure point heel against heel. I know you can go lower. Good. So the back of the body's like this is going and then the front of the body is washing over this way. So there's this constant, there you go.

The back of the body coming up over the front. You see my circle back of the body up over the front. Nice. Hailey. Nine fill up the lungs. Beautiful Form and last one I think. Exhale, fold the knees in. Rest for a moment. Put the straps in one hand and take your head cradle down with the other.

That's fine. Go in for rollover or overhead. Then head. Yep. Good. Okay. Remember breath, nothing too fast, furious or forceful. Inhale up and over. Exhale. Now I just want you to do it. Flex the feet. Open the likes of the width of the reformer. Reach into your knuckles there and roll yourself down.

You can lower your legs fairly low. Your legs in together. Raise your arms and let's go again. Find the breath and flow up and over. Flex your feet and open and rolling down. Good. Sweep around and again, one more and it makes sure you're rolling down the center of your spine.

Flex and open and hold for a minute. Lift your legs a tiny bit higher. Good. Lift your waistline there. And now we rolled down. Let's go in five. Ready? Five control, four, three, two and one beautiful coordination. Let's go five of them. Elongate open close first the knees and then the elbows and get long and your hip flexors get long in those hip flexors. Good.

Long your thighs. Two more. Good Hailey in and we know the next one is our last one and then we'll move into rowing facing the back of the reformer and n. Okay, good. Spins right off the reform and that's great. It feels good. Do. Yep. Perfect. All right, let's do three of each. Okay. Same thing. Just find a good sense of breath.

So knuckles to chest views that this left. This is what I love to feel. That lift is this lift and maintain there. Now even all that length in your spine, beautiful goal to roll into. That's luscious. Hold the cared steady. As you press your arms open, now start to pull your arms behind to me. Then dye forward. Let's go. And now Haley's got really flexible shoulders, so I'm not going to let her do the big circle.

I wanted to go more in a horizontal line like that and she's going to scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop. And then as your roll up, get that same lift in your back. Okay. We're just gonna modify that range cause she's really loose. They're good. Haley now, solid abdominal control. Keep that seeker. Press the arms back. Make sure you lifted in your c curve as you come over your thighs.

Good big circle. Stomach off your legs there. And Build, build, build, build, build, build, build. One more time. Taller there and roll back. Gorgeous long legs anchored in the front. Press ribs up, up off your legs.

There you go. Hey, and then into the second version she's lifted. Feel those knuckles reaching into the ceiling rafters there. There you go. Scapula down now hinges back, control those ribs. There you go. Lift up over stomach, up off your thighs and sweep your arms all the way back. Great control of the spring. Yep.

The next time you go ahead and do it, see if you can on the not let the spring close completely ever. Let's see what happens. Yeah, that's it. So your abdominals have to stay holding up on that spring. There you go. Try not to let it close at all, if to anticipate when it's coming. There she goes pretty cool and hold. Okay.

Let's turn to face the front for a hug. A tree. Nicely done. Beautiful. Cross your legs. Yep. Press your knees down. It's your favorite one. Hold your arms up. Alright. Press those knees down and want to really see you work at glutes. Okay. And let's inhale as you close your arms and three counts open, open, open. Inhale close. And press your knees down, down, down. Just one more.

And press your knees down, down, down. Now can you cross your legs the other way as you can unless you shave the back of the head. Okay, though. Again, control your shoulders cause you've got so much flexibility. I'm going to actually take your elbows a little more like that and then really lift, reconnect. Press your knees down against this lift of your back. Ready. Stretch up, shave that ponytail off and flex down. I would say just a little bit. Kind of look not at the foot bar, but beyond to the white wall. That's it. Where the knees press them down.

It's her favorite thing to work on. Rotating your hips. Press. Yay. Haley. Left. One left. One. One more. Yay. Okay, great. Let's do long box. How's the Roth's feeling? She says it feels good. Long box. We'll do pulling straps, t press backstroke, teaser showing good ergonomics. Lifting now, box squatting. Picking up, yeah, one spring. Chest at the edge. Okay.

Choke up on the straps. Okay. And then just make sure that the ropes are the leather's. Not twisted. You got it. Okay, and before we go breathe, just take a couple breaths to just, here we are and I'm just going to sneak my hands under just to remind those abdominals to stay up as much as possible. They may drop a little, but we're trying. Okay. I would love for you to inhale the whole arm pole. Ready. Go and exhale the region. Return [inaudible]. Inhale, look at the railroad tracks.

Try to get your chest phone as high as a railroad tracks. Lift, lift, lift. Left. That's better. Again, like the collarbone bone rolls down your back, right into your hips. There you go. Have you do two more Haley, feel the breath. Eh, good correction. Keep these down a little bit. Last one. Use your upper back more upper back, upper back, upper back and beautiful. Okay. T press. Just three of them. Okay.

Now feel my, you said kind of just lift the back of your neck into my hand. That's perfect. Here we go. And inhale. Feel your triceps are working toward your spine. Press in. Yes. Exhale wide. Beautiful. Hailey. He could probably lift up just a little. Here we go. The springs are different, aren't they? And exile.

That's plenty of rest all the way you're asked restaurants. Oh good. Okay. So backstroke and then teaser. She's changing. That was just in one spring. Now she's adding the two for backstroke. Great.

Okay. Collect your thoughts and I'm going to just inform you it not a big deal while it is this got twisted. Yeah, yeah mean you're welcome. That's what I'm here for. Okay. You would do it for me. Okay. So before you think rolling like a ball, right? Getting there. Here we go. Stretch arms and legs open and scoop. Really scooped.

Dive that chest towards your thighs and then fold it in and squeeze tight. I again, reach up, open and scoop. Just a better, that's plenty good. And come on in one more. Lift. Open and scoop. You're okay. Get a little higher. Reach your legs a little longer. That's right. And come in.

So pause for a minute. Do you know what's going on? Yeah. Okay. And this is what's great and it's hard if you're at home doing this. If you don't have a teacher right here, it's so subtle, but move a little to the left on your box. She was just a teeny bit to the right and it was the little, the feel.

It didn't feel right. Now you're centered. You could probably still stand to go that way. A tiny, tiny bit. I know. And now she feels like she's on the floor. Yeah. Okay. Try it. You want to try the same direction? Yeah, just give it an a. I have a feeling you'll like what that feels like in that weird, um, achievement way. Ah, when you think little better, see right there. Use your left belly more right now. Yay. Okay, one more time.

We don't need to reverse it. Okay. Cause that was a lot we were going to, but no, let's do teaser. [inaudible] great. Does a beautiful teaser transition. She's a rock star. Okay, so same thing in this. This really matters, you know, and it's nice to be able to look back and if these are ideally right in the center, but no, your pelvis needs to go to the right. Yeah, just a tiny bit. Okay. Ready? So nice and slow. Nice. And so again, it's like a, like a cloud underneath you lifting you right up.

Beautiful. An exhale. As you roll back away from your legs, just take your time. The exhale happens. Okay. Again, inhale. It's like the breath comes from underneath you.

Underneath you lifts you up a little bit. Open here. Good. And exhale. Pull away from your legs. Feel the articulation. Beautiful. We'll add some stuff at the top. Here she goes. The breath comes from underneath. Underneath. Hey Haley. Okay. Look past your toes and just say easy down with the arms.

And remember the arms come from the back of you. Right through here. Here's your power source right in the sides of your back and your stomach holds back and lift. You want to do a little one circle or two circles each way? Okay, not bad. Very, very good. Other way for to stomach back in a hold it. Use The exhale slowly. Bring yourself down. Exhale. There's weight in an exhale, there's exhale, there's exhale. Lovely.

Okay, great. Good. Let's take the, put the straps down. Good. It will take the box away. I don't have you do stomach massage series next. Okay. And how about you do the two outside springs? Not Three. Well, no, do three springs. What am I saying? Too easygoing to his sit down.

Yay. What do you think right now? How'd that feel? Close. What does it look like? This is where at the edge. You're pretty close. You're pretty good. So Ken, no, you lift your heels up. Yeah, so that's good. So the lift of the heels did kind of shift you backward, but you're not gonna fall.

I mean you might want to push no push and feels go under heels, come up, lift the heels. That's it. Push heels up. Keep them up. Push down, lift. Keep them up. Yep. Remember with your stomach, not your legs, stomach, not your legs. If we can help them, you know your legs work. You know you haven't got strong legs cause you're more times stomach. Good. Hailey. Yes. And all the way in. Okay. Lift your arms up and put your hands behind you on the shoulder arrests.

Okay, so let's get a little more in curious about that. Unless it hurts. Okay. Can we go up like this? Can we do a little more of that? I mean get a little more to there. Yup. You know, it's your, if you see me teach Hailey before, yes, we talk a lot about words or say grim. And right now I'm trying to push the sacrum forward. Yup, that's right.

Here we go and back again. Heels and lift. Sacrum forward. So don't rush that moment as much as you want to rush through it. Don't there? Yeah. A little less of that. But sacred [inaudible] and sacred. Sacred. That'll be with your hip flexors. Yeah.

You know what I mean? Like yields there. It's okay. She'll do more. Yay. That's it. Okay. Take off a spring up. Heels up. Here we go. Push away. And heels left. Good and left. That's right. Good thinking. That arrogant lift. That's right. Good. Three morning air is, that helps me to thinking of air. Good. One more and just go right into rotation. Either side. You start it, look good. It's always those heels up.

I've been cute on that. Men, many times myself. Heel stayed together up. Give it one more. Each direction before your monkey stretch. Good for you. Use your waist and turn and then hands in the middle and feet apart. Stretch. Yeah, and you can even lower your heels right here. Go ahead. Breathe. Yeah. Feel that cycle of breath all the way back into the lower, lower lungs here. Yay. Strong lady.

Okay. It feels good, doesn't it? Yeah. Okay. Let's take that away. Lonely stretch series. Why not? Good hand foot, hand, foot, and then before you get going and pushing away and all that stuff, let's just see your shape. All right. Your position, your organization, your focus, your concentration. Okay. Now, without losing this connection, just broaden the upper ribs a little here. That's all. There you go. Now your breath moves. A reformer. Remember, inhale moves the spring. Exhale closes this spring. You closing your ribs here. Inhale the stretch. Y Yes. X Sam. Narrow it in.

Three more. Hailey. Good. Every time you come home, open those upper ribs. Just a little. Yeah. Beautiful. Exhale. You've got it and you know the next one is down. Stretch without making any noise.

Good. Okay, now before we go in, yeah, let's lift those ribs up out of the belt and the lower back. Okay. Those upper ribs back a little bit. Ready and press your heels back and exhale. Lift up and press your heels back. It's like you want to leave your heels back there as you come forward up the wall, but back bending a little bit again. Inhale and exhale two more times.

Try to pull the reformer foot bar wider. Yeah, use some bull bull bulldog arms there. Hold no rounding to c c shape. Stand up into up stretch position. Yay. Okay, beautiful. Okay, so something we work on also because he's nice shoulders are so flexible. I want him a little more muscular connection here.

So sometimes they tell her to do bulldog arms, which is a little bit of bend of the elbow for her. So she gets some work in her shoulders. Okay. Cause we tend to lock and go too, too hyper extended. So she pushes the carriage out, she pulls the carriage forward and you're going to really take your time to contract to contract, contract, push with your hips, pull the carriage forward. Hips and hips over the heels. Three more hips. Good stomach feeds into the hips. That's what we should be saying. It's a different push, isn't it?

On this reform or last one all the way in. Nice. Haley all the way up and then quietly set your feet down. Okay, now dig your heels down a little bit more firmly all the way against those blocks. Okay. And bring that carriage home. Yup. Toes up. Okay. So give me, just indulge me for a moment here. I'm sure you won't mind. Okay. Like big leave impression. So the dig of the heels, I want you to use that to push the reformer and then pull the ribs up to pull the carriage home. So it's gonna go hit heels, dig. Yep.

Heels dig ribs, pull up heels, dig ribs and again down. Nice rhythm. Five more heels, ribs, heels, reps, heels, ribs, heels, ribs. One more in N. Relax. Okay. Knee strap series. Let's go around, back. Flat, back. Probably these off also. Good. Do you need a towel? All right. Okay. We can [inaudible] okay, she's all right. All right, so same feeling.

Focus first on your heels pressing against the the shoulder blocks. No, go anywhere. Enjoy that. Like that's the setup, right? And there's that same scoop. Scoop. Okay, here we go. And you know my ques with my hands. I've got my hand on your sake room. Now keeping it angled down and my hands at the ribs. Here we go. Push and pull quickly. And in three, four, five, six, this girl strong, seven, eight, nine and all the way in. Right? That's what I thought. Now lift your sake.

I'm up into my hand. Okay. Exaggerated for a minute. Hailey. Really exaggerate your lower back bend. Just sit in there, you know I mean, yeah. Which, that that's exaggerated for you, which it would be for anybody. This is a little too much. So then just elongated. Okay, good. Bring those up or ribs back like that and go pushing and in all the way and for heels. Dig. Heels. Did good. Seven, eight, nine and 10. Control into flection. Shift weight into your arms and let's go to knees off. Here she goes.

Two, three, keep it round. More glutes for glutes. There you go. Seven, eight, nine. You're going to hate me. 10 hold it. And then lower the knees down. Okay. Excellent. Let's pause. I'm gonna get you a towel. Okay. That's okay.

It's a different reformer. It's just like, it's different. Then she sweats. It's good. Yeah, it's really good. His perfect. Ready for some short box? Yeah. Okay. Okay. We're back. We're going short box. Hey Lisa, go ahead and set yourself up for short to box. I might need this. You might need this one.

Keep that. So all of our springs over the blocks, this is a great opportunity. Yeah, it's sure is. Well, I just think you'll feel it differently. I know I do. Okay, so I want, I'm going to sit where I look at you from back here again so that we're really centered on your box. Yup. And Flex those ankles. Pull up in the strap and pull out. So you really, really get those outside hips working. You got it. Okay. That probably feels good. Just that. Now wrap your arms around you. Sit Tall, breathe in, exhale and flex your spine and roll back. So if I had your tailbone, I'd be pulling it this way towards your feet.

Ready and curl back up. Dive over, dive over, dive over and then roll up. So go. Not Quite as big. This next one. Ready? Yeah. And I'll tell you where I want you to stop. I want you to stop right there and die. Now when you roll up, keep this head down. Yeah. Put this focus he had is the last thing.

They'll grow taller. There we go. Oops. Messing up her hair rule under. Same thing. I'm not going to let you go as far as you did on the first one. Yeah, pull out on the ankles. Good. And keep your head down is the last thing that comes up and sitting up.

One more time here. Good. Haley, pull out. I just don't want you to use reflection. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Because now you can go into extension. Now it'll go. So how about hands behind head first? Just a couple and then we'll do it the pole. Okay. Same thing with those elbows.

Yeah. Get those ready. Squeeze the glutes. Lift Hall, pull out on the ankles and as you lean, look down towards your hips and center. Press the head back into the hand just by the go. Little bit more control. And now the weighted pole. Yippee. Do hold that right above you. In fact, I'm going to have you hold it slightly in front of you and just absorb the weight of the pole into your lats and your external obliques. And these imaginary pockets that will sometimes be queuing, right? Just put the weight down into your trunk. Now slowly lean back, but look toward the toes of towards your foot bar there and come up, pause and again and lean, good and center dropped away down.

I know I'm pulling up on you, but two more times. Keep looking down. Good and left and last time dropped that weight into the core of your body. Yeah. Now lower the bar for just a second and you'll go back up again for little side bend. No, it's very, very minor. But the bar's not quite centered in your hands. It's okay. This, these little intricate things that Kinda sometimes make a, yeah. Okay. So I would love for you to lean forward a little like your collarbone is going to be in front of your Colvis here and then little side bend to your right.

Well, I hope you sit that left hip down, stretch this lot long, lower back and then set up to vertical and then lift up. Stretch left. Really the effort is keeping that right hip down there. We go and lift up and over to the right. Good and center and up and over. You really move the ribs with your breath. One more breath here.

Here. Yeah. Beautiful. And Center. Okay. Lower your arms circle. Now let's do, I think I would like for you to take the pull back above your head. Is it too heavy? No little rotation. And you can choose right or left. You get to start. I want you to sit tall though first. And spiral twist.

Lean back or hinge. Keep pulling out on those ankle straps and center return lifted a little taller. Yeah, here we go. Use your breath. Pull out, pull out, pull out. Good and taller. So I can't be in two places at once. I would go back up and you know, help you up with the pole. But I'd rather be out here cause this is something we've talked about before.

Good. Okay, one more. Each side. You're going to love this twist and hold for a second. Now when you lean back on this side, Lena, go in, go into this space a little more there. Haley? Yeah. And then that side, this side is okay.

You seem to be a little more in your matrix and I'll go this one one more time. Go this way. Yep. Good. And then just round in rest. Yup. So just so you know things to check into. Let's climb a tree. Woo. Okay. Okay.

You pick a leg. All right. That's the beauty of this. We do both bikes. Okay. This is about our back. We know this. This is the better back. Okay? So if, okay, go ahead. Extend your knee and bend your knee. Try to keep your thigh absolutely where it is when you extend that knee. There we have it. One more time. Lift and hold.

Walk your hands up to the ankle and then just hold for a moment. Are you really seated evenly on your sitting bones? Adjust if you need to. Perfect. Now contract your abdominals and move back into pelvic tilt. So let's focus that as a hip movement. Okay. So once again, I want you to adjust your right hip forward. There we go.

This is what's so nice to have a teacher around. Okay. So. Same thing. I want you to know. Bend your elbows even more and pull your towards your leg and your leg towards your Taurus and just enjoy that. Okay? Now as you start to walk your hands down, I'm in your personal space, by the way, back here, so I'm not going to let you go too far. I want you really the first one just to go to about here. Okay.

Now walk up that tree. Walk up, walk up, walk up. Beautiful. And walk down. Send that sacred underneath towards your bottom foot. This is all the further you're going to go to. That way you stay in flection.

Yeah, I know you're dying to go into the backbend. Well, what the hell? Go onto our time. Go for it. You can do it. Bend over the box. That, lean into it. Yeah. Reach back. Reach back, reach back, reach back. She knows some variations. Yeah. Circle your arms wide out to the side. Climb up, climb up, climb up. Gorgeous. Let's do a little opening. So put your hand right hand here and left hand on the glass thing open.

I got to the side. Okay. Now the same thing as you flex your spine. It's really the pelvis too. That tilts you back. Let's open up this hip. Just too much pressure. Okay. Yeah. Huh. That's nice shit. Oh no, that's all right. Good and warm. Those muscles are, those muscles are responding. Okay, so I'm gonna hold your leg like this. You're going to bring your body like this.

Go up with your lower back. I know sister. Okay, figure for good. Yeah. See that's where my flexibility comes in handy. You get to give more to you. Okay, let's do the other side. It's getting better. Yes. No, your flexibility is definitely improving. It should be.

You're practicing a lot. Okay, so same thing. And that, that cue I gave you actually [inaudible] gave to me one time in a class that I was kind of surprised that she said it to me, but she said, did you Amy, did you know you're moving your thigh? When I was accepted, I didn't know that I checked out probably. So it was really about keeping my thigh completely still and moving my knee and it humbled me. I had to actually move my leg away from me a little bit that day, which was good. Thanks. Naija. I'm good. Yeah, so the hip joint that that stays anchored in completely stable. What we're moving is the knee. Nice. Hailey, you feel the difference too, I think. Okay. Holding. Walk your hands up. Good. Okay. Now, exactly. Good for you. And then bend the elbows.

Lift yourself toward that thigh and just hold on to that. Okay, so same thing. I don't want you to think about going so far back and it is abdominals, but it's your that rotates underneath you. A very going, really want to build some squareness there. Okay. There you go. Yep. Good. And then walk up the tree. Okay. [inaudible] as you're doing the more flexibility, kind of focused on remember you a lift to the leg.

Yeah. There's the difference between just pulling the body to it and lifting up into it. I think. You know what I mean? That's different. Very easy to see. Good. You may go back on that one. Yes. What am I doing? Yeah. Good.

Brief, kind a loss of focus of breath for a minute. Daily. Okay. That's okay. That's what we're here for. Okay, ready? So you're going open here. I go here. Taking your pelvis back. This is a different side. Of course we all have it.

Now here's the fun thing. You try to leave your leg out there, bring your body forward. The leg stays open. This is not her same rotated leg. The other one is more rotation. This is harder for her. Yeah. And now figure for good. Yes. Hmm. Oh that's okay. [inaudible] spilanthes right. We find the imbalances and we work with them.

But it's hard when we work ourselves out a lot to notice, you know? So next time you do your own workout, I want you to think in this figure four, bring your ribs like spiral right ribs forward and then flex more. We know this about you. No big deal. Just your stuff. Okay. Okay, let's take our box away and the bar away and I think we're going to do a couple things more. We're going side split and then friends. Plex. Okay.

Keep working some flexibility. This one is so strong. I don't know if we need the strength work as much as some flexibility and hip opening. So let's go to side split and we'll face the room. So go ahead and put your foot up on the wood and I will just do this for you. No big deal. There we go. Keeping the character nice and quiet.

Okay. And just as you were in short box feeling, the AB doctors focus them. Now of course it's harder. I mean not maybe harder, but more intense because the legs are so much further apart. I want you to take your arms by your side and breathe. So as we open, the carriage is an inhalation and exhalation as you bring a carriage home. And I want you to hold it for three, two, one I know.

Inhale wide ribs, got a long exhale and a tall body and you'll hold you. Pull up away from the floor, two and three. Inhale and exhale. So you're pulling up away from the floor, up and up. Last too. Good. And exhale it up. Woo. One more time. This is a lot. Good.

And exhale and exhale. I've got ya too as other foot in and you can stay up on the reformer and just turn toward the uh, window here. Fantastic. Huh? So every time our springs open we're breathing in. I like, yeah, there's space in the spring. There's space in her ribs or space in her spine. Ready and we breathe and we actually, we close the space but we're long. Good. And we inhale and we exhale tall. Tall. Huh? I got, Gotcha. Inhale. Good. So fatigue starts to set in, we know modify right away by re minimizing range of motion.

Kay. One more. Even if it's an inch of movement, you're doing it and, and we got it. Yup. Fantastic. Okay. Let's do some front splits. We're kind of winding near it. Okay. So Yep. Bar Up to spring. Super Approach. The partner good. Either foot and then we are going to work with uh, you're good. Yes.

The back leg in a little bit of external rotation rather than parallel. And I'm choosing that way when I work with Haley to get more of a, the opening across her pelvis and to, to broad. And here into the kind of the TFL and hip flexors and quads. Okay. Yeah. So go ahead Haley and lunge forward a little bit. Okay, I'm just going to do this here and hey, it's squares.

We can remember Palazzos as a practice takes a while and then I want you to feel the relationship of hip to Pinky toe. Exactly. And before you work on straightening the front knee, we'll get there. Just push the carriage back with that relationship of hip to pink Yuto right? So that line gets connected. You've got it. There you are. And it's about broadening that front leg, that hip and that sigh and I don't know if you can see or at home, but she's, it's changing just with each repetition. She's getting more square.

That's what we're endeavoring. Okay. Now Haley, go ahead and start the same way and now go ahead and enjoy. Yeah. And try to re squares. You come bending that front knee in and good belly up off the thigh. Yes. Been the front knee in and one more, they'll stay with me. Could you go lower? Could you split more? Could both leg split more reaching back, reaching forward, reaching back, reaching forward. Don't overdo it. Good for you. Alright Kiddo. And then lift the back heel pivot and set your knee down quietly.

Fantastic. Okay, so for a moment I've got my foot on the mat here. I want you to just to take your hands together and lift your, lift your arms up to the ceiling. Yeah, just give yourself a little bit of a up right there and connect and lift. Sometimes we don't always have to be in motion to be doing an exercise, you know? Yeah, that's lovely. Now Open your arms out wide. Put your hands on the foot bar and same thing. I want you to think of moving and carriage back.

Just a little movement with your back leg. It's the heel pushing into the shoulder rest. Good. One more time, I feel okay. That quad probably really good. Bring it all the way in and then just take your left arm up.

Now you got it and side bend. Remember to lift up into the side, then lifting up into the side. Beautiful. Okay, that's plenty. Put that hand down. Let's do those two patterns on the other leg. Such control on the reformer. Yeah, that's good. That's all right.

Okay. Huh? Yeah. Take all the time. You need to adjust the, you know, get yourself with your feet, your foot, feeling confident on non bar. Yep. Okay, so same beginning. Exactly. I'm seeing it too. That's all right. Hip To pinky toe.

There we go. And keep those legs that needs supported. Is that okay? Got a little adjustment there. Good push from the hip to the pinky toe. That's it. Okay. Now you can start to add a little more focused with straightening the front knee. But don't lose this feeling of connecting back into your back leg.

Drift your body toward the left. Now you're centered. Okay. Yeah. A little theme today. She's been a little right. Right sided. That's okay. Think left. Okay, so different Haley. Good. Huh? Can breathe left there.

That took care of it. And did you notice like increased range of motion? Take linger there for a moment or two. That's the side you need to linger in. Breathe. Let the oxygen fill that up. Give it one more time.

There we go. It's really in the breath, isn't it? Okay. And then pivot the foot. Good. Beautiful. Arms up overhead. So fuel your contact points. Wherever your contact points are on the, on the reformer or your partner, your foot, your heel, your knee, your other foot. Anchor there.

And then lift up with breath away from the other points. Yeah, Yay. And an inhale. Exhale. Circle the arms out around. Place your hands on the foot bar. And then same thing. It's just a little bit of movement of the carriage. That same relationship, hip to heel for a nice long quad. Very nice. And then last one, your arm goes up, your right arm comes up and you side bend. You lift into that side bend.

Keep sitting that left. Sit bone down. Nice Hailey. And then bring yourself all the way up. I'm going to have two more exercises during bottom. Lift and running. Okay. Feel stretched out. Yeah, let's recenter things and you'll be on your way. Oh, let's do just a, we could do four for a bottom. Maybe three for bottom. Lifting the running.

Yeah. So feed on the wide parts of the Bar Arches, making sure we're centered good and just give that nice sense of pelvic tilt. And again, like we did at the very beginning from the foot work like underneath of you lifts up. Exactly. And just push. Pull the reformer easy and [inaudible] and let your shoulders be heavy. Nice and rested back.

Yup. Good. And in and out. And n. Five more Bree. And, and we're going to pre all the way through the three dimensions of our thorax, front side, back last too. Uni full last one. And then roll preciously every vertebra counts. One. One.

Sacrum tail is long. Lift your feet. Place the feet on the bar for running. We won't run. What? You can do a nice brisk and the tea and, okay. I think that this is linkedin in your hip flexors, hip flexors, hip flexors, hip flexors, and long and long. Let's go 10 more. N One. Okay.

Seven, eight, nine, 10. Bring me both feet. Oh, who out there you get one more treat. You're going to go this way. Bring me the, yeah, bring me those heels. Okay, great workout. Haley. You're welcome. Slowly bend your knees. I'm going to keep tugging on you. Hope you guys had fun with us. See you next time. Bye.


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It would really help to have the details of the springs communicated. Especially when the participant changes the spring settings herself and this is not communicated other than by the words "well done"! I do not have Gratz machines and have only ever worked on them once 2 years ago.
That was great! I sure needed those front splits (thank you for not making me stand all the way up). I thought your cues were great Amy! Haley looked awesome too!
Paola Maruca
Chrystal clear cues as always Amy, bravissima cara Haille
Jeanne M
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This was a difficult class to follow for a home session. The auditory cues were lacking and I had to continually stop my workout to look to see what was happening.
Hi Jeanne, this is Amy, teacher of the class you're commenting on. I was working with a student who knows the work quite well, she has been studying for about 4-5 years now. Can you be more specific as to which exercises you thought were lacking in description and/or cuing? I feel confident that I gave the name of each exercise and proper cuing to support. I see that you've been doing Pilates for 7 years, were some of these exercises new to you?
Is it no longer possible to fast forward the videos if you don"t want to watch the video from start to finisih??
Beautiful class! I thought the cues were excellent! Love your workouts and the way you teach!
Beautifully taught and eloquently directed. love your ques/visuals and your creative understanding of how to bring mind to body. Thanks Amy, i have been teaching Pilates for 13 years now and i felt great during and after your workout!
Thank you Natalia! Renee---thank you too! I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments!
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Omg Amy! Really felt that stomach massage this morning! So challenging to check in and truly feel the work. Your awesome reminder of keeping the heels lifted during the last part of the series was so helpful and made a world of difference in the work. Your cues are always on point and I always feel better after one of your sessions. Thank you!!! Happy Friday!
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