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Let your body and mind get used to the movement in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson. This is the fourth class in her Beginner Series, and she starts to add more movement and less explanations. She focuses on finding awareness about your body so you can make sure you are working correctly and efficiently.
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Okay. So today we're going to be doing the forth at of 10 uh, beginner series. And if you are doing these it would be great if you would do, you don't have to. You okay. I did number three. I'm going to do number four tomorrow. Maybe number three was challenging for you and you need to stay on number three a few times before we move on to number four. Cause from here on out we're gonna really be adding quite a few exercises and a few things need to kind of catch up on your body.

We talked about lower back flexibility at our last class and so today I'm going to give you a few exercises to really work on that and your awareness of it. It's a lot more awareness than it is almost a flexibility. But like what is my back doing as well as your abdominal strength. So some of you might start having questions on rolling like a ball, like I'm ruling, but I can't get rid of that flat tire sound or I'm dying to do the roll up but I can't come up or I've rolled all the way down and I can't come up. So that's what we're going to try to address today.

So let's start off always in our Pilati stance. Toes are two to three inches apart. Follow the foot on the floor side of the foot on the floor, heels are touching. There's always a lift in your arch. And that would be really nice to start thinking about.

Cause if you have your lift in your arch so you feel the muscles in your arches lifting, then you can keep that lift all the way up to the crown of your head. So the next thing maybe would be your inter, your knees won't be rolling in. They're going to be turning a little out so that you can enjoy those spiraling barbershop pull muscles. And while you do that, if you're lifting your arches, then maybe your inner thighs are not hanging. They're also pulling up. And then it's through your pelvic floor and through your lower belly. And then your ribs ideally aren't going to be bashing down on your pelvis, on your hips. You're going to start to be pulling up your ribs, not jetting, I'm out of alignment, but actually trying to have some space between the bottom of your ribs on the top of your hip bones.

So increasing that and then continuing length through the crown of your, through the neck and through the crown of your head. So all this lift can come from just your arch. So we've got our spiraling, we talked about our spine continuing not just to our tail bone, but all the way to a tail. So we're not shortening our lower back, but keeping it beautiful and long because our stomach is behind that laser beam. Right? Very nice. So we're going to keep that all of that in mind. Go ahead and just sit down and let's start our work.

So we're as we progress by the end of this series, we're hoping that you are at an intermediate level and you're on a jumping off point to take any class on PyLadies anytime. And so you again want to take these classes until you feel pretty proficient, but we're not going to be talking, talking, talking so much anymore. We're going to be moving. So if you need a pillow under your head because you're looking behind you or you need a little more neck support, grab a towel and then go ahead and put it in and put one for you. Celia. [inaudible] my pleasure. There you go.

And Go ahead and lie down on to the Mat. Last last class we really focused on equal and opposite reaction. So since you've done that one, you should be familiar with that cue. We're going to start off with the hundred. I want you to exhale and bring in the right knee and hug it into your chest and keep it. Take a big breath and exhale.

Bring in the left knee and hold onto it. You can use your hands here if you want, but stay on the mat with your head as you inhale. Try to get rooted into the mat. Exhale, get a little deeper. And then again, if you need to use your hands, you're gonna inhale. You can use them to help lift up your head and shoulders, but it should be like a seesaw. Very nice head looking up. Good knees, staying into your chest.

Reach your arms along by your side and let's pump them into three, four, five. Exhale. How's that bowl of soup? Dumping it into three, four, five scooping in your belly and into three, four or five on this XL. Lengthening those legs away from you into three, four, five. Exhale. So we're going to hold them right here just a little lower than straight up to the ceiling. Turn out. Yeah. Good. And I want you to stay here with the legs. Hold them. They're here. Okay, good.

Three of you can lower them any bit. That's it. Keep them right there. I loved how that equal and opposite reaction. Strong pumps. Joseph [inaudible] was really strong. And then Christie, if you feel like you could lower them any lower, go for it. But this hip needs to work more. Yeah. And give me one more.

Eventually these toes are going to be all the way down to eye level. Hug those knees into your chest. Good rest, your neck and head. Use. Those likes to help you sit up. And we're going to do the rollback, but we're going to advance to the roll up today, which is really the exercise we want to be doing. So we're going to have your hands underneath your knees and you're going to keep them just like you did in the last class. Round your back, head to your chest. Good. And I want you to think about those hip bones and we're going to dump that bowl of soup into your chest to roll back your waistband. That's so nice, Celia, until your arms are straight and then exhale to go forward.

Excellent. And You keep that back as long as you can. So I want you to think about your back. And I love, sorry ladies, go ahead and just stay up my bat. I want you to think about your six pack. You all have one. So it's your lower set, your middle set, and your upper set, and they directly correlate with the parts of your spine. So we're going to use that lower set to dump the bowl of soup into your chest.

And now go ahead and roll back your lower back, not your middle, not your upper. Then use your middle belly to rule back your middle back and then you can fly down your thighs as you use your upper stomach to get the bottom of your shoulder blades down. Take a breath. Exhale. Use your upper belly to lift your upper back. Your middle belly pulls in deep to round that middle back and your lower belly holds that lower stomach. Good one more like that. Rolling back your lower belly first. Your lower six pack. Yeah, getting your waistband down the middle. Get your middle.

Yes and then your upper pause. Take a breath. Exhale. Use your upper. Make sure your middle is trying to stay down the lower. That's the articulation we need. This exercise is all about getting space between each vertebra and making sure you are staying balanced in your muscles so that you roll down in a straight line, not off to the right or off to the left. So now we'll go all the way down to your head and pull in the lower set of your abdominals to get down your lower back. Dumping that ball soup, middle belly, upper. Keep your belly in as your head touches the mat.

Inhale to lift your head up. Use your upper set to bring up your upper belly, your metal. Good. Keep using your hands. That's pretty impressive. Keep eyes down. Good. And one more like that. Maybe squeeze your bottom length in your lower back, down lower belly, middle, upper in a straight line, head touches, belly stays in. Inhale up and exhale upper set. Get that middle to round that middle belly, middle back, I should say. Very nice. Straight in your legs on the mat and reach for your ankles.

It's such a lovely stretch. So reach, reach, reach, reach, head down. Good Celia, go ahead and start with your heels all the way at the front of that massive slide for three inches. Great. Now if we can lengthen our lower back in this exercise, we can actually stay in place. Meaning you can see everyone sees where their heels are right now and as you do this exercise, they are probably going to slide back five to 10 inches with you. But a goal would be to instead of them coming back with you, you lengthen your lower back and use the side of your thighs, your hips, everything to lengthen the legs in the opposite direction. So we're going to keep our head to our knees and to our thighs and our hands right there and we're going to start rolling back your knees, your lower set of your six pack and start rolling back your waistband and then your middle set to get your middle back down. Good.

And then keep trying to send your lower back long good. And then your upper set, your head touches and you inhale to lift up the head and exhale, rolling up one bone at a time. Fantastic. And head down. Good. I really love to pretend that the ceiling has dropped and it's only two feet from the floor now and roll back so you wanna stay under that low ceiling as you do this exercise. Keep pulling the middle belly. Good, good, good. And head to the chest as you inhale and exhale scope in. I'm really loving what I'm seeing, but I'm going to have you stay up for a second right there. Good. It's super important. The equal and opposite reaction.

So go ahead and sit up per second. So if your legs are widening, if the toes are turning in, if all of that's happening, then it's really hard to engage the spiraling barbershop pole muscles. So you want these to be pulling around and that mermaid tail we talked about in last class, and they should be from your seat lengthening that way. So as you're rolling back, your belly is pulling you back, but your thighs and your hips, they're all lengthening this way. Working hard, your lower body's working hard to stabilize, stabilize, so your belly has something to pull against. Okay. Versus you're rolling back and you really moved back with your legs. So you want energy again. We're working to get to two things, pulling away from each other.

So go ahead and round your back over those legs and see if you can wrap in. Squeeze. Get those barbershop, pull muscles working and roll down your lower back, your bottom squeezing. It's sending, going towards your heels, your lower bellies, pulling the opposite direction. Keep your belly, and as your head goes, inhale, lift your head up and exhale, wrap in. Squeeze. Great. Yes. One more like that. And Rolling back. Send those legs one direction. Your belly in the opposite. Good. Inhale, lift your head up and exhale, scoop it in reach. Love it.

Now we're going to do three more to tempo. So you're gonna roll back lower back, middle. Touch the head. Come on up. Touch your toes. Yeah, and roll down. Good Job Celia. And roll back up. There's a difference when you do things quickly into tempo. Rolo lower back.

There you go. One more and rolling up or rolling. Damn. Make sure you see that lower belly, middle, upper, and you also feel wow, whatever. We can go ahead and roll down all the way down. You're like, wait, what happened? I lost a few muscles there. Okay, you can go ahead and stay down, Christie. Thank you. You too, Celia. Awesome. All right, so only thing we have to add to that exercise, we'll add arms next time, but um, that was excellent. Again, if you're had a time coming up, then stay at the rollback and just keep working it. You can do this class and just stay at the rollback. Keep feeling that stretch. Keep feeling where you're in control. You don't want to go past the point of control. All right?

We don't get stronger that way. We're going to do single leg circles. Bend the knees, feet flat on the Mat and hug the right knee into your, just you're dumping that bowl of soup. You're stretching, you feel your back flat. Straighten that leg up to the ceiling and grab behind the thigh. And if it's too easy, you can grab behind the a calf. Okay? But make sure your shoulders are on the Mat square away from your ears.

When you're stretching, you don't want your ribs to pop off the mat when you do it. Either stay grounded in the shoulder girdle muscles as you're stretching the legs turned out spiraling, right. Okay. If it's easy to have that leg up. So Maria, you're able to bring that leg up past a 90 degree angle. So I'm going to have you straighten your left leg on the mat down the middle of her body. If it was really hard for her to straighten it up to the ceiling, then I would keep that leg bent. So find where you're in a good comfort zone. Arms by your side. We're gonna do one slow four to tempo.

Pull this leg with your belly up to your nose. Cross to your left shoulder. Go down, down as low as you can. Keep your back flat and pull it up for more to tempo. Cross around, up. Cross around, up. Less energy in that foot. More in the powerhouse. Ooh, yeah, one more. And Go the other way. Down around, up, down, around, up high. That outer thigh. Show me that inner two more. Yeah, one more hugging that knee.

Very good. I'm going to give you that pill back. Sorry. There we go. Put that foot down. As you inhale. Exhale, bring in the left and stretch straight nit. Turn it out high. That outer thigh. Look at that inner thigh again. Adjust the right leg down the middle of your body. If it's easy for you, good. Press your arms into the mat.

Don't forget that you need to use the back of your arms to stabilize in this exercise. Use that belly to pull that leg up. Cross over to your right shoulder down and pull up one more slow. I didn't quite like that. Cross over it. Now as it goes down, hold it down. Did you keep your bowl of soup anchored? Are you scooped in? Are you reaching in the opposite direction? Now? Pull it up using your belly.

That was nicer. Now to tempo. Cross around up. The higher the better. When you cross cross high around and up, cross around and Holt reversed for five down around and up. Very good. Down around and not down around. Skip, skip, skip down, keeping that bowl soup one more down around and hug in that neat. Very nice ladies. Both legs are straight on the mat now. So we're going to go over our transition.

So we're down and we're going to use our upper stomach to bring up or head and shoulders and we're going to roll up our middle bag and our lower until we're all the way up. Very nice. And now your hands are gonna be by your side using your triceps and powerhouse and light bottoms to go forward. This again is going to be where you're either going to keep your hands under your knees so that there's more space here and it's easier to keep your lower back round when you rock. So you're going to either stay here or you're going to advance to here. But let's go over that. So hands are under your knees right now.

A little more space for me. A lot more between your hip bones. Excellent. Knees are together on this one. Yeah. So your lower backs really long and we're gonna Inhale rock back and exhale. Hold is your belly behind the line of your hips is your lower back staying long in with the air. So you roll through that lower back. We're gonna do just one more. We're thinking of our six pack.

Our lower set pulls us back and come up. Good. So right now, are you holding yourself with your powerhouse or did you lose that lower back? If you're able to do that with ease and you didn't feel like you were jarring your spine as you rolled back, switch your hands forward to the ankles. You can stay there and that's awesome. And we're going to roll back like this. So when you're tighter it gets harder.

Exhale and in with the or lower back first. Upper back comes forward first and roll back and keep your belly scoop. Try not to go back and forth when you balance two more in with the air. And exhale, pull back in the center a little more for me. Thank you. One more and exhale all that air out and rest your feet down.

Excellent job ladies. We're going to go into the series of five. So last time we really detailed each one. So we're going to go right into them. Okay. But stay here for a second so I can quickly review it for you. So you're, you will put your hands behind you and use your arms and then you're going to lie down bringing your right knee with you. So the right, the outside hand always goes the ankle, the one that crosses over goes to your knee. So I'm gonna roll back using my belly, right, sending this in the opposite direction.

I'll bring back right knee with me and my left leg will just float up from my long lower back. So single leg stretches. This double leg stretch means both legs, so both. And then you pull yourself together both extent spiraling opposite direction, scooping, lengthening, and then the different exercises. Single straight leg. And we're going to switch single one straight leg at a time, but it'll be the tempo and then it's double. So both legs, hands behind your head, they stay there, the legs go down to where you are comfortable. One day they're going to go all the way down, but you want to keep them comfortable.

And then Chris Cross twisting as much as you can and then the other way, as much as you can and then hug it in. So let's start with, we're going to [inaudible] to put our hands behind you. Use Your triceps, use your powerhouse. Lift up and back and legs are long on the Mat. So now we're thinking about the roll up member, how you were sending these one direction. Okay.

And the arms are like that and you're going to start rolling back your lower back, middle. Your right knee comes towards you, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Hold your head up closer to your chest and switch each time you switch. Dumped that bowl of soup in. Dump it for the left, right, beautiful. Left, right, left, good. Wash the shoulders, keep them out of it. Yes, middle belly might need to work a little harder. Sometimes you can get that lower and that upper, but the middle is make it a little bold, so pull it in. One more set.

Grabbed both ankles, double leg stretch. Keep the bowl of soup towards you as you stretch. Pull yourself back together. Sorry. Inhale, reach. Yes. Exhale. Inhale, stretch. Exhale. Three more. You can keep your arms and legs up higher. Exhale.

Remember if your back's tight in how reach and Xcel the lower your legs go. The harder it is. One more exhale and rest your head down just for a second. As you extend both legs up one day I want them to go right in, but we're working on it and use your belly to bring your head up like a seesaw. Crawl up behind your right leg, left leg goes down. Remember it, single, straight leg, not bent, and switch and use your belly to dump that bull soup.

Use your belly now faster. Right left. Great job grounding into the mat, reaching the legs in the opposite direction. Very nice switching. Pull the legs up and pull them to me and me and me and me. Less set and both legs up, hands behind your head.

Inhale, the legs go down to where you can control them. Exhale, control's important. Inhale, stretch them in the opposite. Pull up with control. Can we keep our head and shoulders up and exhale. Excellent. Bring the legs up and stretch and then pull them up. Up, up to me. Knees above and one more and they're done. Bend the right knee and twist to it. Beautiful. Bend the left.

We talked about not moving the hips last time. Switch. One more. Set. Twist as much as you can without moving those hips. And last one, use your belly to keep your hips square and hug. Hug the knees into your chest. Beautiful. Sit Up. So we always do spine. Stretch forward. Now straighten your legs because sometimes as much as we try, we might use our back and shorten our back and then it needs to stretch.

So if I was kept talking right now, you would find yourself like needing to do something quick. So we're going to have our arms up at shoulder high and pretend you're sitting against a wall. How straight can you get your back? Let's have your feet flexed. Good. And see if you can push away your heels from your seat. So lift off your seat, push your heels away. And now finally, I loved how last time you used your waist to lift your arms up to the ceiling.

Grow tall or try to touch the ceiling. Really feel a lift from here. Lifting those ribs away from that pelvis. Now keep that height as you bring your arms down. I always love seeing every muscle in your arms, not just holding the arms up. Every muscle. Take a breath.

Exhale down to the MAC arm. Stay reaching at shoulder height. That's beautiful Celia. Pull your belly back. Warm. Pull your belly against me and then roll back up. Yes, leave your head down, Huh? And it finally comes up. Lift up, tall your chest and exhale down again. Good. Scooping in, good reaching. Try to keep your arms up a little bit more. Yes, the crown of the head is trying to touch the mat and inhaling up and exhale down. So we talked last time. Keep those hipbones over those sip phones as you try to get down to the mat and then roll back up more from here. Yep, Yep, Yep. Have one more.

Take a breath if you need it so you can exhale to go down the hipbone state over the [inaudible] but not behind so you get to go forward more actually yet, right? There's great. And then roll up heads. The last thing to come up. Good job. Go ahead and relax for a second. Good. We're going to work on core scrutiny now, so go ahead and lie down, but sorry, when you lie down, bring your legs together and think of the roll up again. So we have spiraling and we're going to send and we're going to scoop the lower back. Lengthening good. And then you're down onto your pillow if you had it. Otherwise no good. Bend the knees, feet flat on the Mat.

Good. I want you to just dump the bowl of soup into your chest for now and dump it out. It is so easy when you do corkscrew for your legs to get tired and tight and you end up dumping the bowls who bound so dumped towards you. And one more time dumping from you to be very aware. Now when you pull it towards you, can you do it by pulling your belly in and by squeezing your seat towards you instead of just tightening those hip flexor muscles.

That takes a lot of awareness, but something we want to work towards. So take a breath and exhale. Bring in the right knee. Good. And take a breath and add the left knee, hugging them in. And now we're going to press our arms down into the mat and spiral those legs into our mermaid tail up to the ceiling. Reach your shoulders away from your ears as long as you can.

Down towards my feet high. There you go. And use your triceps, the back of the arms to go down. Spiraling those legs. You're going to lower them down an inch and then pull them back up using your belly. Woo. Yeah, and dam. And exhale. Good. Try and as wrap in. Squeeze. One more time and now we're going to go towards the ocean, staying high and pull them center and away from the ocean. We're always hitting each other over there and center and towards the ocean.

We're feeling our waist muscles and last time we really use those in the next exercise and now hug the knees in so your legs don't get tired and we're going to do the full corkscrew, the full circle, so press the arms down, scoop the LE. Let's spiral those legs up. Use your belly to pull them up towards you, and we're going to go towards the ocean down a little bit too, away from the ocean and center. Reverse that circle left. Don't listen to my directions here and towards the ocean around and center and opposite. Use your belly to pull them up. Good. One more. Don't let your knees talk to each other and reversed. Look at your feet. Are The [inaudible] stance and hug the knees into your chest. Ladies, you did great. Keeping your feet and Palladia stance. Very nice.

Go ahead and sit up and we're going to do saw. Ooh, I love it. You like thinking about it. She's connecting her mind, her body and she's, yeah, you're absolutely can use your legs to come up. But that's great. Excellent. Okay, so do you mind sliding back a few foot? There we go. So we're going to do saw. So we worked a little bit last time on not shifting, but we re I who doesn't wanna work their waist muscles, right?

So who hasn't won the narrow hourglass figure that that might not ever be in my, I got other things going on, but not, not here. That's not, that's not how God made me, but I can feel nice and tone there. And that is important and good though. If you can have a good twist, then that really helps you prevent a back injury as well. If you do have a bad back, twisting is not advisable. So I wouldn't, wouldn't do this one. So we're going to keep your hip bones over your sit bones and when you twist in one direction or reaching that, the opposite hips gonna want to come with you. And that's when you get a chance to really sculpt your waist muscles on that side. So let's see all your muscles again, the arms should be in your peripheral vision, not behind you. Good.

And you're going to lift off your seat. Can you engage those muscles and flex your feet? Good job. So we're gonna use our waist, twist to the right hold. Are Your hips still there? Your bottom still there? Then keep taking your left hand over and reach the left Pinky for your right baby toe. Exhale down.

Roll up through your back on twisting. Roll twist to the other side. So your right is pulling back now even a little more. Yeah. And now exhale down Dan. Nice job. Head down. And then inhaling up and twist better.

That side's a little stronger, Celia. Exhaling down. Good. Inhaling up and twist and exhale. That's towards your left are inhaling up. One last twist. Twist to your right. Really keep your belly behind that laser beam.

I don't want any bellies on your thighs. Inhaling up, twist to your left is your last twist. Really be aware. Are you lying down your belly onto your thigh but still try to get your head down. Do your knee, exhale all that air and inhale up and relax. Excellent. All right Christie, go ahead and come back towards the front of your mat and we're going to work on teaser. Teaser is one of the hardest exercises in piles and it is the kind of typical picture of [inaudible] I would say where your upper body is making a v and your lower body. And guess what? You're a powerhouse in the center is what holds you. So it's kind of the epitome but it takes a long time to get there.

There I could, I could stick a teaser right now and it could look like it and I could be faking it like no tomorrow, but we want to really have it so we're going to go into it. How do we have it? Okay, so go ahead and bend your knees and have your feet flat. Maybe come a little more forward and we're going to review our good old up roll back I should say. So your legs are squeezing together and your hands are here and you're gonna tip that bull soup towards you and you're gonna roll back using your lower set of your abdominals. You're gonna roll down your lower back. Just go there, take a breath. And the next hail come forward. Rounding, rounding, rounding, rounding, rounding. Now I'm going to have you go all the way down. Okay, so you're going to take that bowl soup with you. You're going to keep lengthening that lower back and you're going to roll down your lower back, middle back up, or your head touches.

But You keep your belly in. Inhale to lift your head up and exhale to come up all the way. Make sure when you're back up that you only came up to here. You didn't come all the way up to here. Okay? So keep that bull great. Maybe even one more inch back, Maria. Excellent. Good. And same with you, Christie. Thanks. Okay, I'm gonna Seal Celia. Have your knees bent because their legs will be up at a 45 degree angle. So now you're going to strain your right leg.

So the thighs are at the same level and try not to hold that leg. So like Urgh clenching and have it spiraling. So we're going to say, oh, I can do the rollback with one leg up in the air and go ahead and roll down your lower back and your middle back. Your head touches, but your powerhouse stays in. Inhale and exhale, scoop it. Yeah. Good job. One more. Try to keep rapping and squeezing. Send those legs in the opposite direction as your belly pulls in. Inhale, head up and exhale, and then hold it up there. Good job. And so then your energies here and your reaching.

So it's easy as pie to just switch legs. All right. And we're gonna do the same thing. Lower back. Yeah, middle. Love it down. And then head comes up and exhale. Beautiful control ladies and again and with the air. Nice and head to your chest. And exhale all the way up.

Hold it right there, Celia. One half an inch back. Good. So now you can do both legs up and here we go. Boat. Yes. And down you go. Head touches. Belly says in inhale head and exhale, scoop in. Fantastic. Two more down UGA and in with the air. And exhale, scoop, scoop, scoop. And last one down you go.

And exhale, scoop, scoop. Great job with that powerhouse hug. Go ahead and bend your knees and lower your feet down and go ahead and sit up or just get comfortable. That was really good. I was really happy with that one. Nice job. Pretty good. Okay. So you can keep working the rollback until you feel good. And then you can do one leg, the other leg, both legs.

And then it's like look mom, no hands. So it's a whole transition into a correct teaser from your power house and feeling things lengthening cause you can stick that with your lower back. No problem. Okay, we're going to finish by adding the seal today. So I love adding the seal a little bit. I'm thinking of putting it all together. So go ahead and um, your legs are straight probably cause we need to move forward.

You're going to put your hands, use your triceps in your light hands and then keep your bowl of soup dumping towards you. Good. Little bit more like feel a little more weight on your hands. Yeah. Then let your knees fall open and your arms are going to go between your legs. So you're gonna if you can do it both at the same time, that's great if not one at a time and palms up and they're going to go under your ankles. But instead of your hands going towards your ankle, see if you can use your belly to pull your ankles towards you. So this is the same as a rolling like a ball where we're trying to keep our lower back long, not short.

Every time you balance super important in life, you're using your powerhouse and it's called seal. Cause you hold your balance and then you'd lightly clap. One, two, three. You're flippers. We could make it sounds, but where you're leaving out today. Okay, so watch that lower back seal yet. In fact, use the opposition. Pull your belly away from your hands. Like push your hair back. Yeah, yeah.

This is different. The rolling like a ball because you're going to let your legs go a little further back. For example, we are gonna let your legs go almost back and then up instead of staying in front of you. It's a different exercise, so be a little more freer with it. Go ahead and roll your lower set of your six pack. Stretch your legs a little back and balance. Clap two, three in with the air. Exhale, balance, clap two, three. It's really not fair cause I'm supposed to make it look easy. Right. Okay.

And we're going to [inaudible] keep doing it four more times. So always initiate from your lower belly hands or under your ankles. By the way, not your arches might help. [inaudible] there you go. All right. Less energy here and now just pull your lower belly. Excellent.

Woo and back. Easy. That's it. Yeah. Let's see. That was a little more head but great control. Do One more for me. Hold and clap too. Three. Yeah, rest your feet down. Very good. A lot of times in PyLadies we add an exercise and all your normal survivor muscle groups be at your quads. You're lower, they take over.

So because we're acts asking you to do a lot of wacky things, really, when was the last time you do tumbling? Um, so let your body just get used to it. Let your mind get used to it. And then after doing it a few times, you can all, okay, I'll use this part instead of what I really love to use. Let's go ahead and stand up to finish up nice and tall. Get back into the middle of your mat and toes are two to three inches apart. Weight on the ball of your foot, weight on the side of your foot, weight on your heels.

Is your belly really in? Not just kind in. Make sure it's really in. Make sure you're spiraling these so that you can squeeze your hips forward and they're are not behind you. We don't want your bottom to be a behind. We want it to be a bottom. We'll go over that more later. Okay, so lift in the arch. So our knees are knocking need, so we have a lift in our inner thighs, so we have a lift in the pelvic floor, lower belly. Maybe. We've been able to lift our ribs a little further from the top of our hipbones.

Our neck is long and the crown of our head, it's like we're a puppet and we're being pulled up by a string. We're going to slowly rise up onto the ball of our foot. Two, three, four, hold it here. If you can't, you want to pull your belly and more. You want to wrap and squeeze more, and we're going to slowly roll down. Having our heels go down as very nice. We're going to stay here. That was good enough. We didn't fall back on our heels and we're all set. Good job ladies nights work.

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Jay K
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Great cues, I learned so much. Thanks!
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Great class- thank you Monkca- I loved the cuing!
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies!
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Love your classes, your queing and your energy
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great classes Monica. very good cues. thank you
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I'm new to Pilates anytime, but have been doing pilates for 12 years. I've been living in a super remote place for the last few years so my pilates pratice had gone really downhill- I was only doing occasional classes here and there with not so great teachers therefore Pilates anytime is perfect for me. I've doing this course as a refresher to get my body back up to speed... Monica you are an amazing teacher, one of the best I've ever come across! I am so grateful to have found you. I realise it is so important to go through the beginners classes again and to really hone in on our technique. Thank you so much!!!
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Thanks Monica. Great class. Loved your teaser preps
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Nice pace to this one! :)
Monica Wilson
Thank you so much to each and every one of you! I always have you in mind when I teach and it's wonderful to receive your feedback. Always feel free to ask me any questions and if there is something you didn't enjoy, I'd love to hear that too.
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